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Download 10 Strangest Cryptids from Indonesia download mp4 3gp mp3

From the once mythical Komodo Dragon, to possible evidence of a mysteriousl lost tribe; Here are 10 Strangest Cryptids from Indonesia Subscribe to Epic Wildlife goo gl 6rzs5u Let s Connect -- www epicadamwildlife com -- www facebook com epicadamwildlife -- www twitter com epicwildlife -- gplus to epicwildlife The Dingiso (din-jih-so) Cigau (chee-gowh) The Murray Monster This cryptid is named for Lake Murray, in Papua (pap-You-uh) New Guinea … but it has also been linked to the western Indonesian section of the island as well It was first spotted by village locals … and is described as being an amphibious, bipedal creature … with short forelimbs, and legs as huge as palm tree trunks Additional accounts say it’s around 6 feet wide and ‘as long as a dump truck’, with a long neck and slender tail Now, see if the following sounds familiar -- the Murray monster has teeth as long as a human finger, rough skin like a crocodile, and what is described as a series of triangular scoops running along its back If all that makes you think of a T-Rex, join the club Some cryptozoologists have speculated it just might be a specimen that somehow managed to avoid extinction After the creature was reported attacking dogs in the vicinity, police and villagers formed a search party but found nothing In 2000, reports from Western New Guinea indicated that natives associated images of dinosaurs with the lake monster The last reported sighting we found regarding the Murray Monster occurred in 2013 Orang-bati (o-rang bah-tee) and Ahool (ah-hool) Orang-bati are flying creatures that are often referred to as orangutans with wings … due to their resemblance to bats and apes Sightings date back to the 15th century when they were seen by missionaries there According to Indonesian folklore, they’re located on the island of Seram (sair-um), where they’re said to abduct children from villages at night Locals describe them as having blood red skin, leathery wings, and standing around 5 feet tall, with a long tail These cryptids are similar to another creature known as the Ahool Those are described as flying primates, that are found in Java and Vietnam Not unlike the Ahool, the Orang-bati seem to resemble Pterosaurs (terra-sores) … and could possibly represent a lost specimen of such Cryptozoologists have also speculated either critter could have some relation to a large flying fox … which are the largest bats in the world Ebu Gogo (EH-boo gogo) These are smaller humanoid creatures found in the mythology of Flores, Indonesia ‘Ebu’ means ‘grandmother’ … and ‘Gogo’ means ‘he who eats anything’ Although we’re told that a rough translation might be ‘Granny Glutton’ Standing almost 5 feet tall, they’re said to have broad faces with flat noses and wide mouths They would murmur in a sound assumed to be their language … and reports suggest they could repeat back what was spoken to them, albeit in a parrot-like fashion Locals believed the creatures were alive when Portuguese trading ships arrived in the 17th century While sightings occurred through the 20th century, Ebu Gogo seem to have vanished But in just a bit, we’ll talk about how these cryptids might have a relation to some hobbit like remains found on the island of Flores … and might even tie in with another mysterious group of humanoids Little People A strange, half-naked humanoid was spotted by some bikers running along a dirt road in the northern part of Sumatra Witnesses referred to him as a tribesman … which prompted locals to wonder if the figure might belong to a group of natives known as the Mante (MAHN-tay) They’re considered to be a mythical tribe of forest dwellers, thought to have the stature of pygmies … and are known to flee whenever they see intruders from the outside world We could only find one recorded contact with the Mante, and that dates to the 17th century … That’s when two tribesmen were allegedly captured and received by a sultan But while many consider the Mante tribe to be a legend, maybe there’s another possibility The figure spotted recently might have had some relation an ancient race of hobbit- like humans on the island of Flores in Indonesia Remains dated at around 50,000 years old were found there … and indicated these creatures stood around 3 5 feet tall Could there be a connection between those creatures … the Ebu Gogo (EH-boo go-go) and the Mante tribe? www dailymail co uk news article-4354130 Mystery-small-human-like-creature-spotted-Indonesia html s en wikipedia org wiki Homo_floresi



Masquerade is a part of the Yoruba pantheon of divinities In the indigenous religious system of the West African tribe of that name, the spirit is of central importance It is the eventual end of all living beings, and as such is regarded as the ancestral "collective" Amongst the Yoruba, the annual ceremonies in honor of the dead serve as a means of assuring their ancestors a place among the living They believe the ancestors have the responsibility to compel the living to uphold the ethical standards of the past generations of their clan, town or family The Egungun is celebrated in festivals, known as Odun Egungun, and in family ritual through the masquerade custom In family situations, a family elder known either formally or informally as "Alagba" presides over ancestral rites He may or may not be initiated into the local Egungun society In matters that deal with whole communities, Egungun priests and initiates who are trained in ancestral communication, ancestral elevation and funerary rites are assigned to invoke and bring out the ancestors They wear elaborate costumes in masquerade Through drumming and dance, the Egungun robed performers are believed to become possessed of the spirits of the ancestors, as manifested as a single entity The Egungun spiritually clean the community; through the dramatic acting and miming of the robed priests, they demonstrate both ethical and amoral behavior that have occurred since their last visit In this way, they expose the strengths and weaknesses of the community to encourage behavior more befitting of their descendants When this performance is completed, the performers as Egungun give messages, warnings and blessings to the assembled spectators Important Egungun include the Oloolu and Alapansanpa, both of Ibadanland Elewe of the Ìgbómìnà Yoruba clan, which is common in the towns of Òkè-Ìlá Òràngún, Ìlá Òràngún, and Arandun, is also of particular prominence In Brazil, the main cult of the Egungun is found on the island of Itaparica, in the State of Bahia Houses of worship dedicated to the Egungun also exist in other states WIN, an acronym for "What Is New" is a comprehensive multimedia services package for maximum news distribution across several media channels via WIN TV, exclusively dedicated for New Media production and Broadc


Download EBU Lithuania Mayor of Vilnius reaps himself an illegal fence download mp4 3gp mp3

Pilną laidos vaizdo įrašą rasite apsilankę lrt lt portale www lrt lt mediateka LRT © 2017 Mayor of Lithuanian capital waged a war on Thursday against public land grabbers by reaping illegal fence himself Vilnius municipality planned to build a path for bicycles on a public land near Neris River close to popular Vingis Park in Zverynas quarter However, they ran into illegally built fences which grabbed public land for private use Administration took legal action and after time given for private land owners to dismantle illegal fences has passed, mayor of Vilnius himself arrived with a chainsaw ‘Today the message is clear for all, times for land capture has come to an end, especially in those parts where residents of Vilnius want to walk,’ said Remigijus Simasius after he dismantled parts of the fence Dogs were barking loudly, but the owner did not dare to let them out beyond his legal property this time, although he used to let them wonder on illegally captured public before pretending this was his land ‘The guy thought this is his private yard, five dogs were let loose, and people were afraid to walk here’, according to Vilnius mayor Administration of Vilnius made an analysis aiming to determine more plots where owners illegally increased their property by arbitrarily building fences and grabbing public land ‘Overall in Vilnius I am afraid there are hundreds plots like that, some of them in sensitive places, some grabbed a meter or two All of them will receive letters with an information what they should and could do’, promised Simasius Sound bite (Lithuanian), REMIGIJUS SIMASIUS, Mayor of Vilnius Today the message is clear for all Times for land capture has come to an end, especially in those parts where residents of Vilnius want to walk, near the river, where we plan to build a path for bicycles Sound bite (Lithuanian), REMIGIJUS SIMASIUS, Mayor of Vilnius The guy thought this is his private yard, five dogs were let loose, and people were afraid to walk here But now you can see wonderful trees, there will be a path for bicycles and residents of Vilnius will be able to enjoy the place Sound bite (Lithuanian), REMIGIJUS SIMASIUS, Mayor of Vilnius Overall in Vilnius I am afraid there are hundreds plots like that, some of them in sensitive places, some grabbed a meter or two All of them will receive letters with an information what they should and could do We have an analysis There are photos There are lines of property limits We can put one map on the other and very clearly

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