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Download Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Principles of Environmental Measurement Lecture 4 download mp4 3gp mp3

Mark Blonquist discusses photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and PAR meters in part 4 of 9 in the ICT International and Apogee Instruments lectures that took place at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment campus of the Western Sydney University VIDEO CONTENT 00 22 QUANTUM SENSOR (or PAR Meters) I m going to talk about quantum sensors, sometimes called PAR sensors (photosynthetically active radiation sensors) These sensors measure photosynthetically active wavelengths, typically defined as 400 to 700 nanometers (nm) The same wavelengths that the human eye sees are the same wavelengths that drive photosynthesis in plants It is measurement that is often used in plant research because it tells us how much radiation is available or how many photos are available to make photosynthesis happen 1 10 RADIATION SOURCES There are a lot of different radiation sources the Sun, different electric lights, and LEDs LEDs are becoming more and more popular in plant growth They are often used in different color treatments to see what effect they have on a plant growth and morphology 2 32 DEFINITIONS -PAR is radiation that drives photosynthesis; typically defined as 400 to 700 nm -Photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) is the number of photons in the photosynthetically active range that strike a surface -Quantum sensor or PAR meter is a sensor that measures PPFD 05 05 PPFD vs YPFD This graph shows the difference between photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) and yield photon flux (YPF) In the 70 s, McCree took a leaf and measured the photosynthetic response of the leaf at each wavelength of light He found that plant leaves respond a little bit more to blue radiation than green, and they are most sensitive to red; these measurements are YPFD It is important to remember that the data measured was in a laboratory with plants grown under controlled conditions in low light environment and where of a single leaf not a complete plant Rather than weighting PAR by the response McCree found we assume that all photons between 400 and 700 nm are equally efficient at photosynthesis, this is called the defined plant response to photon and is the universally accepted definition of PAR; these measurements are of PPFD 07 56 QUANTUM SENSOR VS SPECTRORADIOMETER Quantum sensors provide the sum of all the radiation between 400 and 700 nm that is incident on the detector as a single PPFD measurement The spectral response of the sensor is trying to match the defined plant response to photons the best it can Spectroradiometers can be used to give you a spectral measurement at every wavelength between 400 and 700 nm as well as the PAR value The spectroradiometer is able to give the spectrum of the light in addition to PAR 11 06 QUANTUM SENSOR OPTIONS Here we show the spectral response of Kipp and Zonen, Sky Instruments, Licor, and Apogee’s quantum sensors compared to the defined plant response to photons Apogee has two types of quantum sensors The SQ-110 is the sensor we have sold for years and is still available The SQ-500 is the new sensor with a better spectral response 12 23 SPECTRAL ERRORS Because no sensor has a spectral response that is identical to the defined plant response to photons the sensors have errors when they are used for light sources that are different than the light source used to calibrate the sensor These errors are called spectral errors and we can calculate them and correct for them as long as we know the spectral response of the sensor, the spectral output of the light source used to calibrate the sensor, and the spectral response of the light source we are measuring 15 42 shows a table of data where sunlight on a clear day is used as the calibration source You can see the errors the sensors would then have if they were used to measure other light sources s www apogeeinstruments com spectral-errors-for-popular-light-sources-and-how-to-correct-for-them 16 07 MEASURING REFLECTED RADIATION Quantum sensors can be inverted to measure reflected radiation from a plant canopy If you have a measurement of incoming radiation and a measurement of reflected radiation, it tells you how much of the photosynthetic radiation is absorbed by the plants at the surface 22 47 MEASURING UNDER PLANT CANOPIES Oftentimes, we put quantum sensors underneath plant canopies to measure how much of the photosynthetic radiation is transmitted through the plant canopy A line quantum sensor is just like a regular quantum sensor except for there are multiple sensors along the line The reason that you want multiple sensors when you make under canopy measurements is that the light environment underneath the plant canopy is not uniform The line quantum sensor works really well to measure under a plant canopy because you get an average along the length of the line of radiation measured in multiple locations ------- More info on Apogee quantum sensors at s www apogeeinstruments com qua


Download Choosing a Quantum Sensor download mp4 3gp mp3

In this video, we cover what quantum sensors PAR sensors measure, the original sensors vs the full-spectrum sensors, the difference between all the models we offer, the output options that are available, and the USB sensors VIDEO CONTENT 00 23 QUANTUM SENSORS MEASURE PAR PAR is photosynthetically active radiation and is defined as equal radiation between 400 and 700 nm It is measured in units of micro moles per meter squared per second 00 34 ORIGINAL VS FULL-SPECTRUM SENSORS The sensors with the black heads, SQ-100, -200, -300, and -400 series, are the original sensor type and have the original spectral response The sensors with the gold heads, SQ-500 series, are the full-spectrum sensors and have a wider spectral response The original sensor cuts off a little bit of the blue and some of the far red above 665, and is calibrated for either sunlight or electric lights The full-spectrum sensor matches the PAR response more closely and gives more accurate readings for all light sources For more information on the difference between the two types you can view -Bruce Bugbee’s Video s youtu be Pc_tqLYhITA -Spectral Errors by Light Source webpage s www apogeeinstruments com how-to-correct-for-spectral-errors-of-popular-light-sources -Sensor Comparison Chart webpage s www apogeeinstruments com compare 57 53 55 113 60 62 02 33 SQ-100 SERIES The SQ-100 sensors are original quantum sensors They are self-powered, meaning you don’t need to add an additional power supply They have an output of 0 to 800 mV, range of 0 to 4000 µmoles, and calibration factor of 5 µmol m-2 s-1 per mV The SQ-110 is calibrated for sunlight, SQ-120 for electric lights 03 24 SQ-200 SERIES The SQ-200 sensors are original quantum sensors with the following amplified outputs -SQ-212 and -220 0 to 2 5 V -SQ-215 and -225 0 to 5 V -SQ-214 and -224 4 to 20 mA The sensors need to powered, anything between 5 and 24 V The SQ-210s are for sunlight, SQ-220s for electric lights 4 21 SQ-300 SERIES The SQ-300 sensors use the original quantum sensors and have multiple sensors spaced along a bar, as follows -SQ-313 and -323 3 sensors spaced over 50 cm -SQ-316 and -326 6 sensors spaced over 50 cm -SQ-311 and -321 10 sensors spaced over 70 cm The SQ-310s are for sunlight, SQ-320s for electric lights The sensors are used anywhere you want spatial average 05 07 SQ-500 SERIES The SQ-500 is a full-spectrum sensor with a wider spectral range This sensor is accurate with all light sources including LEDs, even those narrow bands, to give you accurate PAR readings The sensor has a signal of 0 to 40 mV and calibration factor of 100 µmol m-2 s-1 giving it an output range of 0 to 4000 µmol m-2 s-1 05 57 SENSOR COMPARISON TABLE s www apogeeinstruments com compare 57 53 55 113 60 62 06 57 USB SENSORS (SQ-420 and SQ-520) The SQ-420 and -520 have a USB output that requires a computer or tablet to display the output The sensors are capable of storing 10,000 measurements after being setup on the computer and connected to a power source These measurements can be viewed on a CSV file through the ApogeeConnect software by plugging the sensor back into the computer This sensor is written in open software and we can provide the command codes if needed The SQ-420 is the original sensor and the SQ-520 is the full-spectrum sensor 08 12 QUANTUM SENSOR APPLICATIONS -Greenhouse -Growth chambers -Nursery -Under canopies -Aquariums -Indoor agriculture -Freshwater and ocean undeerwater environments -Traditional grow lights ( l halide T5, high pressure sodium) Original or Full-spectrum senors -LED grow lights Full-spectrum sensors -Spatial Average SQ-300 series -------- More videos on quantum sensors at s www youtube com playlist?list PLOTpNTsJcpqeR5cHUataix_zQxx2gS9k4 ------ Follow us to see all the cool places our sensors are used, get notices on free tutorials and classes, and product announcements! -Blog blog apogeeinstruments com -Facebook s www facebook com ApogeeInstruments -Twitter s www twitter com ApogeeInst -LinkedIn s www linkedin com company 1084851 ------ GET APOGEE INSTRUMENTS QUANTUM SENORS s www apogeeinstruments com quantum #whatdoquantumsensorsmeasure #LEDgrowlights #howtomeasurePAR #quantumsensor #PARmeter #spectralres


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