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Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 61 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

A big hello to all of my dear friends, I hope you are all well, I had a busy week and life is moving faster than I can catch it, maybe when we get older time goes faster hahaha At the last episode we saw Omar was hit by Yener s car and lying on the ground and I wonder what happened to him We get to see a very cheeky side to Nihat and I am sure you will enjoy it Yener is very proud of his doing but he might be scare of who is going to come after him At the last episode Alev informed the family that she is going to resign and I wonder if she is bluffing or she is going to do it Zehra is worry for Omar for being late and not being able to contact him too, I hope she can reach him It seems Zehra start having some feelings towards her Zorba You will get to see the best acting from Omar, he is so good that we can t get enough of him Yener is coming to Salim and offering his help but what do you think Salim s answer is going to be Alev is going to put pressure on Omar regarding the Tender, you have to see what she is after and it shows that how evil she is Ayeshe is asking Zehra to use her power over Omar to stop him of sending Alev to America, it made me laugh but you are going to love watching this scene Omar is very angry, he even scare s me too hahaha, he is angry with Zehra and I am happy that I am not in her place, he has gone totally mad and boiling, we have to see how Zehra is going to handle him There is a big surprise for Nihat at the end of episode, this person is going to bring a new life to this household My dears, I told you before that the story is going to take a different story line because of Omar s new plan for their relationship and that is why I am excited to send you this episode I wish you all a very relaxing weekend with your loved ones, I am looking forward to do the next episode but first I have to rest a bit because I have been siting here for the last 6 to finished off, take care and I am sending lots of hugs from Down Und


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 60 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

My dear friends, I am excited to share this episode with you because the number 60 is, 1 3 of the episodes from first season is done, that is a big achievement for me as a new beginners at this job, thanks for following me at this adventure We left our last episode as Yener was destroying Demir s house and we have to see if he is going to be caught or not My God this Sevim is becoming louder and too much to handle, she is harsh and not easy to tolerate her We are going to see a bit of smile on Koray s face, I wonder what could be the reason, I have lots of respect for him to live his life away from his rich father We get to see Omar and Zehra are talking to each other but I wonder how this talk is going to effect Omar, he will make you laugh with his childish behavior Omar is trying to work out who is the person coming into Demir s house and I hope his quick assumption doesn t cost him too much, earlier on Zehra told him that you judge and act too quick, he might learn something out of it Alev is giving a news to the family but I wonder if this news is going to have a back fire on herself or not Alev is paying her way to get rid of the kidnappers but what is going to happen to the one in the hospital? Zehra is stuck between Omar and Ayeshe for their safety , what is she going to do? Yener is going to find out there is stronger hand than him in Mahale Alev s character is not very popular but at today s episode you wouldn t like her at all because she is miss useing someone goodness You will see Omar and Zehra in the car and he is behaving differently, it seems sometimes he forgets that they are not real couple and today is one of those days My dears, the way this episode is going to finish it keep you in suspend and you want to know what happened, I will do my best to get it out as fast as I could, you will shake your head if I tell you that last night I was so tired that I fall sleep and I touch my keyboard accidentally and I lost hours of work but today I manage to catch up, love you and take care and see you so


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 63 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

My dear friends, I am sorry for the delaying of episode 63, my number 7 grandchild was born few days ago but he gave us a scare and things might be looking better by today, thanks for your thoughts and prayers We left the last episode by Zehra was facing Yener at the park, she was shocked but she is getting stronger and knows better how to handle him It is just impossible to understand Yener, I think he has something else in his head instead of brain I think Alper is becoming jealous of his friend, what could be the reason? Zehra left home without telling Omar, I hope she can be saved from his anger Demir is such nice and gentle guy, what Omar is going to do without him and he is the back up for Zehra Alev is trying to get rid of the kidnappers but I wonder if she is successful Omar is looking everywhere to find Zehra and it seems he his losing it badly but he finds something on Zehra s phone, just look at his eyes when he look at it, you will see a small smile in his eyes You have to see what is going on between Koray and Yasamin, they are young and cute Omar is trying to be nice and caring towards Zehra but she is not even looking at him and you can see he is uncomfortable about it I am getting a headache from Yener s complaining and being angry, he is handful and the only thing he needs is to get a hit on the head and his brain might come back in order It seems Hadye is a bit upset by losing the control of her kitchen, she needs to wait for more of it You will enjoy the scene between Omar and Zehra at the garden, it is interesting As usual Zehra is trying to prove few things to Omar but how is she going to get out of the house without him knowing about it Alev thinks that by staying home she can find out more about Zehra and very pleased with herself but only time will tell My dears I feel sorry for Omar because he feels different towards Zehra and as usual he is fighting against it, he is going up and down like a roller coaster, I hope Zehra can prove something but even then is he going to listen and believe it or not? We have a beautiful Spring weather down here and we are getting ready for our hot summers, I wish you all a very peaceful and relaxing weekend, I am looking after few of my grand kids this weekend and I am going to be late again, I am asking you please don t send me messages regarding when the episode 64 is coming out because I have no control over my day to day life at the moment, thanks for understanding, take


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 62 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

A very warm hello to all of my friends to every corner of this world, the world doesn t seem too big anymore because I am sitting her and talk all of you, the time here is around 1am and still cold but it is getting better My dears, we left our last episode at scene when Nihat gets to open the door and guess who is there, that is his auntie Jevrie, she is going to bring a new life to the story line and she is fun Koray is in so much love with Yasamin that he is in seven heaven, I wonder where this love is going to take him Nihat is in a very uncomfortable position and I wonder how he is going save himself Demir comes to his house and guess who is he facing in front of his house It is interesting the way Jevrie is meeting Zehra and Omar, it makes Nihat to feel embarrass very much Alev doesn t like the auntie and we are going to see them to get into each other face often It is interesting to see the effect of having auntie Jevrie in this household Koray has borrow the money from Alpar to pay for a special exam for Yasamin and I hope she will go for it Omar is on the edge and Zehra is trying to put up with him, I hope he gets out of this mood and it seems he is holding badly on this anger Zehra for the first time is telling Omar what she thinks of him and we have to see how is he going to take it Alev is going to find out that Zehra got her to stay back in Turkey and we have to watch and see what is her reaction Auntie is taking Asia to the park to play and guess what is waiting for them in the park My friends, I hope you get to like the auntie, she means well but a bit loud for this family, I might have a delay on the next episode because tomorrow I am going to become a grandmother again, this the number 7 and it is a very exciting time for my family, sending my love to all of you from Down Under, take care until I see you on line very soo


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 66 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

My dears, I hope my summary finds you all well and you are having a fantastic weekend with your loved ones My friends, I am sorry for delaying this episode because I had a massive problem with this video and instead of 10 hours I done more than 20 hours to get it right, I won t go into the details but I am very happy and relived to send it out and I can have a sleep tonight We left the last episode with Omar putting a check in the hand of Zehra and that was his biggest mistake by handling the situation and you will see what I mean You will see how Alev is losing it the way Zehra is getting all the compliment from the family You will enjoy to see how Zehra is a perfect wife and bride, she even surprises Omar too Koray and Yasamin are flying on high clouds, I wonder what is expecting them in the future This Funda is after more opportunity to hurt the young couple, we have to see what is she going to do Asia, comes up with her own idea of putting Zehra and Omar in a difficult situation Yener is knocking all the doors to get rid of that recorded voice, is he going to be successful? Omar Created a situation with his assumption that even him is shocked with Zehra s behavior There are some new rules around the bedroom, you would love it You will be so proud of Zehra to see how she is taking the control of her life in this house, I think we can call her Zorba too Jevrie has taken over the kitchen and she is so much fun to watch Omar is doing a great job by playing his role as a husband and I think he is enjoying too My beautiful friends, as I told you before that the story is taking a turn regarding their relationship and they are going to fall in love slowly and in good time You will see a smile in Omar s eyes when he is getting the new rules about his bedroom from Zehra I leave you to watch it and take car


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 65 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

My good friends, I hope my short summary finds you all well and happy, the week is almost gone, we are having a school holidays for few weeks and that is a break for Spring, I have to entertain couple of my grand kids, wish me good luck hahaha We left the last scene at the restaurant and Zehra with the help of Leyla manages to record the voice of Yener to get him off her back but is it going to work? Omar is home and still waiting for her to come back home he keep remembering the morning encounter that he had with Zehra, I wonder why is it Zehra comes back with Leyla, is it going to cause her any trouble? Sevim is very happy and she is singing my favorite song and I wonder if she is going to get disappointment? There is a sad story is going around the dining table but you will be proud of Omar because he comes to save Zehra again Finally someone gives a good lesson to Yener but do you think he has learned anything or not? Mrs Jevrie, has no control over her behavior, is she going to upset some one? Yener is angry and it is about blowing up, is he going to get his recorded voice or not? Alev goes to the company and you have to see how Omar is going to teach her a lesson Yasamin and Koray have a date but how could they see each other when her mum is watching her Do you think that recorded voice is going to be useful for Zehra? Omar doesn t know where is Zehra, he makes his assumption again and you might like or not what he is going to do This episode it shows Omar s power at work and what clever man he is but it seems he has got a lot to learn about the real life, good luck to him because his time is getting close to learn a lesson or two It is 2am, had a very busy day but I am happy to be able to send you episode 65, our little man could be coming home this weekend if all goes well I hope you will enjoy this episode and I was going to ask you please don t rush me for the next episode because I need time, as I have said many times that every episode it takes over ten hours and I do my best to send one every second day, thanks for helping me out, take care and stay well and happy where ever you ar


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 64 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

My dear friends, a big hello to all of you, I would like to say thanks to all of you for sending your good wishes and prayers for my grandson, he is doing much more better, he is not home yet but maybe in a week time, sorry for delay because I was looking after my three little angels and I survived, I stayed up to 4am last night to send you episode 64 and I hope you will enjoy it The last scene that we had at episode 63 was Omar holding Zehra from going out, she wanted to go and fix everything and that is one of their best encounter Alev is playing her dirty game to work against Zehra as usual but is she going to be successful or not? This Yener is like a chicken without a head by hitting his head anywhere he could to get Zehra, he needs to learn a lesson We saw at the last episode how unhappy was Hadye by having Jevrie at the kitchen, is she going to have some more issues? You will be so proud of Omar to see how he stands up to Alev, you would love him more Demir is facing some difficulty at the office and is it going to cause any issues for their business? This Funda is back again but I wonder if Yasamin will fall into her tricks again Zehra is going to have a talk to Yener, you will be proud of her the way she handle him and even he is shocked You will get to see a beautiful relationship between Omar and Ayeshe, I think all of us would love to have a brother like him Nihat is a clever man by finding the answer and helping Omar to sort out the issue Zehra goes to see Leyla, they spend a good time together, we all need a friend like Leyla to put us back on the track Yener has no idea who is Koray but he is going to find out soon that you can not play with the lion s tail Omar is totally messed up with his feelings and wonder where is Zehra and why took her so long, he has no idea where he is heading and no way to go back My friends, I hope you will enjoy this episode too, it is just full on and so much is happening, there is nothing nicer to sit and watch how these two are going to fall in love All of you take care and hope to see you for the next episode, it is getting more exciting by each episode that passes by, see yo


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 58 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

My dears, I hope all of you started a good weekend, my Saturday is gone and it is Sunday 2am, I was doing the subtitle and looking after my grandchildren too and losing them around the house but we had fun We finished our last episode with the painful scene of Yener was destroying Salim s workshop just because he is angry by not finding Zehra, it got me very upset when Salim is such good guy Omar is extra nice to Zehra, he is even offering more support to her and it is so nice to see that, he doesn t realized by saying that don t go out for now but you can go to visit your family later on Wow, Wow Ayeshe is so happy to have Zehra in her life that she thinks her brother is working from home to be close to his wife but his agenda is different Yener is on the go to find our more about the rich guy and he thinks that he is clever and got the name, we have to see what he is going to do with this information Koray, he looks young but he is quite strong young man by letting go of his father fortune to built up his own future and you will be surprise to see a new side to him This Funda, keep making up stories to upset Yasamin and we have to see what are Yasmin finding about Koray Zehra is trying to find a way to get out of the house to see her dad and Omar is trying to hold her back for her own safety but we have to see if she can find a way to get out Alev is in trouble to find money for the kidnappers and to do that she is upsetting someone that loves her a lot Omar is calm and trying to protect his family and specially Zehra and Asia, he has a heart of gold, he just needs to use it more often I think Sevim cursed enough and it was interesting to see Yener was so scare of her curses because they were send to him Sadly we had to see what Yener did to the Salim s workshop, it is so hard to put up with him at this episode and I am hopping to see him to hit a wall and come down from where ever he is Zehra is effected by kidnapping and suffering badly and guess who is there to help her out Alev was quite daring to go to the hospital and scare the wounded guy, at today s episode was painful to watch her because the way she talks to Omar about Asia is just too stressful and she is a great liar My friends, this episode is going to takes us to a different level regarding Omar and Zehra, it is going to be more exiting with all these trouble makers, I feel sorry for Omar because if we look the whole pressure is on him by running his company and all the competition, he has a sick sister on his hand, he has a wife that he doesn t know much about her, he has Alev that is pushing him in the corner, Yener is out there and eating him away because of jealousy and there is more coming to his way, I am sure now you feel sorry for him, I wish you a nice warm day for your weekend and enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones, love you all and take car


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 77 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

My dear friends, I hope you have started a good weekend by now, mine hasn t started the best but again thankful for what ever it is Today s episode is one of the best one because we see lots of emotions between the families and they play it so well that we get involved with their feelings too At the last scene, there was a gun was pointed at Sevim s head, I wonder who was that? Do you think that Sevim is going to tell the truth about what did happened? Omar doesn t know what to do, should he say anything to Zehra or not? Is Yener is going to find out Omar s home after all or not? Zehra is wondering why he has been so nice to her, is she going to find out or not? When we hear the name of Yener, it means trouble, I wonder what he is up this time Ayeshe is overwhelmed with Asia s going to school and she ends up in the hospital, I wonder if Nihat is going to find out about his wife sickness Yasamin wakes up and finds her mother s note, I wonder what she has written to her family on that note Zehra is going to be a great support to her sister but that is thanks to Omar s advice, I wonder what he said to her Omar understand her feelings fully and he is so nice to her that is unbelievable and he is going to have a better place in all of us hearts Yasamin calls her sister to tell her about their mum doing, the only thing that I can say is Wow Wow with their acting and my God you have to see it to believe it, just remember me because you are going to have tears in your eyes Yener is in big trouble and behind the bars, I wonder what he has done Yener is the man to take revenge and guess who comes to visit him while he is behind the bars My dears as you see this is an episode that will take you to different level because of the main actors, I have watched this episode so many times and still it feels new for me, I suggest you all to watch the episodes more than once because you will get more out of it, I just love Erkan because he is the best when it comes to show his feelings, he does it with his eyes, voice and acting and many more, enjoy watching it My friends please keep voting to our actors to win the competition of becoming the best actors of the Turkey, we owe that to them for the enjoyment that they have given us, I leave you for now and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did, take car


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 74 | English Subtitles mp4 download free video

My friends, I hope you have started a good weekend, mine is extremely busy with family commitment, I had two very late nights to send you this episode and it is a very good one We saw at the last scene that Sevim and Alev got face to face, it is a quiet dangerous situation and I hope Alev doesn t get much information about Sevim Salim just had enough of his wife and sleeping in the shop, do you think he might change his mind? Alev has a new plan to get her hands at that envelop, we have to see how successful she is Zehra is in trouble with Omar because of her mum doing, I wonder how she is going to survive that? Omar is thinking that mother and daughter has plan, do you think that he might change his mind? You will be witness of something nice between Omar and Zehra, it is nice and sweet Alper is losing his respect by not telling the truth to Yasamin about the video clip, I wonder what is he going to tell Koray? Zehra stands against Omar and you will be proud of her The only thing that comes in Sevim eyes is just money, I wonder what is her plan for that? Mrs Jevrie does her thing and walks into their bedroom without knocking on the door and how do you think she finds our love birds? Sevim is quite rude to Leyla, I wonder what could be? You will be shocked to find out what Sevim is up to, she has no boundary and she is not shy at all As you see it is a exiting episode, they play so well that sometimes I lose myself in the story, Omar and Zehra are coming to know each other and I love to see that look on their face of being mesmerized by each other I hope you enjoy watching it and this episode is taking us to an other turn by a new issue between our love birds and you are going to love it We haven t seen a proper sun for the last few weeks but that means less bush fires I wish you to enjoy the rest of your weekend and I am sending my best wishes to all of you from one of the most beautiful city s in the world and that is Sydney, it is 2am here and my time to rest, take car

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