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Download Peppermint Creams | (РУССКИЕ СУБТИТРЫ) (RUS SUB) | Ninja Sex Party | Animated Music Video |【60 FPS】 mp4 download free video

Романтик, каких свет не видовал s www youtube com channel UCP4uBc09Nz6TI8nKI7Rp4ww?sub_confirmation 1 Группа VK s vk com sub_hub Оригинал s www youtube com watch?v s3oKOxiarFY Автор s www youtube com channel UCs7yDP7KWrh0wd_4qbDP32g Автор анимации s www youtube com channel UCGA9-VO0z4eELmVtsJEgyQQ [ТЕКСТ] Дорогая принцесса Это сообщение с передовой от твоего верного рыцаря - Сэра Дэниэла Перепехдыщ Мной изъезжены тысячи троп Пережил то, на что не хватит слов С одним лишь вопросом на битву иду Каковы твои булки на вкус? Конь и меч - все, что я имел И зло победить бы я не сумел Но вел меня в бой лучик света во тьме Мысль о пирожочках твоих Да! Это твои титьки Мои слова - аллегории на титьки Твои наититечные титьки Мой бог! Ааа дай мне хоть раз к ним прикоснуться!!!!!!! Потерян во тьме, в ночи время замрет Ошибка меня в могилу сведет Хуже быть не могло, и хотел я кричать Но о пирожках начал я вспоминать Наземь я пал, взывая к богам Обращаются в пыль вокруг города Но вернусь и взойдем мы на трон И наслажусь я булок теплом Твоя задница! Все те аллегории также относились к твоей сладкой попке Эта жопка из рая Аааааааааргх!!!! Что я должен любить больше? Титьки или попку? Боже, не заставляй меня выбирать! Я лучше сдохну, чем буду выбирать Я лучше, мать его, сдохну!!!!! И напоследок Я должен проститься с тобой Моя ты принцесса И я всегда буду любить те итьки Да, титьки, они мне все же больше нравятся, только по


Download Best Friends Forever! Ninja Sex Party mp4 download free video

Buy the song on iTunes s itunes apple com us album best-friends-forever! id635112361?i 635112435 Ninja Sex Party is back for another amazing adventure with an astonishingly high body count! Written, performed, and musically composed by Ninja Sex Party Directed and edited by Jim Turner Assistant Directed by Branden Lam Animation by PsychicPebbles, with effects help from OneyNG Starring Lane Kwederis as Princess Peach Chris O Neill, Will Stamper, Cory Spazkid, and Captain Amazing as Party Victims Lyrics Today was my birthday party It was so moving I cried I had a super happy good time Until most of my best friends died (Oh God!) So I ran into the bedroom Where there were still some folks alive We had pajama jammy pillow fight But tragically no one of them survived Hey there Ninja Brian! We re awesome together You know that I m not lyin We re best friends forever! But if you wouldn t mind there s One thing I d like to request It d sure be great if you could please stop Murdering all of my other friends That s a dick move, bro Dick move This morning at the dog park I met a cool new bunch of guys Now we re hanging out together And everything GODDAMMIT NINJA BRIAN A few deaths I could look past At three hundred I was concerned But 50,000 murders later I m starting to think you ll never learn Hey there Ninja Brian! Just always remember Through the good times and the homicides We re best friends forever! I think that I can solve the problem Meet your new friend Ninja Jim I know you guys ll get along great Except for the fact you just murdered him Really, Ninja Brian? During the chorus? I can t stay mad at you! Our jams will reign supreme As long as you don t stab me We ll be a legendary team Ninja Brian, what are you doing? What is that? Is that a knife? Oh, it s a knife I can tell by the way it s stabbing me Good talk, b


Download Release the Kraken Ninja Sex Party mp4 download free video

Buy the album here s bit ly 2BlFdD8 Animated by KLN s twitter com BallBots s www youtube com klnballbots David Thomason (@Superdave151) - Storyboard Renee Violet (@planetrazzmataz) - Background designer Violette Lavillat (@WoudiM) - Additional Art Jeffrey LeDrew (@Topspinthefuzzy) - Special Thanks Written by Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach Produced and Engineered by Jim Roach Additional Engineering by Eric Palmquist Recorded at Palmquist Studios and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA Dan Avidan - Vocals Brian Wecht - Keys & Synths Havve Hogan - Drums Lord Phobos - Guitar Doctor Sung - Synths & Keys Commander Meouch - Bass Jim Roach - Guitars Arin Hanson - Vocals The Kraken - Kraken Vocals Lyrics Look in the distance beyond the castle gates The armies of the damned have come On the horizon they gather beneath the blood red sun A thousand warriors, demons and orcs Charging like a tornado But they will never know That their death awaits in waves below Release the Kraken (hey guys) The tolling of the iron bell Release the Kraken (I’m the Kraken) Rising from the depths of hell Out on the battlefield, the armies collide And hundreds die where they stand In screaming agony, the shadow of war across the land All across the land Now let’s end the fight, it’s time to decide Whose blood will finally be spilled Our secret weapon, a specter of hate who’s born to kill He was born to kill Release the Kraken (I’m in a song!) A creature of Satanic rage Release the Kraken (who wants sandwiches?) Bursting from its sunken cave Release the Kraken (ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding) Impervious to sword and bow Release the Kraken (I’ve got a splinter) Death incarnate from below Release the Kraken (Oops! I falled over) All shall drown in his domain Release the Kraken (splishy splashy) The harbinger of fear and


Download Why I Cry Ninja Sex Party mp4 download free video

Buy the song here s itunes apple com us album why-i-cry-single id906844274 Written, performed, and musically composed by Ninja Sex Party The Cast The Lady - Emily Ruth Roche The Barricorn - Barry Kramer Dead Scientist - Joseph Adams Ross - Ross The Crew Director - Aaron U ni Assistant Director - Austin Herring Associate Producer - Jason Serrato Propmaster - Suzy Berhow Production Assistant - Joseph Adams Lyrics Lady, I Have been told that you only date nice guys Well, if that s how you judge a lover s worth Your ass just hit pay dirt I m the most sensitive man on God s green earth Here s a rose bouquet I also baked you some fresh creme brûlée Now mount this stallion and we shall ride While also flying kites And make love inside a rainbow through the night Then after sex I ll cry, cry And also before sex I ll cry, cry Girl, you know how I feel about you It s like you re a fossil sample, and I m an impatient paleontologist… cause I want to date you badly Watch a film with me I love boring romantic comedies Hop in my carriage, this is like your dream Any movie we see Can be a drive-in movie if we build up enough speed Now it s almost dawn I can communicate with newborn fawns Now they ll perform an ancient forest dance That will melt off your pants Take my junk by the hand, this is romance! And during sex I ll cry (Thinking about sex makes me) Cry (Even when I use a sextant I) Cry (They measure angles) Cry Sorry, was that too sensitive for you? Don t worry about me, I ll be fine I ll just be over here thinking about a duckling riding on the back of a puppy Also the duckling is wearing a tiny cowboy hat -- slightly ti


Download Cookies! Ninja Sex Party mp4 download free video

"Attitude City" physical CD www cdbaby com cd ninjasexparty14 Or iTunes s itunes apple com us album attitude-city id1011513492 Written, composed, and performed by Ninja Sex Party (Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht) The Cast Main Victim - Zan Alda Hellslaves - Jared Rosen, Vernon Shaw Other victims - Jack Douglass, Barry Kramer Demon Girls - Maxine Hupy, Kristen Ige Demons - Evan McGee, Jared Rosen Giant Dancing Cookie - Kati Schwartz The Crew Director - Aaron U ni Editing & Visual Effects - Garret Fallin Assistant Director - Austin Herring Associate Producer - Jason Serrato Lyrics From the darkest pits of the deepest well We re Ninja Sex Party and we ve come from hell You curse as our name passes your lips We re the two horsemen of the Rockpocalypse Flying on the backs of flaming horses We ll ride into your town and leave nothing but corpses We ll kill your family and scream obscenities The streets will flow with the blood of our enemies Death and destruction are all around We re motherfucking evil and we ll never slow down We are the nightmares you should be afraid of There is just one thing we love and that s Cookies! Cookies!  Yaaaaay! Cookies!  Pass the milk please! Everybody loves cookies hooray! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! OH GOD SAVE ME!!!!    I SEE DEMONS!!!! All your nightmares have come to life The horror survives in the darkest of night Take a final breath in our realm of hate And wish for merciful death as we eat this plate of Cookies!   They re the taste of happy! Cookies!   Chocolate chips for everyone! Cookies!   The demons are consuming me! Everybody eat some cookies today! That fuckin do anything for you Mega


Download Cool Patrol Ninja Sex Party mp4 download free video

Buy the album here s bit ly 2BlFdD8 Written by Ninja Sex Party (Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht) Performed by Ninja Sex Party and TWRP Starring Jacksepticeye as The Kid Markiplier as Cool Patrol Leader Ryan Magee as Verified Cool Patrol Member Matt Wilson as Unverified Cool Patrol Member Jordan McQuiston, Diamond Walker, and Hunter Collins as Roller Dancers Zan Alda as Cow Barry Kramer as Camel Kaden Vu and Eric Radic as Bullies Lala Araki, Milloux, and Lindsey Jennings as Roller Ladies Jordan Irby, Jeffrey Minter, Viktoria Ershova, Jonathan Sapp, Christina Correa, Kassandra Corea, Pamela Horton, Vernon Shaw, Kyle Crosby, and Daniel Stonem Ali, Meredith Quail, and Amy as Roller Rink Patrons Director Sean Barrett Editor Sean Barrett Producer Svetlana Dekic Production Supervisor Sarah Williams Director of Photography Gordon Yould Additional Post-Production Matt Watson 1st AC Brooks Burgoon 2nd AC Jeffrey Ball Steadicam Operator Bryant Swanstrom Gaffer Seth Naugle Key Grip Conrad Wrobel Media Manager Andrew Fontanelle Makeup Taja Davis Wardrobe Lici Koch NSP Costumes Kristen Carr Art Department Kati Schwartz Production Assistants Tasha Anderson, Rory Ross Manager Brent Lilley Lyrics Yo Ninja Brian, you see that high schooler over there getting pushed around? This looks like a job for the Cool Patrol! Hey Kid! (Yo!) You re getting picked on in school The other boys! (Huh!)! They say you just ain t cool Well that s bullshit! (Yeah!!) We re gonna teach you the rules Those motherfuckers ain t gonna bother you no more We are the bad boys (Oh!) from the tough side of town We are the Cool Patrol (Woo!) we ll turn your life around Those bullies (AW SHIT) their ass is done for now We re gonna show you how! So fuckin listen y all! First… You put your hands in the air And you jump off the ground And then you take that funky butt and you shake it all around And lightly jog in place and then crank it up to a prance This is the cool patrol dance Now put your hands in your pockets And take them right back out Then spin around in a circle and make an animal sound (moo) Then glide into the sprinkler like you re gonna water the plants This is the cool patrol dance Whee! Motherfuckin bullies better watch their ass You re sending all them shits a message there s a new king in class When they see you they re gonna freak out and piss their pants THEY ARE YOUR BITCHES! THEY ARE YOUR BITCHES BECAUSE You put your hands in the air And then stick out your rear end And then you wiggle it real hard and you hug your closest friend And then you wildly remove your clothes and tearaway pants This is the cool patrol dance Now rub the peanut butter on you From your head to your feet And cover up your nudity with different cheeses and meats Then slap a camel because this could be your only chance This is the cool patrol dance Cool Break! *synth solo* You put your hands in the air And grab a bird from the sky And eat it whole so that you may absorb its power of flight Now you can also dive bomb fish because your vision s enhanced This is the cool patrol dance You re basically a superhero now So throw some cars Then rub your magnum thighs together and set fire to Mars Now harness all your sexy fury in a victory stance This is the cool patrol d


Download Unicorn Wizard Ninja Sex Party mp4 download free video

Buy the single on iTunes! s itunes apple com us album unicorn-wizard-single id563540432 Ninja Sex Party is back for their most mind-explodingly great adventure ever! Sorry if this video is too amazing for you Written, Performed, and Musically Composed by Ninja Sex Party Animations by OneyNG and PsychicPebbles Directed by Jim Turner Assistant Directed by Annie Quick Featuring Lauren Francesca, Montana Marks, and Samantha Maurice as Bikini Girls 1, 2, and 3, respectively Dan Hodapp as Roger Rogerson Kristen Acimovic as Robbery Victim Jerry as The Mugger Who Gets Hurt by Ninja Brian Mookie Thompson and Zack Evans as the Pair of Muggers Who Get Helped By Ninja Brian Branden Lam as That Japanese Guy Rachel Bitney Wecht as Danny s Mom Special Thanks to Ninja Brian for not murdering everyone during the making of this video Lyrics Sometimes I wish I was even more awesome than I already am What would my life be like if I turned this shit up to eleven (out of a possible five)? Ninja Brian, hand me my cloak And my staff And my horn And that thermos of soup I m hungry but also thirsty, and you can kind of like eat and drink soup at the same time Let s go! Riding straight out of your imagination Using my magic to fight against crime Destroying evil with powers most awesome Protecting the weak almost all of the time But not Sundays -- Game of Thrones is on! Now is the time for a man of conviction The world needs a hero, and I am that guy Girl Look! Who is that masked man? UW That s Ninja Brian, but shut up about him Let s focus on me, because I am the Unicorn Wizard Riding for justice on a comet of stars With the help of my sidekick Princess Handjob I m more awesome and smarter than I already are I am the Unicorn Wizard My spells are amazing, and my reflexes quick My horn is my strength and my strength is my power And my power is my horn and my horn is my dick Here s your opportunity to stop listening if this song got too amazing for you No? OK My life is a party, the guests are supermodels Operation I Rule is a total success Every day I invent a new form of karate That changes the way that Japan views the West Now s that s progress! Doitashi Mashitay! (subtitle You re welcome ) Then we retire to the Chamber of Passion And bathe in pool of strawberries and cream The strawberries rub and exfoliate gently The cream travels places you can t even dream Girl Ugh, I think I just dreamed it Danny How was it? Amazing? Girl Uhh Danny You mean Uhh stounding? Yeah You do I am the Unicorn Wizard Just like Danny Sexbang, I m handsome and strong With the help of my hellhounds Tinkles and Gary We punish the wicked then break into song I am the Unicorn Wizard A superhero for the entire human race My wand casts a spell that will unlock the door And the wand is my junk and the door is your face Mom Danny, Danny, wake up! Danny Oh hey mom I had the craziest dream! I was the unicorn wizard Mom Awww, shut up Danny Unicorn Wizard! Mom I said shut up Danny You shu


Download Attitude City Ninja Sex Party mp4 download free video

Buy the song here s itunes apple com us album attitude-city-single id890079331 Written, performed, and musically composed by Ninja Sex Party Cast The Lady - Emily Roche Tude Bro - Arin Hanson Tude Dude - Barry Kramer Danny s Grandma - Granny Sexbang Thug 1 - Rodrigo Huerta Thug 2 - Zan Alda Thug 3 - Ben Bizuneh Crew Director - Egoraptor Editor - Kelly Brickner Super Awesome props and "So Tuff" tattoo - Suzy Berhow AD - Austin Herring Gaffer Swing - Carman Spoto Dance Choreography by Maxine Hupy Animation by Gregzilla Acoustic Guitar Breakdown performed by Super Guitar Bros - www youtube com SuperGuitarBros Fan Artwork Dinosaur Laser Fight by Matt Synowicz mattsynowicz tumblr com Kawaii Danny by sorathepanda deviantart com Buttmageddon Poster by Jay Spiwak jspiwak tumblr com NSP (Ninja Brian Birthday Pic) by Leeann Hamilton thecoolbean net Sexy garage dinosaurs by Lulu Kachuu (aka Aazumin) Teenage Mutant Ninja Brian by Katie Scott Art instagram com katiescottart Lyrics What s up baby? You re a very sexy lady What s a good girl like you doing in a hood like this? Your life s in danger every enemy s a stranger But good for you I rule this town with my iron fists Check my sunglasses for proof that I kick some asses No more classes, you ve been schooled and now you know the deal Everyone here has a black belt in "Amazing" And diplomas from The University of Fucking Keepin it Real Hey! Hey! That s how we re living Welcome to Attitude City Hey! Hey! No fucks are given When you re in Attitude City Hey! Hey! You made the right decision If your goal was to learn how to rock Now sit back as I walk you though My life as the baddest fuckin dude on the block Every morning I wake up before the dawn and Run a half a mile in forty seven minutes flat (Unh!) Then shit gets crazy, I water my grandma s daisies And sit down with her for biscuits and have a nice chat (Fuck yeah!) Then I maintain this insane body with weight training Can t contain me! Put five pounds up on that barbell rack! (Do it!) Just ask my mother, I am one tough fuckin fucker And if I have scary dreams I can just go to sleep between her and dad Hey! Hey! No one can faze me! When I m in Attitude City Hey! Hey! This shit gets crazy Daily in Attitude City Hey! Hey! My rock is fuckin tasty but here come some tough Guys from the town, trying to steal my crown I ll take on your whole bitchass gang, now let s throw the fuck down! Ninja Brian, would you lay down a sick flute solo for me? Thank you Oh what a lovely spring day For you to visit our city Here are some tasty gumdrops And rainbow colored lollipops (lollipops) Do come again with your thugs But only if you like bro hugs Here s my wallet Have a nice DAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! HEY! THAT S RIGHT! We are the masters Of fuckin Attitude City! HEY! WE RE MUCH Harder and faster Than you in Attitude City HEY! WE ARE nightmare disasters! For anyone who Shows disrespect, girl your life we ll protect And if you think we re awesome then you are extremely correct! ROCK FUCK! Sorry, I don t know why we said fuck there ROCK FUCK! Sorry a

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