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Download Royal Rumble 2001 Full Match Highlights HD mp4 download free video

For more updates please LIKE SUBSCRIBE SHARE And don`t forget to HIT the ""BELL Icon"" The main event at the Royal Rumble was the Royal Rumble match, a battle royal in which wrestlers entered the ring at regular timed intervals of approximately 120 seconds, attempting to eliminate each other by throwing opponents over the top rope The winner of the match received a match for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania X-Seven The Rock began discussing the Royal Rumble on the January 4 episode of SmackDown!, when he promised to win the Royal Rumble match for the second year in a row to earn the title match at WrestleMania On the following week s episode of SmackDown!, Vince McMahon, the WWF Chairman, added Stone Cold Steve Austin to the match On the same episode, Rikishi defeated The Rock, Kane and The Undertaker for the right to enter at number 30 in the Royal Rumble match Closing the show was the traditional 30-man Royal Rumble match for a WWF Championship match at WrestleMania X-Seven The first two entrants were Jeff Hardy and Bull Buchanan, a member of Right To Censor at the time They were joined by Matt Hardy who entered at No 3, both Hardys worked together in eliminating Buchanan as well as Faarooq who entered at No 4 Jeff and Matt then battled each other, and it was during this time that Drew Carey arrived at No 5, being the first celebrity entrant in Rumble history Earlier in the night, Carey was backstage looking to speak with Vince McMahon about how to put together a successful pay per view After thinking Carey was trying to hit on his (storyline) mistress Trish Stratus, McMahon offered Carey a spot in the Rumble (in hopes of Carey getting pummeled) as a way to promote his upcoming Improv All-Stars pay per view Once Carey entered the ring, he stood aside, and watched as the Hardys eliminated each other Kane then entered at No 6 Carey tried to shake his hand as well as bribe him with cash, but Kane grabbed Carey by the throat and was about to chokeslam him when Hardcore Champion Raven entered the ring at No 7, and attacked Kane with a Singapore cane This gave Carey the opportunity to eliminate himself safely by climbing over the top rope (this appearance would 10 years later lead to Carey being inducted in the "celebrity wing" of the WWE Hall of Fame) Kane would then dominate the match, eliminating all of the wrestlers who came between No 7 to 11 The Honky Tonk Man (who had not appeared in the WWF since the 1998 Royal Rumble) came in at No 12 and started singing his entrance theme "Cool, Cocky, Bad", only to be greeted by a guitar shot to the head by Kane and eliminated immediately after The Rock entered at No 13 and started brawling with Kane The ring began to fill up in the next few minutes, and the tide turned when The Big Show made his return from months of inactivity, entering at No 23 He eliminated Test and K-Kwik, then proceeded to chokeslam everyone else When he got to The Rock, Show received a low blow and was clotheslined over the top rope by The Rock As Crash Holly made his way to the ring at No 24, an irate Big Show dragged Rock under the bottom rope and chokeslammed him Just when the other wrestlers worked together in trying to eliminate Kane, The Undertaker made his arrival at No 25 and saved Kane, and both of them eliminated everyone in the ring except The Rock (who was still unconscious due to Big Show s assault on him) Scotty 2 Hotty entered the ring at No 26 and was quickly beaten up and eliminated by both Kane and Undertaker Stone Cold Steve Austin entered at No 27, but before he could enter the ring, he was assaulted and bloodied by Triple H who retaliated against The Rock rolled back into the ring and battled with both The Undertaker and Kane and Rikishi made up the last 3 entrants Austin would actually be the last wrestler to enter the ring as he had just recovered and was coming to the ring at the same time as Rikishi, the 30th entrant Once everybody had entered the ring, Austin eliminated Haku, and Rikishi superkicked the Undertaker, eliminating him Rikishi then attempted a Banzai Drop on The Rock, but The Rock recovered quickly, giving Rikishi a low blow and causing him to fall over the top rope The final four consisted of Kane, The Rock, Austin and Gunn Gunn executed the Fame Asser on Austin, but Austin recovered quickly and eliminated Gunn The Rock and Austin then battled each other after tossing Kane through (but not over) the ropes Kane came back in moments later and tried to eliminate both Rock and Austin, who were fighting near the ropes The Rock was eliminated, while Austin held on to the ropes After a minute or so of fighting Austin, Kane went outside the ring, grabbed a steel chair and tried to use it to hit Austin Austin avoided the chairshot and executed a Stunner on Kane As Kane got up, Austin hit him in the head three times with the chair and then clotheslined him over the top rope to win the Rumble for a record third


Download WWE RAW Royal Rumble 1989 Highlights mp4 download free video

In the first Royal Rumble, the competitors were Akeem vs Andre The Giant vs Arn Anderson vs Ax vs Bad News Brown vs Big John Studd vs Brutus Beefcake vs Butch vs Greg Valentine vs Hercules vs Hulk Hogan vs Jake Roberts vs Koko B Ware vs Luke vs Marty Jannetty vs Mr Perfect vs Randy Savage vs Rick Martel vs Ron Bass vs Ronnie Garvin vs Shawn Michaels vs Smash vs Ted DiBiase vs The Barbarian vs The Big Boss Man vs The Honky Tonk Man vs The Red Rooster vs The Warlord vs Tito Santana vs Tully Blanchard The results of the first Royal Rumble are as per below Order of Entry 1- Ax 2- Smash 3- Andre The Giant 4- Mr Perfect 5- Ronnie Garvin 6- Greg Valentine 7- Jake Roberts 8- Ron Bass 9- Shawn Michaels 10- Butch 11- Honky Tonk Man 12- Tito Santana 13- Bad News Brown 14- Marty Jannetty 15- Randy Savage 16- Arn Anderson 17- Tully Blanchard 18- Hulk Hogan 19- Luke 20- Koko B Ware 21- Warlord 22- Big Boss Man 23- Akeem 24- Brutus Beefcake 25- Red Rooster 26- Barbarian 27- Big John Studd 28- Hercules 29- Rick Martel 30- Ted DiBiase Order of eleminations (1- Smash by Andre before #5) (2- Garvin by Andre before #7) (3- Jake by Andre before #9) (4- Ax by Perfect before #10) (5- Andre by himself before #11) (6- HTM by Santana & Butch before #14) (7- Bass by Shawn & Jannetty before #15) (8- Valentine by Savage before #17) (9- Shawn by Savage & Arn before #17) (10- Jannetty by Arn & Tully before #18) (11- Perfect by Hogan before #19) (12- Santana by Arn before #19) (13- Butch by Bad News before #20) (14- Ware by Hogan before #21) (15- Luke by Hogan before #21) (16 17- Arn & Tully by Hogan before #22) (18- Warlord by Hogan before #22) (19 20- Bad News & Savage by Hogan before #22) (21- Hogan by Akeem & Bossman before #24) (22- Bossman by Hogan cheating before #25) (23- Rooster by DiBiase) (24 25- Beefcake & Hercules by DiBiase & Barbarian) (26- Barbarian by Martel) (27- Martel by Akeem) (28- Akeem by Studd) (29- DiBiase by Studd) (Winner Big John Studd) Most Eliminations 01 Hulk Hogan – 9 (Perfect Bad News Savage Anderson Blanchard Luke Koko Warlord Bossman) 02 Andre The Giant – 4 (Smash, Himself, Garvin, Jake Roberts) 03 Randy Savage – 2 (Valentine, Santana) 04 Big John Studd – 2 (Akeem, DiBiase) 05 Mr Perfect – 1 (Ax) 06 Bad News Brown – 1 (Butch Miller) 07 Ted DiBiase – 1 (Red Rooster) 08 Akeem – 1 (Rick Martel) 09 Rick Martel – 1 (The Barbarian) Longest Lastings (In ring) 01 Mr Perfect – 27 58 02 Greg Valentine – 19 52 03 Akeem – 18 36 04 Butch Miller – 18 13 05 Bad News Brown – 16 24 06 Andre The Giant – 14 55 07 Ax – 14 37 08 Shawn Michaels – 14 30 09 Brutus Beefcake – 13 56 10 Tito Santana – 12 47 11 Ron Bass – 12 36 12 Randy Savage – 12 26 13 Big John Studd – 12 21 14 Hulk Hogan – 11 31 15 Red Rooster – 11 17 16 The Barbarian – 11 15 17 Arn Anderson – 10 00 18 Tully Blanchard – 8 02 19 Marty Jannetty – 7 52 20 Ted DiBiase – 6 27 21 Hercules – 6 11 22 Rick Martel – 5 29 23 Smash – 4 55 24 Big Boss Man – 4 18 25 Honky Tonk Man – 4 12 26 Luke Williams – 3 08 27 Ronnie Garvin – 2 39 28 Jake Roberts – 2 08 29 Koko B Ware – 1 08 30 Warlord –


Download WWE Royal Rumble 2000 Full AUDIO AttitudeEra✅ mp4 download free video

Name der Veranstaltung WWF Royal Rumble 2000 Datum 23 01 2000 Liga World Wrestling Federation Art Pay Per View Ort New York City, New York, USA Halle Madison Square Garden Zuschauer 19 231 Ausstrahlungsart Live Ausstrahlungsdatum 23 01 2000 Kommentatoren Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler PPV-Buyrate (relativ) 1 58 Singles Match Kurt Angle vs Tazz Tag Team Tables Elimination Match (Empfehlenswert, Meltzer ***1 4, CAGEMATCH-Nutzerwertung 7 79) The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley) vs The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy) WWF Intercontinental Title Triple Threat Match Chris Jericho (c) vs Chyna (c) vs Hardcore Holly WWF World Tag Team Title Match The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg) (c) vs The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) WWF World Heavyweight Title Street Fight (Empfehlenswert, Meltzer ****1 2, CAGEMATCH-Nutzerwertung 9 45) Triple H (w Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) (c) vs Cactus Jack Royal Rumble Match (Empfehlenswert, Meltzer **3 4, CAGEMATCH-Nutzerwertung 6 13) Albert vs Al Snow vs Bob Backlund vs Bradshaw vs Chris Jericho vs Christian vs Chyna vs Crash Holly vs D-Lo Brown vs Edge vs Faarooq vs Gangrel vs Grandmaster Sexay vs Hardcore Holly vs Kane (w Tori) vs Mosh vs Mr Ass vs Rikishi vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Steve Blackman vs Test vs The Big Bossman vs The Big Show vs The British Bulldog vs The Godfather vs The Road Dogg vs The Rock vs Val Venis vs Viscera vs X-Pac Alle Worker Albert, Al Snow, Billy Gunn, Bob Backlund, Bradshaw, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Cactus Jack, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chyna, Crash Holly, D-Lo Brown, D-Von Dudley, Edge, Faarooq, Gangrel, Grandmaster Sexay, Hardcore Holly, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Mosh, Mr Ass, Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Steve Blackman, Tazz, Test, The Acolytes, The Big Bossman, The Big Show, The British Bulldog, The Dudley Boyz, The Godfather, The Hardy Boyz, The New Age Outlaws, The Road Dogg, The Rock, Tori, Triple H, Val Venis, Viscera, X-Pac SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you want more AUDIOshows and SUBSCRIBE to the WWE Network for full content of every WWE


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🐤 CHRIS PEEPZ SHOW - WWE Royal Rumble PPV 2019 Predictions Show! Call-In Full Match Card, Betting Odds! January 27th, 2019 - 1 27 19 | Pro wrestling fans Matches 1) Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs Finn Bálor 2) WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles 3) 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble Match 4) 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble Match 5) Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs Sasha Banks 6) SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka vs Becky Lynch 7) SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar vs The Miz & Shane McMahon 8) Buddy Murphy vs Akira Tozawa vs Kalisto vs Hideo Itami – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match (Kickoff Match) 9) United States Champion Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura (Kickoff Match) | Next PPV Elimination Chamber PPV Live from PHOENIX, AZ WWE Pro Wrestling Podcast, Pro Wrestling News, WWE Live Videos -CHRIS PEEPZ PPV PREDICTIONS EPISODE 30!- ►SUPPORT THE SHOW Live Donations List! - Highjack the show with a Video & Audio Clip and your own message read across the screen! ► Prefer StreamLabs ChrisPeepz But Super Chat works too $1 00 Stone Cold Stunner to Vince $1 69 Mandy Rose! $1 87 Peepz is Scumbag $2 00 SeanzViewEnt! CM Punk lol $2 69 Alexa Bliss Back that a$$ up! $3 05 Everything s For Roman Song! $3 11 Germann JBL Cowboy $4 11 Vince Raining Men lol $4 20 Weed Leaf (Dr Greenthumb) $4 44 Jake - Heres the Thing! $5 00 The Peepz of Peepz (Make the Good list!) $5 22 Vince McMahon No Chance, Poop My Pants! $6 00 Cm Punk Best in the World $6 66 The Beast Brock Lesnar $6 69 Stephanie McMahon Puppies $7 00 Gay Miz Voice lol $7 28 Jake Nation Pillow Match ha! $7 77 Roman Reigns Superman Punch $10 00 Tye Dillinger Perfect 10 $11 11 Shook Ones Mobb Deep $11 69 Paige w leaked audio lol $11 87 Eminem Go to Sleep $12 50 Shane O Mac (Here Comes the Money) $13 00 PuppyMonkeyBaby! (MD Comm) $14 50 Enzo Amore Crusierweight SAWFT $16 66 OMG its KANE! $19 99 Awww YT! New Day Entrance $25 00 It s the Peepz Show Song lol $30 00 Gold Digger, Broke N***as (kayne) over $30 18 Bobby Rude (Glorious) THANK YOU SOO MUCH GUYS!! ►►Don t Miss out! and Join the #PeepzNation ! www youtube com ChrisPeepz?sub_confirmation 1 ►► Awesome Intro Song Provided by Lordchain - FaceBook lordchain - Check them out! There music is freekin great! **Call Into the Show Live 631-319-7080 Type !Call in the chat to get on call list (First come first serve)** (18+) (Live stream approx 20 seconds behind, Mute the Stream you will be able to hear everything Live on the Phone Turn of Speaker phone too!) **NEW! Text Into the Show Live 631-319-7080 (Put your name in text) Join Live Every Week Monday Night Raw Review Show @ 11 05pm, Smackdown Live Review Show @ 10 05pm EST! PPV Predictions Shows Every thursday before the ppv @11 00pm PPV Review Shows @11 10pm after every PPV! We are telling WWE what they need to hear! Giving a voice to other fans like myself! I have been watching wrestling for over 32 Years! I am a real pro wrestling fan who is down on his luck and depressed from losing many family members in the past year from Long Island, New York Making little to no money, doing the show for real pro-wrestling fans by pro-wrestling fans! ►Follow me on Twitter @ChrisPeepz ►Like my Page on Facebook chrispeepz ►Follow me on Google Plus s plus google com 112579403092957525131 ►Peepz Points 10pp per 10 minutes active in chat! 75pp for new sub 8pp per "message" donated on streamlabs or super chat! (Closed for now 200pp for 1 entry into the upcoming give away!) ►RyBot Commands and Details List Pastebin X56LfeeQ or type !commands in chat! ►StreamBoss 100hp off for each brand new sub! 80hp off per $1 SuperChat donation 100hp off per $1 StreamLabs donation! Last person to take points take the spot! **WARNING!** 100% LIVE SHOW, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! VIEWER DISCRESION ADVISED! FOR MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ FOR CALLING (& OR PARENTS PERMISSION) #RoyalRumble #RoyalRumble2019 universe, today, live, podcast, wrestling, wwe raw, wwe smackdown,January,classy,Royal Rumble 2019, Predictions,universe,today,live stream,reality,Royal Rumble,Royal Rumble

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