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Download 【VY2】Carnival カーニバル【VOCALOIDカバー】 download mp4 3gp mp3

EDIT @ past mio what are you talking about this is a banger i ll physically fight you it’s VY2’s anniversary and i’ve gotten rusty once again w i’m very tired, honestly i fought myself the entire time i was working on this and generally just dragged my feet for a month straight sdfghjk i had a different song in mind that i really wanted to cover but i didn’t get the tuning finished in time and had to default to this one instead he h ; i feel like this isn’t my best work, honestly especially considering otetsu’s original tuning was really loose and powerful and if there’s one thing i haven’t figure out yet it’s loose and powerful (at least without going into straight up over-tuning w) also i only found out last minute that of the english translations out there, half of them were machine translated or built off of said machine translated ones and the author of the most accurate one (hazuki no yume) asked that their translation not be used for subbing so i had to crack open a couple JP to EN dictionaries and give it my best shot skjdfghlkjdfh definitely not the most accurate or the most poetic translation but for the time i had it works sort of i might as well put out there please don t reference or reuse this translation because my comprehension is not the best and there s probably a good number of mistakes in this ksdfjhgl i would have liked to have better credits to put down here but it seems that aside from hazuki no yume most of the translations were unsourced or had been reposted so many times it s impossible to tell who originally made it ;; that aside, at the very least i get to show off my vy2 design a little more w i also tried to design the outfit video based off of shio’s animated pv (which is part of what got me hooked on the song in the first place) i feel like i probably could have done a little more for the video but given how badly aviutl was lagging even after just importing the base drawings i didn’t have the patience for it he h ;; not my favorite cover project overall, but who knows―i hated candy addicts when i uploaded it and spent a week afterwards bemoaning how awful i thought it was and yet now i like to pop it open every now and then and give it a listen w (honestly though i really wish i’d given myself more time so i could have gone back and fixed the lyric errors and given the translation a second pass sdfkjglf why do i only ever see hear the “っ” until i’m subbing ! ! !) that aside, in general though i’m just so tired between course work and irl stress i feel like a lot of my enthusiasm for working with vocaloid has died down lately i don’t know if it’s just feeling like my work isn’t meeting my standards or it’s just feeling like the anniversaries have become more of an obligation than something i enjoy or maybe it’s the 5 year zola anniversary looming on the horizon w there are still plenty of songs i want to cover and lots of things i want to do i just don’t want to do any of them for a deadline but at this time of year i’m kind of caught between anniversary deadlines w i am very slow , , , , , when it comes to everything w either way it’s a cover yall enjoy MP3 s www dropbox com s ldip7t8qimdpiic %E3%80%90VY2%E3%80%91Carnival%20%3A%20%E3%82%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%8B%E3%83%90%E3%83%AB%E3%80%90VOCALOID%E3%82%AB%E3%83%90%E3%83%BC%E3%80%91 mp3?dl 0 AIFF s www dropbox com s 1ft11gfu86cwiol %E3%80%90VY2%E3%80%91Carnival%20%3A%20%E3%82%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%8B%E3%83%90%E3%83%AB%E3%80%90VOCALOID%E3%82%AB%E3%83%90%E3%83%BC%E3%80%91 aiff


Download [附中譯]【VY2】その魔王はまるで恋する乙女のように【オリジナル曲】 download mp4 3gp mp3

歌名:那魔王就像個戀愛的少女 その魔王はまるで恋する乙女のように --- ニコニコ動画より転載(sm19550230)、勝手に中国語に翻訳いたしました。 元の作品はこちらです: www nicovideo jp watch sm19550230 --- 在〈My Colorful Confuse〉一曲中被趕著去學校參加畢業典禮的女孩莫名其妙打敗的屁屁肉魔王,這次成了主角,描述當上魔王後的心路歷程。 畢業後開始從事魔王這份工作,結果卻不是很順利,竟然遇到這麼個沒幹勁的草食系勇者,烤地瓜比維護正義還來得有吸引力。 和勇者66(軟體VY2的形象角色)同住一個屋簷下的河童,其可愛與受歡迎的程度肯定數一數二。勇者看來將河童照顧得很好。這個在〈エイは育ち、僕はプロポーズに鉄を曲げる〉一曲登場的淘氣河童看來吃得不錯,水分補給也充足,還能充當手機座,誰不想養一隻呢? 為了方便勇者,魔王還特地在東京精華地段之一新宿租辦公室,更把環境打理得有條不紊,就只為了能讓上門的勇者「賓至如歸」,但偏偏勇者就是不上門。和過去坐擁城池、擁有無數魔兵魔將效力的榮景相比,現在還得自掏腰包租辦公室,這年頭當魔王真不容易。 「勇者都不勇者了!」魔王的感嘆其來有自。 兩人都有彼此的電話,應該先前就相互認識了。魔王真是少女心,經此一曲,魔王的人氣大概會急速攀升呢。 關於〈My Colorful Confuse〉一曲,請參閱以下影片: [附中譯]【GUMI】My Colorful Confuse【オリジナル曲】 www youtube com watch?v ACBDRfvoDdw 關於〈エイは育ち、僕はプロポーズに鉄を曲げる〉一曲,請參閱以下影片: [附中譯]【VY2】エイは育ち、僕はプロポーズに鉄を曲げる www youtube com watch?v QPB_8y


Download [VY2 Yuuma] Servant of Evil Aku no Meshitsukai download mp4 3gp mp3

Poor boy, he fell in love with Iroha ( I don t like that couple THAT much, but I can tolerate it I love Iroha and I love Yuuma too, so the two of them together isn t so bad But I think I like Yuuma x SeeU better (Weird couple, I know!) For those of you who don t know, a madeleine is a small soft cake shaped like a seashell Although it s not very high-class, it s still my favorite French dessert ever ) English lyrics You re the queen, and I m your servant We re a pitiable pair of twins separated by our fate I m willing to become evil for you, if only so that I could protect you We were born into the world carrying others expectations, and blessed by the sound of the church s bells By the adults own convenient arrangement, our future was split into two Even if the entire world should become your enemy, I will always protect you, so you just be yourself and smile You re the queen, and I m your servant We re a pitiable pair of twins separated by our fate I m willing to become evil for you, if only so that I could protect you When I went out to our neighboring nation, I saw the girl of red in her town Because of her gentle voice and tender smile, I fell in love with her at first sight However, your highness the queen wish the girl be erased from the world, so I shall fulfill your wish But just why do my tears keep falling? You re the queen, and I m your servant We re a maniacal pair of twins separated by our fate "Today s snack will be madeleine " You happily smile, with such innocence Very soon this kingdom will end at the hands of the enraged people If this is what they call "retribution", then let me take upon myself to defy it "Here, I ll lend you my clothes " "Wear them and immediately start escaping " "It s fine We re twins after all " "Nobody will be able to tell the difference " I m now the queen, and you re the fugitive We re a lamentable pair of twins separated by our fate If they must call you evil, then, alas, I am too, for we share the same blood Once upon a time, there was a queen, my cute sibling, who used to reign at the top of a savage and ruthless kingdom Even if the entire world (Finally, the time has come,) should become your enemy, (as the bell s sound signals the end ) I will always protect you, (Not even bothering to look at the crowd) so you just be happy somewhere else (you utter my favorite phrase ) You re the queen, and I m your servant We re a pitiable pair of twins separated by our fate I m willing to become evil for you, if only so that I could protect you If we could be reborn in our next life, then please play with me a


Download 【VY2】WORLD'S END UMBRELLA【VOCALOIDカバー】 download mp4 3gp mp3

Here I am, making VY2 cry on his birthday once again w Hello!! I ve forgotten how to write de ions!! That aside!! I don t have much to say this time around!! It s just been another round of putting things off until the last minute and just settling with whatever I can get!! w There s definitely a couple things I wish I could have gone back and fine tuned, but honestly it wasn t even worth the effort after a certain point w I m deciding it s better to just give it a shot and call it a day than spend months on end agonizing over the tiniest details that ll only make a subtle audible difference for only a fraction of a second or more w And honestly, for such an iconic Hachi song complete with that incredibly difficult to replicate early-Hachi "double voice" effect, I d say this is good enough w That being said, I at least had a little fun with this!! I tried something new with the art and kept it simple (plus put some loving detail into that silky smooth mile-long ponytail w), and I had a lot of fun drawing the mural background and adding in all sorts of little details I decided to dial things back a bit with the PV for the most part (though everyone knows it isn t a miodiodavinci pv if it doesn t include some strange sudden cutscene sequence towards the climax of the song w) I ended up going with a higher key just for the sake of forcing out a little more power dynamics out of this boy?? Sort of in the sense that he already struggled just a bit in the original key, so I figured hey why not just push it all the way?? w The original key was definitely more harmonic, but a lot harder to mix overall for some reason, so here we are w Also, the english lyrics are singable, believe it or not!! (or at least they should be in theory w) They re primarily based on vgperson s original set, with some edits based on rachie s version and a couple other changes just for the sake of flow and clarity The original translation felt just a tiny bit clunky?? and I thought using the singable version might be sort of fun, so there you have it!! (plus it was slightly easier to switch up the pronouns mentioned in the song because before it was a little mixed up w) Either way, that s that!! Chances are I m going to disappear again until the ZOLA anniversary, and from there, who even knows if I ll be back next year w Don t go worrying about me just because I m not uploading though VOCALOID s just a side hobby of mine in the end, you know? w Just because I m not burning myself out spending months at a time on something that s only going to last ~5 minutes at most doesn t mean I ve ceased to exist w I m just off engaging in personal projects that make me a whole lot happier and more fulfilled with only a tenth of the stress required w All that said, please enjoy!! I put in a good amount of effort and had some fun with it!! It was a nice chance to finally be able to draw my VY2 design again, too w EDIT the soundcloud version s finally been posted!! and just a reminder, but i had to migrate over to a new account because i ran out of space w i ll still repost everything i post to the new account over onto the old one, but i may end up forgetting!! forgive me!! you can listen to this cover over on my new soundcloud right over here!! s soundcloud com newmiodiodavinci vy2worlds-end-umbrellavocaloid MP3 s www dropbox com s rft3cbxxleaopo9 %E3%80%90VY2%E3%80%91World%27s%20End%20Umbrella%E3%80%90VOCALOID%E3%82%AB%E3%83%90%E3%83%BC%E3%80%91 mp3?dl 0 AIFF s www dropbox com s fvxjf7u24uzwmt8 %E3%80%90VY2%E3%80%91World%27s%20End%20Umbrella%E3%80%90VOCALOID%E3%82%AB%E3%83%90%E3%83%BC%E3%80%91 aiff?dl 0 WAV s www dropbox com s wdw9uxt9vrnmbbw %E3%80%90VY2%E3%80%91World%27s%20End%20Umbrella%E3%80%90VOCALOID%E3%82%AB%E3%83%90%E3%83%BC%E3%80%91 wav

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