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Download Hanekawa Tsubasa A Place To Call Home | Nekomonogatari Analysis mp4 download free video

After a ridiculously long break from the franchise, I finally return to the world of Monogatari to discuss my favorite character and yours Hanekawa Tsubasa! At its heart, Monogatari is about mental health--how its characters struggle with it, fight it, and ultimately have to live with it Nekomonogatari sees Hanekawa at last forge a way forward by finding what she never had--a place to call home, both around herself and within herself Enjoy! I promise I will not go another year and a half between Monogatari videos! More Second Season coverage is on the way If you want to see the my other Monogats content, check out these two videos on Bake and Nise Bakemonogatari Review s www youtube com edit?o U&video_id o-SbRr3zEHY Justice, Fakes, and Sexuality in Nisemonogatari s www youtube com edit?o U&video_id JrHtWD_YBhY Special thanks to Luigi Murri, Jachin Cheatem, hikariyami1, Clark Cavender, John reinbold, Pelty8, Ilya Smirnov, Dan, Cakewalker, J Cleaver, Donny Southa, Jackson wu, Brandon CouBrough, CatXD, Armand Yang, Anders nyhammer, Flugmorph, Astralius Kard, Julian Fischer, Giancarlo Navas, Sam Thacker, Robert Hansen, Maximilian Bessert, Matt Wismer, Uri Lifshitz, Ian Finlay and all my other Patreon donors! If you re interested in helping out the channel, check out my Patreon page here s www patreon com JackUTS Please subscribe if you liked the video and feel free to follow me on Twitter (@JackUTS) Th


Download Rakim The 18th Letter (Always and Forever) + Lyrics mp4 download free video

I do NOT own any copyrights All rights reserved LYRICS ------------- What, uhh, yo Just when things seemed the same, And the whole scene is lame I come and reign with the unexplained For the brains til things change They strain to slang sling, I m trained to bring game History that I arranged been regained by King James Go to practice, with tactics, when the track hits, theatrics Women that look like actress the status of Cleopatra s Stacks of mathematics to feed yo Asiatics As I find out, what the facts is, for geographic No time to sip Mo s with hostess, never mind what the total gross is I rip shows, stay focused, and split cheese, with soldiers While you hit trees and coast I spit flows that be ferocious And with these explosives, I split seas for Moses Shine permanently only my mind s concernin me Fire burns in me eternally time s eternity Followers turn on me they ll be in a mental infirmary Determinely advance technology better than Germany Since the first days you know of, till the last days is over I was always the flow-er, I made waves for Noah From a compound, to the anatomy, to the breakdown of a atom Some of my rap patterns, still surround Saturn From the ancient Hieroglyphics, to graffiti painted pictures I study I know the ures but nowaday ain t it vicious Date back I go beyond check the holy Qu ran To speeches at the altar on, now we get our party on So being benificent, I bless em with dialogue They expectin, the next testament by the God I blow em through battlezones with chrome for chaperone Blast beats with saxophones One of the baddest rapper s known Every country city and borough, sidestreet and ghetto isle and alley and meadow theories ferile enough to echo When it was one mass of land, with one nash of man And the whole mass was ran under one master plan Since the world s morphis, and the plan is kept in orbit Turntables we spin off but the needles never skip off it Rhythms we expressin similar to our ancestors It ll answer your questions if you understand the message From the days of the slave choppers, to the new age of prophets As heavy as hip-hop is I m always ready to drop it from the mind which is one of Allah s best designs And mines ll stand the test of time, when I rhyme The 18th Letter, the prophecy professor I stay clever, long as the planet stay together Bring up praise from Mecca, make a phrase for the better In new days to remember, always and forever (Repeat 2X) The R,


Download 《天天向上》20180406期:最美瑶女郎陈德容上演回忆杀 凌潇肃遭“妈妈团”拷问 Day Day Up【湖南卫视官方频道】 mp4 download free video

【 欢迎订阅湖南卫视官方频道 goo gl tl9QpW 】 《天天向上》YouTube更新时间:北京时间 每周五 24 00 《天天向上》:湖南卫视推出的一档大型礼仪脱口秀节目。该节目以礼仪、公德为主题,分为歌舞、访谈、情景戏三段式,氛围欢快轻松幽默。经常邀请一些明星、企业知名人士,来讨论礼仪,并有专门环节用搞笑的方式 诠释古代礼仪。主持人由汪涵、欧弟(欧汉声)、田源、钱枫、俞灏明、小五(金恩圣)组成。 《天天向上》 官方播放列表: s goo gl 29P4QQ 《天天向上》 精彩片段 官方播放列表: s goo gl RDsgkE ★相关精彩节目推荐★ 《快乐大本营》 官方播放列表: s goo gl ZB35Pj ♥♥ 欢迎订阅湖南卫视其他官方频道 ♥♥ 【 歌手官方频道 s goo gl ii2a3S 】 【 爸爸去哪儿官方亲子频道: s goo gl QZPTJg 】 【 芒果TV精选频道 s goo gl ukUNyx 】 【 芒果TV独播剧场: s goo gl 18swSh 】 ♥♥ 更多官方信息 欢迎关注我们社交网络页面 ♥♥ 《歌手2018》官方Facebook s www facebook com HNTVSingerOfficial 中国湖南卫视官方Facebook s www facebook com hntvchina 中国湖南卫视官方Twitter s twitter com HUNANTVCHINA ★★更多其他湖南卫视精彩节目【官方超清1080P】★★ 《歌手2018》完整版 官方播放列表: s goo gl UaCm1t 《快乐大本营》 官方播放列表: s goo gl ZB35Pj 《天天向上》 官方播放列表: s goo gl 29P4QQ 《我是大侦探》 官方播放列表: s goo gl buBzXv 《名侦探俱乐部2》 官方播放列表: s goo gl Q1RYFK 《妈妈是超人3》 官方播放列表: s goo gl Jaj4Y5 《超人妈妈带娃记3》 官方播放列表: s goo gl tjrckT 《真心大冒险》 官方播放列表: s goo gl 72S1CK 《真心大冒险》悄悄话版 官方播放列表: s goo gl NV5XhZ 《声临其境》 官方播放列表: s goo gl 3bRxsk 《萌仔萌萌宅》 官方播放列表: s goo gl VEJ9YK 《老袁二姐带娃记》 官方播放列表: s goo gl 9t68Hn 《重返地球》 官方播放列表: s goo gl CNRGBv 《变形计之平行世界》 官方播放列表: s goo gl W76TCE 《放学别走》 官方播放列表: s goo gl j9nHu4 《嗨!看电视》 官方播放列表: s goo gl BX6ci8 《亲亲我的宝贝》 官方播放列表: s goo gl gN6fXq 《生机无限》 官方播放列表: s goo gl 3fdhbP 《我的纪录片》 官方播放列表: s goo gl Uj6geg 《新闻大求真》 官方播放列表: s goo gl 9ALiU4 《新闻当事人2018》 官方播放列表: s goo gl p7n5ud 《芒果捞星闻》 官方播放列表: s goo gl UETKfK 《分分钟追剧2018》 官方播放列表: s goo gl yCXAWS 《不普通八卦2018》 官方播放列表: s goo gl Ez2qmj 《扒剧王》官方播放列表: s goo gl hPm1Rw 《我是大美人》 官方播放列表: s goo gl qfa8my 《明星大侦探》第三季完整版官方播放列表: bit ly 2wrW2t0 《明星大侦探》第二季完整版官方播放列表: bit ly 2giKdy8 《明星大侦探》第一季完整版官方播放列表: bit ly 2vCJjyi 《爸爸去哪儿》第五季官方播放列表 bit ly 2xNbZqU 《我们来了》第二季官方播放列表 bit ly 2v5BqVP 《中餐厅》官方播放列表 bit ly 2t9sEWV 《汉语桥》第16届官方播放列表 bit ly 2vFNbPd 《我是未来》官方播放列表 bit ly 2v1hvXS 《七十二层奇楼》官方播放列表 bit ly 2oVYfsV 《2017快乐男声》官方播放列表 bit ly 2s76NyA 《妈妈是超人》第二季播放列表 bit ly 2p9qtim 《妈妈是超人》第一季播放列表 bit ly 2qcP2cY 《花儿与少年》第三季 bit ly 2nLC2gR 《2017变形计》播放列表 bit ly 2qdGm8I 《歌手2017》播放列表 bit ly 2qdq9As 《我是歌手》第一季 bit ly 2oOFPp0 《我是歌手》第二季 bit ly 2oOFQcy 《我是歌手》第三季 bit ly 2pnOWiB 《我是歌手》第四季 bit ly 2pEPqUj 《我想和你唱》第一季播放列表 bit ly 2qkThlG 《我想和你唱》第二季播放列表 bit ly 2p


Download The Notorious B I G Come On (Lyrics) mp4 download free video

Song - Come On Artist - The Notorious B I G Album - Born Again (Lyrics) [Notorious B I G ] Nigga was motherfuckin HYPED UP Nigga just grabbed the nigga, snuffed the nigga and it was on from there The motherfucker there wasn t nuttin stoppin him (What what did the rest of his niggaz do?) Man the motherfuckers was just ready for anything Them niggaz was packin burners Them niggaz was ready to fight whatever we had to do holmes Niggaz was on the real flipout holmes It was just comin out like a motherfucker The nigga amped be like COME ON, COME ON MOTHERFUCKER!! Chorus repeat 8X Come on motherfuckers, come on [samples play over second half of chorus] "Man what you fuck doin over here?" "Are you awake now?" "Hell yah I m awake man; now tell me what the fuck is goin on here" "Looks like the competition stopped by to pay us a little visit, and check us out" [Sadat X] Let s go deep into the phrase, beautiful sunrays off the baldhead, everything is real Biggie me put on this joint so I ma be the big wheel Watch it Slim, hey Dad, place yo bet on seven Peace to one-oh-six, one-oh-eight, one-to-the-hundred-eleventh Hey Biggie, I understand you re from Brooklyn with 22 s in your shoes, yo keep the shank ready [Notorious B I G ] Uhhh well, why not blow up the spot with Sadat Release the BRAINSTORM, to make your motherfuckin BRAIN WARM A strange form, somethin kind of lyrical Biggie the bastard, Sadat s kind of spiritual Well "In God We Trust", guns I bust Got that disgustin, sewer style dumpin and that uhh {*singin*} do you knowwwwww, where you re goin to Do you like the things that I bring? {*rappin*} Make an emcee wanna sing for a livin Take the beatdown we fuckin givin, c mon motherfucker Chorus [Sadat X] What? Niggaz want drama, puttin work on my block when I told y all last week, that shit was too hot Sellin pieces and treys, cuts my dimes Somebody gon get paid, somebody block get sprayed Reaction is delayed as y all run down the block Caught one in your chest, your breath come in spurts Hey yo Biggie tell these niggaz I ma hit em where it hurts The big city it don t spare no bodies Call me papichulo, to all the spanish mamis I m about ten blunts down, drank three or fo stouts Seen five fat asses, passed this bitch with glasses Hey yo money that s yo stock, yo Bigs pass the glock I ma tell him it can happen, don t play me with that rap shit Life is real, so Biggie take the steel Chorus [Notorious B I G ] Uhh I got seven Mac-11 s, about eight, 38 s Nine 9 s, ten Mac-10 s, the shits never end You can t touch my riches Even if you had MC Hammer and them 357 bitches Biggie Smalls, the millionaire, the mansion, the yacht The two weed spots, the two hot glocks HAH, that s how I got the weed spot I shot dread in the head, took the bread and the landspread Lil Gotti got the shotty to your body So don t resist, or you might miss Christmas I tote guns, I make number runs I give emcees the runs drippin; when I throw my clip in the A K , I slay from far away Everybody hit the D-E-C-K My slow flows remarkable Peace to Matteo Now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniff the yayo That s crazy blunts, mad L s My voice excels from the avenue to jailcells Oh my God I m droppin shit like a pigeon I hope you re listenin, smackin babies at they christening So you better grab your pistol cause if you sit still, I m gonna make your fuckin shit spill And I m talkin bout buckets, why did I have to do it? Sadat said fuck it, you got a gun, nigga bust it Cause I got mo shots to pop-ya Big Pop-pa, breakin you off somethin proper Signin off is the hardcore rap singer a k a crack slinger, bring it anytime


Download Cornel West "Speaking Truth to Power" mp4 download free video

A discussion on Institutional Provincialism with Dr Cornel West and the MIT community from February 8, 2018 Program Welcome & Introduction Mr Ty Austin (SA+P, GSC DIS Chair) Keynote Dr Cornel West (Harvard) (3 28) Discussion (43 10) Professor Ceasar McDowell (SA+P), Moderator, Ms Joy Buolamwini (PhD Candidate, MIT Media Lab) Professor Jennifer Light (SA+P, SHASS), Professor Sasha Costanza-Chock (SHASS) Closing Remarks Dr Duane Lee (MLK Visiting Scholar, SoS) (1 57 05) This event was sponsored by Institute of Community and Equity Office (ICEO) Media Lab and Program in Media Arts & Sciences (ML, MAS) Office of Graduate Education (OGE) Presidential Committee on Race and Diversity (CRD) School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) School of Engineering (SoE) School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (SHASS) School of Science (SoS) Sloan School of Management (Sloan) Hosted by GSC Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee (DIS) Dr Cornel West is a prominent and provocative democratic intellectual He is Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University and holds the title of Professor Emeritus at Princeton University He has also taught at Union Theological Seminary, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Paris Cornel West graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in three years and obtained his M A and Ph D in Philosophy at Princeton He has written 20 books and has edited 13 He is best known for his classics, Race Matters and Democracy Matters, and for his memoir, Brother West Living and Loving Out Loud His most recent book, Black Prophetic Fire, offers an unflinching look at nineteenth and twentieth-century African American leaders and their visionary legacies This video documents a free public event held at MIT on February 8, 2018, 5-7PM Learn more at MIT News mitsha re ojSW30


Download The BrainStormers Proceed With Caution (feat Skyzoo) mp4 download free video

Album The BrainStormers EP (2011) thebrainstormers bandcamp com Here s the first single from The BrainStormers EP featuring the one & only Skyzoo! Cuts are provided by DJ Grazzhoppa with production by Teddy Roxpin, dope combo- Lyrics Verse 1 (A L Laureate) Desire on the forefront Extensively expedient Drenching out of my forehead Heat waves and cold sweat I Attain clarification, in accordance to recordings leaving car speakers scorching Never rest for a second with tutorage from the legends Taking crash courses my brain aches In depth study to salvage the good that remains Amending hip hop erasing the date rape I m steadfast with it, verbal artillery is out But I ain t shooting to kill I let it set in your scalp Creep up in your brain and let it blend So sit and jot down the blueprints to my revenge In the battlefield still getting tempted By these labels looking for they flagship apprentice I rather die thirsty next to water Knowing my lifelong thesis never once faltered Verse 2 (Skyzoo) The human highlight reel, they pray that I might chill never happen I m forever at it, and y all forever addicts Nowadays with the rapping, I m feeling so bored When I m listening to y all, that I rather well flow backwards Coach well as might I pro up and I No me let down it dumb can I I guess I m leave it there And go and listen to Big wishing that he was here Pick one of them, whether Smalls or L or Pun any one of dude Inspired by all three, I guess I m something new I m NY, suede timbs and all Best flow been mine, no grins involved I got this; I did it before it became popular And I still get it, and all of them still watching huh It s cool with me, as cool as I be I nevermind it, they all just influenced from me, you know Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse) I m from the V dot A, home of the crack rap Influenced by Miles Davis and other jazz cats I pen a verse with no profanity So forget advising you, I label each song hazmat So please proceed with caution Wear plastic gloves when my music leaves the walkman I m a lyricist, y all claim that your pen don t write Every verse hits hard like a Kimbo right I m the future; I don t need to lend no ice Cause I m God s son, I don t want to be like Mike That s another man; I got an arm like Rocket While y all slow pitch tossing underhand I stay positive; I always keep my head high Whether in Va, or chilling somewhere in Bedsty I heard a lot of dudes claim they the next guy Until they see my cd chilling in Best Buy "The BrainStormers were conceived due to the success of its predecessors The Wu Tang Clan, Task Force, The Arsonists, The Jurassic 5, Slum Village, and most recently Slaughterhouse paved the way for the development of this group Each member possesses a specific skill that is brought to the forefront Cayoz Da Beast (by way of California) possesses poignant wordplay and a work ethic second to none A L Laureate (by way of Florida) possesses an abstract style and excellent conceptual driven verses Praverb the Wyse (by way of Virginia) possesses a finely tuned delivery and aspects of spirituality Finally, Dj Grazzhoppa (by way of Belguim) possesses the ability to turn an ordinary track into a masterpiece The true essence of this group is on display when they collectively attack a song The BrainStormers are poised to make a mark in an industry that is cluttered with uninspired material The latest addition to The BrainStormers collective is an emcee by the name of O*Zee O*Zee (by way of Maine) is an emcee s emcee who also thrives with conceptual rhyming and raw lyricism " - kevinnottingham com 2011 01 15 the-brainstormers-proceed-with-caution-feat-sk


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