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Download Passions Episode #776 July 23rd 2002 (NBC) mp4 download free video

Original Airdate July 23, 2002; Episode 0776 In the cave, Charity melts out of the ice, and breaks free The Zombie laughs and says big deal, she ll just kill her now and then have sex with Miguel Charity tells the Zombie that her powers are weakening, otherwise she could have refreezed her Zombie says she still has enough powers to deal with her, and morphs into the succubus The two then begin to fight The Zombie gets Charity in a chokehold, but Charity says she will never win because good is stronger than evil! At Sam and Grace s, Kay has used the essence of Charity to make Miguel think she is the real Charity The essence works, and every time he looks at her he thinks he is seeing the real Charity They kiss, and he says he s sorry he was so mean to her before She says it is okay Tabitha is spying on them and can t believe what is going on, but soon realizes that Kay has used the vial the Zombie created She thinks this is great and the Zombie will fume when she finds out she has lost Suddenly, Timmt shows up behind Tabitha, and she gives him a hug She says she is happy to see him, but he shouldn t have come home! Back inside, Miguel and Kay make their way to the bedroom Kay begins having doubts She wonders if this is wrong, if she should tell Miguel who she really is Then she begins to think after Miguel makes love to her and realizes she is really Kay, he will be in love with her anyways and won t leave Miguel walks into the bedroom and tells Kay, who he thinks is Charity, that he loves her so much Kay begins to cry, and says it is because she is so happy Back at Tabitha s, Tabitha tries to reason with Timmy about using the demons horn, but he won t hear of it Tabitha says he is leaving her with no choice, and ends up throwing him in a trunk and locking him in the attic! Timmy escapes and makes it look like he is sleeping in the trunk, and then sneaks out the window of the attic At the Crane mansion, Rebecca is wearing garlic, holding a cross, and standing over Theresa s coffin She is positive Theresa is one of the living dead, and holds a mirror to her face to see if she is breathing She sees no breath on the mirror, and confidently leaves the room However, as she makes her way upstairs, she thinks she hears Theresa get up, so she runs for it up to Ivy s room Julian walks into the mansion and is happy to be home One of the maids sees him and screams, but he assures her that Mr Crane is home now He goes upstairs, and she goes in to see Theresa She says it is a pity she died for nothing, because Mr Crane is alive and back Later, Theresa sits up in her coffin and says she will just see about that! Upstairs, Rebecca rushes into Ivy s room and says Theresa is after her and is going to eat her brain! Ivy tells Rebecca that she is being stupid, but suddenly the doorknob on Ivy s door begins to move, Rebecca screams, and outside Theresa remembers that this is Ivy s room, not Julian s, so she walks off She says she will deal with Rebecca and Ivy after she had delta with Julian Rebecca ends up knocking Ivy out of bed, and Ivy demands Rebecca get the hell out of her room Rebecca heads to Julian s room and hides in his bed, while he goes into the bathroom to take a bath As he rests in the tub, Theresa shows up and decides to kill him She throws the radio in the tub, but it lands in there as he steps out, and causes the electricity in his room to short circuit He goes into his room, and climbs into bed, only to come face to face with Rebecca As they scream, Theresa, still in the bathroom, grabs a razor (the old fashion straight razors) and decides to kill Julian and Rebecca at the same


Download Passions Episode #779 July 26th 2002 (NBC) mp4 download free video

Original Airdate July 26, 2002; Episode 0779 Timmy and Charity are brought into the hospital where Eve looks after them Eve looks at some tests she has run on Charity, and both her and another doctor say this can t be Elsewhere, Grace and Tabitha bond over their loved ones Grace tells Tabitha that they have to have faith that God will help them Later, Eve tells Tabitha and Grace that both of their loved ones are in critical condition, and parts of Charity have been frozen and she thawed so quickly that parts of her are very damaged Eve says it appears that Charity has been frozen in ice Tabitha and Miguel visit with Timmy and Charity before they are moved to an ICU Tabitha asks Timmy to fight to stay alive, to stay with her We then see a bunch of Tabitha and Timmy moments Tabitha cries that if he was still a doll she could fix him Meanwhile, Miguel tells Charity that she has to be okay because he can t lose her Later, Grace asks Eve to be honest with her Eve says it doesn t look good, she doubts Timmy or Charity will survive through the night Suddenly, someone codes! Meanwhile, Jessica tells Simone that she caught Miguel making love to Kay, when he thought she was making love to Charity Jessica says Kay pulled one of her stunts to full him, and she had to have used evil Simone agrees that Kay must have used evil Miguel shows up, and Jessica confronts him He still doesn t understand what is going on Kay claims she thought he was making love to her, she is a victim too Miguel says he can t talk about this now and walks off Simone tells Kay that is a load, but Kay says deep down she believes part of Miguel knew the truth! Simone tells Kay that she will be sorry for what she s done, but Kay says she won t On the plane, Brian and Sheridan Diana are headed home to HArmony Sheridan mentions they can get married at the church by Father Lonigan, and Brian wonders how she knows the church s name as well as Father Lonigan She says she doesn t know, and he says he must have mentioned it Brian begins to tell her about his little sister Theresa and her wedding plans, and Sheridan Diana once again begins to talk about some of the landmarks Brian is shocked because some of the things she mentions were torn down years ago He says perhaps she is from Harmony, and maybe her family will know who she is Diana and Brian arrive in Harmony and begin walking around the place Diana knows she has been here before She begins remembering the ice cream vender, and Brian is shocked and says she must be from here Diana says she feels like she s really getting her old life back At the mansion, Luis is furious with Julian for allowing his sister to die As he chases after him, a candle is knocked over and sets Theresa s coffin, with her in it, on fire! Julian says whats the big deal, she s already gone to the great beyond Pilar tells Julian that he won t let her rest, he is still tormenting her! Luis begins going after Julian with full force, and Pilar begs Ethan to stop Julian from making this terrible mistake However, Ethan says if Luis doesn t kill Julian, he will! Alistair eventually walks in and tells them to stop Alistair tells them all to stop this now, because he has something for Luis and Pilar that will make them very happy The doors open, and in walks Theresa, who seems to be stumbling and is weak She stumbles into Pilar s arms, and everyone is shocked Alistair tells everyone that Theresa wasn t executed, the injections weren t lethal, they just put her to sleep Ethan asks what this is all about? Alistair says that he knew Theresa was innocent all along, because he knew Julian was alive Alistair says he stepped in because she was carrying the Crane heir, and he would not let a Crane be killed He says that he also knew the only way to get Julian to come home was is if he thought the person who tried to kill him was dead Alistair also says the body in the casket was a wax figure He says originally Theresa was in the coffin, but he had to replace it after she kept getting up and leaving Her family is overjoyed, as is everyone but Ivy, Rebecca, and Gwen Theresa holds her baby boy, and Ethan thanks Alistair for saving Theresa s life Alistair says he did it to protect the Crane heir! Later, Theresa thanks Ethan for everything he did for her Gwen watches as the two reunite, and she is not pleased Meanwhile, Ivy and Rebecca are furious that their planned failed, and worry that Theresa will rat them out Ivy and Rebecca realize they are so done for Elsewhere, Julian asks his father what he has planned for Pilar and her family? Alistair says he ll reveal his plans all in good


Download Passions Episode #778 July 25th 2002 (NBC) mp4 download free video

Original Airdate July 25, 2002; Episode 0778 Down on the islands, Nick tells Diana that he was sorry to hear about her loss Suddenly, Brian shows up and tells Nick to stay away from her Nick is shocked, and Brian knows he s surprised to see him alive Nick says he heard Brian was hurt in an accident, that is all he knows Brian says it was no accident, and asks Nick what he knows about this accident? Nick says he knows nothing, so Brian asks Nick why he is really here? Nick says he came to help Diana, he thought she might be upset Brian doesn t buy it, but pays Nick off anyways He tells Nick to get out of here before he loses his temper Brian even advises he get out of town, and stay the hell out of his and Diana s lives! MEanwhile, as Diana thinks about Harmony, she is reminded about Luis Liz asks Diana if she s told Brian about these memories She says no, she doesn t want to upset him Diana says she still doesn t know who she is, and she doesn t want to bother him with it Liz thinks that Diana is afraid if she tells him, she will be pulled away from him by her old life Diana says that will never happen, Meanwhile, Brian tells Nick his real name, and how he is taking her home to meet his family Nick asks if he has a relative named Luis? Brian says that is his brother, and Nick smiles He wishes Brian good luck at his family reunion, he might need it Brain returns to Diana, and they plan to head to Harmony Brian thanks Liz for everything she s done for them, and he says they ll keep in touch Suddenly, Brian becomes weak, but says all he needs is sleep After Brian and Diana leave, Nick tells Liz that it doesn t have to be over for her and Brian Liz refuses to believe Nick s lies, and walks off Nick then tells Stan that when Brian and Sheridan get back to Harmony, all hell will break lose Brian and Sheridan board a plane to Harmony, and Diana tells Brian that she feels when they get back to Harmony nothing will be the same again Hank, Sam, Grace, and Luis are making their way homes when an earthquake hits They all see something is going on at the caves At the Bennett s, the kids also see a weird light coming from the caves Miguel feels Charity is up there and in danger, so they all run there Tabitha arrives at the caves, and casts a spell to open the cave up and get to Timmy Her spell doesn t work, so she yells for help The kids all show up Tabitha says Timmy is trapped in there The kids work to open up the cave, and Jessica tells her sister that whatever she did to cause this it must have been a whopper! The kids get into the cave and find Timmy and Charity on the floor unconscious They also see the zombie Charity circling them! She tells them that they are dead! Charity isn t dead, and demands Miguel lift her up Timmy, however, appears to be dead Charity grabs the demons horn, and fires it at the Zombie The zombie then explodes, and the earthquake stops Charity once again passes out Sam, Hank, and Grace arrive, and Sam asks what happened here? The kids explain what happened, and Grace says evil has come back to Harmony Charity moans and seems to be okay, but Timmy is not Tabitha cries over him and tells Grace that she knows most people think she is a crazy old crone, but she says loves Timmy and she can t lose him Charity and Timmy are taken to the hospital As Kay watches Miguel with CHarity, her heart breaks Jessica warns Kay that if Timmy and Charity die tonight, it is her fault for bringing evil back to Harmony! At Sheridan s cabin, Ethan and Gwen are relaxing in front of the fire Gwen is so happy, but Ethan is still morning Theresa Gwen tells Ethan that in time things will get better Suddenly, the earthquake hits Ethan and Gwen run to the mansion to check on their mothers At the mansion, Alistair is with Theresa when the earthquake hits, and it sends Julian and Rebecca tumbling down the steps Rebecca thinks it is Theresa s ghost damning them all They make their way into the living room, and the earthquakes stop Julian and Rebecca check on Theresa, who appears to still be dead Suddenly, Ivy enters the room and tells Julian that he won t be alive and well for long, he deliberately let Theresa die! She says when Luis and Pilar find out what he did, they will tear him apart! Julian says they will do no such thing, he won t let the Lopez-Fitzgeralds near the mansion Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen show up and find Luis with Pilar and the baby Luis goes upstairs to make sure everyone else is okay, and Ethan and Gwen stay with the baby as Pilar goes to check on Theresa Suddenly, Pilar walks into the room and exclaims "Oh my god, you!" Julian has hidden behind the coffin, and Pilar warns the two witches to get lost because Luis will not be happy to find them with his sister Luis shows up, and Ivy says she is so happy he is here Ivy begins questioning him about his feeling for Julian, and what would happen if he was a


Download Kumkum Bhagya Hindi Tv Show Episode 775 February 09, 2017 Zee Tv Serial Webisode mp4 download free video

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