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Download Merlin Series 6 Kingdom Come Official Trailer download mp4 3gp mp3

***UPDATE Hey, Merlinians! Since posting this , we have since revealed our identities on an alternative channel, New_Renaissance Go check it out! s www youtube com watch?v GmT9XLhmxyg*** This is a trailer we put together for our creative continuation of the BBC series, Merlin The title is, "Merlin Kingdom Come " We are a team of writers who have written a complete for a sixth and final season of BBC s Merlin, entitled “Merlin Kingdom Come ” To be clear, this is not merely fanfiction or a spin-off Rather, it is a serious and finished It took roughly a year and a half to write Summary Fifteen hundred years after his death, the Once and Future King finally returns But he finds himself confronted with a new world that is entirely unfamiliar What’s more, centuries of waiting for Arthur’s return have rendered Merlin traumatized and struggling with inner demons Aided – and opposed – by familiar faces from their past, the King and his trusted warlock must face a cabal of adversaries led by an ancient Judge who intends to undermine any attempts to fulfill Arthur’s final destiny But how will they secure a promising future when history is fighting to repeat itself? For more information, follow merlin6kingdomcome@tumblr com or email me at merlin6kingdomcome@outlook com Link to official Merlin Kingdom Come (will be inserted here once the first episode is posted) Link to Tumblr merlin6kingdomcome tumblr com **This project is not affiliated with BBC or Shine in any way We do not claim, nor intend the impression of, any rights to BBC s Merlin, nor the characters created by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy This is merely a work of creative commentary and is in no way for monetary gain Likewise for the music and clips utilized in this trail


Download Merlin Season 5 Episode 13 The Diamond of the Day Part 2 Series Finale The Moment has Arrived! download mp4 3gp mp3

This episode is the Series Finale of BBC s Merlin ( It made some people sad and some mad How did you feel about it? Subscribe my SCOOPS OF BEAUTIFUL!! Check out Awkward Girls bit ly 13etv0Y FOLLOW www ChenguKargbo tumblr com LIKE facebook com ChenguKargbo Our Collab Channel www youtube com HipsterChicken Last time on My Life After Breakfast - bit ly 11seBqW Hipster Chicken video bit ly 17vl4EO SUBSCRIBE TO HipsterChicken www youtube com HipsterChicken SUBSCRIBE to my 2nd Channel www youtube com TheRealChengu FOLLOW me on TUMBLR www chengukargbo tumblr com LIKE me on FACEBOOK www facebook com ChenguKargbo ADD ME to your Circle gplus to MyLifeAfterBreakfast FOLLOW me on Twitter www twitter com MyLabTweets Music Double O by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech com) Merlin, Merlin Season 5, Merlin Series 5, The Diamond of the Day Part 2, Merlin Series 5 The Diamond of the Day, Merlin BBC, BBC, Colin Morgan, Colin Morgan (Actor), Dolma, Merlin Dolma, Merlin (TV Series), Arthur, Bradley James, Bradley James (Actor), Arthurian Legend , King Arthur (Fictional Character), Camelot, funny, vlog, Angel Coulby, Angel Coulby (Actor), Angel Coulby (Actress), Arthur Gwen, Arthur Guinevere, Arwen, Colin Morgan (Actor), Colin Morgan Doctor Who, Colin Morgan Jethro, Doctor Who- Midnight, funny, vlog, Katie McGrath, Katie McGrath (Actor), Katie McGrath (Actress), Morgana, Morgana Le Fey, Video Blogging (Industry), vlog, Merlin Review, Merlin Season 5 Review, Merlin The Diamond of the Day Part 2 Review, Merlin Series 5 Episode 13 Review, Merlin Cancelled, Merlin Canceled, Merlin Season 6, Merlin (Fictional Character), Merlin Fan video,


Download Merlin GOLDEN AGE AU Part 1 You have magic (for SecretHeart20 and fireicewriter42) download mp4 3gp mp3

Dedicated to SecretHeart20 because she was one of the first who inspired my editing skill I have admired her voiceover Merlin stories since 2009 Now I feel that I have improved to the point that I can make my Merlin Ending approaching her level Thank you so much for your inspiration!! - The Sidhe part is partly inspired by the amazing fanfiction "Vision of Happiness" by fireicewriter42 s www fanfiction net s 12219352 18 Vision-of-Happiness - The part of Gwen and Arthur talking is inprired by this video by TheiLame s www youtube com watch?v IpCpthM93ME PLOT At the shores of Avalon Merlin gets Arthur in the boat and drags him before the Sidhe King He is not willing to help a Pendragon, but Emrys forces him to restore the balance and the Sidhe give Merlin a spell to heal arthur and leave with a grin Anxiously Merlin waits and suddenly arthur starts to breath He is confused to be on the isle and Merlin tells him he saved Arthur, which he begrudgingly thanks him for Merlin decides to let Arthur know the whole truth and leads him in the forest Arthur is impatient and wants to get back to Gwen and Camelot, but Merlin convinces him They go to the Crystal Cave and Merlin shows arthur visions of what he did for Camelot in the past Arthur feels conflicted and regrets how he treated Merlin When they camp around a fire Arthur asks Merlin what it is like and Merlin opens up about his loneliness Arthur thanks Merlin for saving his life, but he is still unsure how to treat Merlin when they get back He goes to sleep and Merlin watches him anxiously Back at Camelot Gwen is overjoyed to see him Arthur tells her that Merlin is a sorcerer and is a bit offended to hear that she knew it already (although only for a day) Gwen knows Merlin is loyal to them and tells arthur to trust his instincts There s a knock at the door and Merlin appears Nervously the sorcerer begs for arthur s mercy, but Arthur quickly reassures him In his own way he tells him that he will be rewarded for saving his life (the knighthood is actually the Court Sorcerer, which is the same rank and Arthur used knighthood as a substitute because there had been no Court Sorcerer before They would come up with the position a few days later ) The next day the Council and the Round Table are called for a meeting (Gwaine and Elyan survived) and Arthur talks about what sorcery has done to Camelot Gwen thinks of her enchantment when he talks about Morgana But then he surprises everyone by pointing out that Merlin is a sorcerer and has done no harm Magic is accepted again --- the knighthood part is from way back when I wathed the first season in 2009 When arthur said he had a knighthood to bestow I actually thought he meant Merlin and was dissappointed when he continued with "and none to polish my arm


Download For The Love Of Camelot! Melin (5 series) Tribute Collab download mp4 3gp mp3

HD, is must! I was thinking quite a while what to write here, so let try it in a few points 1 I´m so honored that these (listed below) vidders, decided to work with me on this collab They were all so dedicated, never annoyied by my reminding messages, responding So thank you guys, I hope you will like the result and its been my pleasure -) GreenePearl -- 1x01, 4x05 xBrokenMirrors 1x02, 3x06 xCrimsonRedRosesx -- 1x03, 2x04 D4rkP4ssenger1-- 1x04, 1x13 FairyKingdom86 -- 1x05, 2x05 xReasonToDreamx -- 1x06, 3x09 NewMoonInTheSummers -- 1x07, 4x11 shadow243ali - 1x08, 2x13 GleeCupcakesLove - 1x09, 3x04 yulivee94 - 1x10, 4x04 AsgardianAdrian -- 1x11, 3x08 SunnySmile2413 -- 1x12, 5x09 MoonSilverStudio -- 2x01, 5x03 LiasonAlwaysAnd4ever -- 2x02, 4x09 emm21ericcal -- 2x03, 3x02 chrisithedemon -- 2x06, 3x10 MortalMagicDestruct- 2x07, 5x12 DearigDaio -- 2x08, 3x13 irydionlover93 -- 2x09, 5x10 poupoufinou -- 2x11, 3x05 LonerCheerleader - 2x12, 5x06 Rytinhahh -- 3x01, 5x11 PureLightHealer - 3x03, 3x11 Ichiruki360 -- 3x07, 4x02 xR0ckProductions - 3x12, 4x12 Kaiirel - 4x01, 5x01 AloraVideos -- 4x03, 5x02 Magitasia -- 4x06, 5x07 Nastya12367 -- 4x07, 5x08 readerandwatcher -- 4x08, 5x05 xxMichelle1001xx -- 4x10, 5x04 ElanneHarvelle - 2x10, 4x13, 5x13 2 I would like to thank to cast and crew of Merlin, because they were incredible all that time, you don´t see often that cast responding to fans messages, tweeting them etc With every interview they sured me, that they are not just pretty faces, but also have brains, humour and obviously they are so talented -) 3 I should probably say a few words about Merlin fandom as in general I mean, everyone was caught into it differently Me, I started watching it, I think when 2nd season already aired And I have to say, I wasn´t impressed - it was ok TV show, good humour, cute actors, a bit too colorful and for the kids The breaking point for me was 2x12 when Merlin try poison Morgana - first time I realized that a) Colin Morgan is really (like seriouy) good actor b) that this show has potential They confirmed to me that, in 3x02 with Merlin & Morgana dialog in tomb I started to watch it more regulary, not every Saturday but still Long story short, in the end of season 3 they got me With season 4, I was sitting in front of my laptop every Saturday night Sunday morning and I even drawn my friend to get addicted as I was -))I was waiting to the final episode, but now I can honestly and freely say, that 4x13 is definitely my favourite episode of this whole show Merlin is unusuall fandom for me because as much I love Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock or Game of Thrones, Merlin is the only one who actually gave me some emotions I NEVER cry with TV, this Xmas BBC changed that fact If you read to this point - congratulations you are officialy Merlinian and possibly obsessed with reading ;-) That is probably it, I have nothing more to say maybe just, please, share this video (tumblr, twitter, facebook, ) Not because I want thousands likes and faving, but because I don´t want to be this fandom forgotten Thank you, and I think I speak for all of us who worked on this, for watching I hope you had great 5 minutes! (thats a lie, I KNOW you had ;-) ) Merry (late) Christmas and happy New Year!!! xx Z


Download Funny Merlin Moments download mp4 3gp mp3

Note This is made from a fan for fans No copyright infringement intended The rights belong to their respective owners In order to better serve you the viewer, here is an approximate times list with the episode it came listed in Season-Episode format (i e season 2 episode 4 is listed as 2-4) 0 00 -- 2-4 0 08 -- 2-4 0 12 -- Pudsey commercial 2009 0 20 -- 3-6 0 31 -- 2-6 0 39 -- 3-13 0 44 -- 3-6 0 49 -- 2-6 0 53 -- ssn 3 outtakes 0 55 -- 1-2 1 04 -- 1-7 1 08 -- 1-5 1 13 -- ssn3 outtakes 1 15 -- 2-5 1 41 -- 2-2 1 43 -- 2-8 1 51 -- 2-9 1 59 -- 3-1 2 04 -- 2-2 2 20 -- 2-10 2 28 -- 2-9 2 43 -- 3-6 2 56 -- Pudsey commercial 2009 2 58 -- 2-10 3 06 -- 3-4 3 10 -- 2-2 3 45 -- 2-12 3 49 -- 2-10 3 59 -- ssn3 outtakes 4 04 -- 3-8 4 08 -- 1-7 4 12 -- 2-9 4 21 -- 2-10 4 32 -- 3-6 4 41 -- 2-9 5 02 -- 3-13 5 06 -- 2-12 5 14 -- 2-6 5 33 -- 3-3 5 50 -- 3-3 6 07 -- 2-6 6 13 -- 2-2 6 23 -- 3-1 deleted scenes 6 25 -- 2-13 6 31 -- 3-1 6 43 -- 2-13 7 05 -- 3-3 7 09 -- 3-3 7 14 -- 2-13 7 19 -- 3-3 7 37 -- 3-2 7 43 -- 2-10 7 54 -- 3-7 8 00 -- 2-12 8 15 -- 3-1 deleted scenes 8 26 -- 3-3 8 34 -- 2-6 8 39 -- 3-6 8 52 -- 3-4 9 07 -- 2-6 9 13 -- 3-5 outtakes 9 21 -- 3-6 9 38 -- 3-2 10 11 -- 3-13 10 18 -- 2-12 10 30 -- 3-1 10 47 -- 3-7 10 54 -- 3-7 11 16 -- 2-6 11 38 -- 3-12 11 40 -- 3-8 outtakes 11 52 -- Pudsey commercial 2009 11 56 -- 3-5 outtakes 11 59 -- 3-13 12 02 -- 3-8 12 16 -- 3-13 outtakes 12 22 -- 2-6 12 29 -- 3-8 12 35 -- 3-8 12 42 -- 3-8 12 56 -- 3-9 13 09 -- 3-9 13 28 -- 3-12 13 33 -- 3-10 13 37 -- 3-10 13 45 -- 3-13 13 53 -- 3-11 14 03 -

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