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Download Rise of the Tomb Raider (The Movie) mp4 download free video

Keep watching after the credits! Thank you for your patience, this one took a long time I started capturing the footage of this game right after I got my PS4 Pro in November, and just finished editing it last night There are a few reasons for that, which I will discuss below Unfortunately I wasn t able to capture this game in 4K, but I did run the game in 4K mode, which is supersampled down to 1080p, resulting in much smoother edges than standard 1080p mode If you haven t seen my work before, I edit the stories of video games into full length movies Where others may just slap together cutscenes, I focus on telling the story, and that story requires some gameplay footage I try to work hard to cut the gameplay down as much as possible, as too much gameplay obviously can detract from the cinematic experience, but the focus is on keeping as much gameplay as is necessary to understand the story without lot holes, and to try to maintain a good pacing and flow to the movie while doing that Another part of what I do involved removing what I call "gameplay indicators" These are the various things that pop up on screen and remind the viewer that they re watching video game Things like gameplay objectives, button prompts, "saving " icons, hints, etc Unfortunately, this game had a TON of them While many of these things can be removed through editing or zoom cropping, many others require advanced VFX work to remove them For this movie, I created 423 VFX shots That s where I spent the majority of my time However, there was another thing I chose to do with this movie, and that was format it for a 2 40 1 aspect ratio There were a couple reasons for this First of all, the game often features a very wise field of view, which I believe fits the wider aspect quite well, and secondly, I knew having the wiser aspect would make it easier to edit out many of the gameplay indicators I ran into The problem is, this requires a technique called "tilt and scan" You may have heard of "pan and scan" which is a similar technique used to format wider movies for VHS or TV, but tilt and scan is essentially the same thing, except you re formatting it for a wider image instead This required me to essentially animate camera tilting up and down throughout each shot, making sure I maintain a good framing of the image, not only making sure everything was in the shot, but also that the shot looked nice, keeping a good artistic balance, etc So thank you for your patience, I have been very busy on this and I am glad to be done with it I will be taking a bit of a break after all that work, as I need to catch up on some games I haven t had much time to play during this process, and also to play the new Horizon Zero Dawn game coming out Tuesday Can t say whether it has movie potential yet or not, but we ll see As for my next movie, I was planning to do Telltale s Batman game series, but I ran into a few performance issues throughout the game that made me start to reconsider, as some scenes were basically unplayable However with the new Boost Mode on the PS4 Pro, I may be able to revisit that idea If that still doesn t solve the problem, I may still consider checking it out on PC to see how it runs there Aside from that, most of what I m considering involves games I ve already done, remaking them in either 1080p or 4K, depending on what s possible Unfortunately I don t think I will be doing Watch Dogs 2 as a movie I m enjoying the game, but I didn t think the story was quite strong enough to carry a movie (although I m not finished so I can t say 100%) Like I said, Horizon Zero Dawn could hold some potential, so I ll be looking at that, and for the future I will definitely be doing Uncharted The Lost Legacy, the next Assassin s Creed game, the next Arkham game (still unannounced), and The Last of Us Part 2 Maybes include the new Spider-man and God of War games Detroit Become Human also looks like it has a lot of potential as well Feel free to suggest others if you think they would work well as a m


Download Shadow of the Tomb Raider Pelicula Completa en Español PC 2018 [1080p 60fps] mp4 download free video

Si te gustó suscribete s goo gl 3HpzUk Historia completa de Shadow of the Tomb Raider en Español Castellano, juntando todas las escenas, cinematicas y gameplay de la campaña a partir de mi guia del juego para PC en calidad Ultra (all cutscenes game movie) Vive el momento más crucial de la vida de Lara Croft, en el que se convierte en saqueadora de tumbas En Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara debe dominar una selva mortal, superar tumbas aterradoras y perseverar en su hora más aciaga Mientras trata de detener un apocalipsis maya, Lara terminará por convertirse en la saqueadora de tumbas que está destinada a ser - Sigueme en Twitter s twitter com Kratosworld_YT Si os gusta mi contenido y queréis hacer una donación o sugerir una pelicula que os gustaria ver podéis hacerlo desde aquí s goo gl 5i8DMU Todas mis peliculas s www youtube com playlist?list PLWxBoZFZCce1LUbtciI2xzDvcXiI8WXH5 Peliculas recientes 2018 Marvel s Spiderman s www youtube com watch?v BWVjvSYfTqQ Sonic Lost World s www youtube com watch?v F0rlvmfU3v0 Vampyr s www youtube com watch?v 6div28u1kCs Detroit Become Human s www youtube com watch?v nQUFQZ_KbMs God of War 2018 s www youtube com watch?v mlqQJ9_x5IA Far Cry 5 s www youtube com watch?v qTa5UU-LTrU Otras Peliculas y Sagas God of War SAGA s www youtube com playlist?list PLWxBoZFZCce237zdv7xPHhsgsym_dSjWt The Amazing Spiderman SAGA s www youtube com playlist?list PLWxBoZFZCce0Qf8OgnYUAxRERtJCZJF-U Warcraft SAGA s www youtube com playlist?list PLWxBoZFZCce2BvJ9LCyrVNXjiAaa_ospd Batman Arkham SAGA s www youtube com playlist?list PLWxBoZFZCce0hbFPFitmP_TSw_JZOfJS8 Sonic SAGA s www youtube com playlist?list PLWxBoZFZCce28GqQKUx-dF3QSp32


Download Avengers Infinity War Trailer & Tomb Raider 2018 The Weekly Planet Podcast mp4 download free video

SUBSCRIBE HERE ►► goo gl pQ39jN Check out s casper com theweeklyplanet and use the offer code THEWEEKLYPLANET for $50 off The internet is all about the new Avengers Infinity War trailer! Or it might be about a new thing by now Either way we talk about that as well as the Ready Player One reviews, a New Gods movie, Fantastic Beasts 2, Bond 25 as well as Tomb Raider 2018 Thanks for listening and the support! Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown s t co q73iycsKzM 0 00 The start of the show 2 29 Ready Player One reviews 6 35 Nicholas Cage cast as Superman sort of 8 32 The New Gods movie 14 52 Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer 19 28 Danny Boyle and Bond 25 22 35 Avengers Infinity War trailer 1 02 13 Tomb Raider spoiler free review 1 12 43 Tomb Raider spoiler review 1 22 41 What We Reading What We Gonna Read 1 23 14 - 1 25 18 Annihilation Spoilers 1 33 06 - 1 36 08 Jessica Jones Spoilers 1 37 24 Letters It’s Time For Letters The Weekly Planet YouTube Channel s goo gl 1ZQFGH Find out T-Shirts here s www teepublic com stores mr-sunday-movies If you want to support the show by doing practically nothing, shop at Amazon via this link goo gl 57ZYsn A small percentage goes our way at no extra cost to you Or something Also if you re from outside the US just visit the link then go to your countries page and it should work I guess I d


Download TOMB RAIDER Trailer 2 German Deutsch (2018) mp4 download free video

Offizieller "Tomb Raider" Trailer 2 Deutsch German 2018 | Abonnieren ➤ abo yt kc | (OT Tomb Raider) Movie #Trailer | Kinostart 15 Mär 2018 | Filminfos s KinoCheck de film vyl tomb-raider-2018 Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) ist die leidenschaftlich emanzipierte Tochter eines exzentrischen Abenteurers, der spurlos verschwunden ist, als sie noch ein kleines Mädchen war Inzwischen ist Lara erwachsen, aber ihr fehlt ein klares Lebensziel – eher unmotiviert brettert sie als Fahrradkurierin durch die Straßen der Trendviertel von East London – zum Leben reicht das kaum An der Uni hat sie sich zwar eingeschrieben, aber die Hörsäle meidet sie Sie will sich ihren eigenen Weg suchen und lehnt daher auch die Leitung des globalen väterlichen Konzerns ebenso strikt ab, wie sie sich weigert, an seinen Tod zu glauben Mittlerweile sind allerdings sieben Jahre vergangen, und man legt Lara nahe, sich allmählich mit der Realität abzufinden Doch irgendetwas – Lara begreift es selbst nicht – treibt sie dazu, endlich herauszufinden, was ihrem Vater eigentlich passiert ist Als Lara alle Brücken hinter sich abbricht, handelt sie bewusst auch gegen den letzten Willen ihres Vaters Ihre Suche beginnt dort, wo er zuletzt gesehen wurde in dem legendären Grabmal auf einer mythischen Insel, die sich irgendwo vor der japanischen Küste befinden könnte Doch Lara hat sich keine einfache Aufgabe vorgenommen Allein schon die Reise in diese Region erweist sich als extrem gefährlich Unversehens muss sie alles aufs Spiel setzen – sogar ihr Leben Von einer Minute zur anderen verfügt sie über nichts außer ihrem scharfen Verstand, ihrem unverbrüchlichen Glauben und ihrem angeborenen Starrsinn Doch reicht das, um auf dieser Reise ins Ungewisse über sich selbst hinauszuwachsen? Falls sie dieses haarsträubende Abenteuer überlebt, dann könnte sie mit einem Schlag berühmt werden Denn nicht jeder darf sich Tomb Raider nennen #TombRaider leihen kaufen ➤ amzo in s Tomb-Raider Die aktuell beliebtesten Filme ➤ amzo in bestmovies Die meist gewünschten Filme ➤ amzo in moviereserve Die neuesten Game Trailers ➤ youtube com Spiele Note | Tomb Raider german trailer courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures Germany | All Rights Reserved | amzo in sind Affiliate Links Bei einem Kauf ändert sich für euch nichts, aber ihr unterstützt dadurch unsere Arbeit | KinoCh


Download Tomb Raider (2018) Plane And Parachute Survival Scene [Edited] mp4 download free video

Tomb Raider (2018) Plane And Parachute Survival Scene [Edited] #TombRaider #LaraCroft #AliciaVikander Movie Info Wiki s en wikipedia org wiki Tomb_Raider_(film) Movie Info IMDb s www imdb com title tt1365519 ________________________________________________________________________________ Movie Clips Has Been Edited And Does Not Contains Full Scenes All Contents Uploaded By Movie Freezes ________________________________________________________________________________ Checkout These Channels For New Upcoming Movies And Trailers Universal Pictures s www youtube com channel UCq0OueAsdxH6b8nyAspwViw Warner Bros Pictures s www youtube com channel UCjmJDM5pRKbUlVIzDYYWb6g Marvel Entertainment s www youtube com channel UCvC4D8onUfXzvjTOM-dBfEA 20th Century Fox s www youtube com channel UC2-BeLxzUBSs0uSrmzWhJuQ Paramount Pictures s www youtube com channel UCF9imwPMSGz4Vq1NiTWCC7g Sony Pictures Entertainment s www youtube com channel UCz97F7dMxBNOfGYu3rx8aCw Starwars s www youtube com user starwars Lionsgate Movies s www youtube com channel UCJ6nMHaJPZvsJ-HmUmj1SeA ________________________________________________________________________________ Like, Share, & Subscribe ________________________________________________________________________________ Music Used in Video Track Epic Cinematic Uplifting Music EVEREST Royalty Free wav De ion s www youtube com c NCMEpicMusic Inspiration Composer By Ender Güney Watch s www youtube com watch?v U32C9ffrtdo ________________________________________________________________________________ End Screen Credit Track DM Galaxy - Paralyzed (feat Tyler Fiore) [NCS Release] Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds Watch s www youtube com watch?v T-zcs6yDM3k Free Download Stream ncs io paralyzed ___________________________________________________________________________


Download Tomb Raider [2013 Game] (The Movie) mp4 download free video

Now that school is over for the summer, I can focus on making my game movies again First up Tomb Raider This is the new 2013 reboot game, which I found to be a fantastic game In fact, it s my #2 highest rated game ever, just under Uncharted 2 If you haven t seen my movies before, my goal is to take a game, record footage of my gameplay, and edit that together into a movie I do this by focusing on story, primarily driven by the cutscenes However, if you only include the cutscenes, you don t have a coherent story So I include some gameplay as well, but only the minimum gameplay necessary to understand the story The goal is to keep this looking as much like a movie as possible, so I try to limit any obvious game moments as much as I can, especially putting focus on the more cinematic gameplay elements As before, I try to cut out as many game indicators as I can, such as button prompts, but sometimes there are HUD pop ups that would be either too difficult to remove, or would significantly lower the quality of the movie by being removed So, I removed what I could, but I couldn t remove everything The next movie project I plan to do is Arkham Asylum ***EDIT Unfortunately I ran into some trouble while working on Arkham Asylum Lost a lot of my footage, and will be unable to replace it until I restart the game, so I m probably going to put that game on hold for a little while *** Subscribe to my channel to be notified of any of my future proj


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