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Download Build a Bigger Chest with the "BENCHLESS" Bench Press! download mp4 3gp mp3

Build more than just a bigger chest - athleanx com x bigchestandmore Want to build a bigger chest and you know you should be doing lots of bench presses to get it? The only problem is that you don t have a bench That could be a problem Not necessarily In this video, I ll show you how to build a bigger chest without needing a space eating bench press Lots of guys, despite not having a lot of weights or equipment, will have an old set of olympic weights and a bar that they may have picked up at a tag sale, online or that a friend or father gave them or handed down to them If you re one of those guys, then all you ll need is this video and a little practice to nail this technique for doing the bench press in your home workout (all without a spotter!) To perform this benchless bench press variation, just position yourself on the floor underneath the bar (it helps to put at least 45 pounds on the bar to give you enough room to get under) Put the bar just in the crease of your hips and grip the barbell so that your elbows are positioned in 90 degree angles Thrust up with the hips into a bridge to put the bar in position to do the bench press Again, the best part about this bench press exercise is that it can protect your shoulders by not putting your AC joint under too much stress and still allow you to build a big chest! Who doesn t want a bigger chest after all? And now you can do it from anywhere with limited equipment For more innovative workout ideas and a step by step workout program to build a bigger chest with bench press and more, head to athleanx com and get the proven pro athlete training system ATHLEAN-X For more free chest workouts and everything else, be sure to check out our channel here on youtube at youtube com user jd


Download Add 40 LBS to Your Bench Press (NEXT WORKOUT!) download mp4 3gp mp3

If you want to increase your bench press by as much as 40 pounds the very next time you perform the exercise, then you will want to watch this video I’m going to show you how to add up to 40 pounds to your bench in your next workout just by incorporating two commonly misperformed elements of the bench press For this, I’m bringing in powerlifter and expert KC Mitchell (That 1 Legged Monster) to help showcase exactly what it is that I’m teaching The first thing that many people overlook, which is costing them a significant amount of weight lifted in the exercise, is the lack of leg drive The force of the bench press literally starts with the drive of the feet on the floor More than that however is, the direction of that force Many people think that the direction you want to push your feet is straight down into the ground This is incorrect In order to properly perform your leg drive you need to learn to push your feet away from your head This will drive your body up the bench if performed the right way When you understand this concept you see how this ties into the second tip given in this video about proper bar path We will get to that in a little bit For now however, the feet will initiate the upward power of the lift and are therefore needed to be positioned properly You can do this by setting up as you normally would under the bar and then sliding your body down the bench From here, bend the knees and bring the feet back as far as you can under your body You will point your toes down into the ground to apply the brakes and anchor your body in place From here, when you push you want to think about trying to perform a leg extension The toes should want to extend out as if you were straightening your knee This will want to drive your body up the bench and slide your head closer to the top of the bench If you contract your glutes while you do this however you will stay in place and transfer the upward and angled momentum into the bar instead This is where bar path comes in Many will incorrectly try and push the bar straight up over their head instead of back toward the rack This is a mistake Physics will dictate that a path of efficiency is what we are after when pursuing maximal strength The most efficient path to press the bar is on an angle rather than steeply opposed to gravity Drive that bar from the point on your chest back on a straight but angled line back to the rack The leg drive shown will assist you in getting this right every single time You also want to be sure that you are sliding your body far enough down the rack to perform the lift or you will have no room to push the bar back without it hitting the pins This is going to be best accomplished by having a spotter who can help you unrack the weight It doesn’t matter how little weight you are using, never feel intimidated or self conscious about it Instead, perfect your form by lifting what you can control in the right way and your strength will increase quickly If you are looking for a program that will help you not only get stronger in the bench press but in all of your key lifts while building a ripped, athletic body then head to the link below and get the ATHLEAN-X Total Beast program Use my total body workout program to build strength, muscle and size in just 90 days For more videos on how to increase your bench press and the best exercises to build a bigger chest by subscribing to our channel at the link below and turning on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published Build Muscle in 90 Days - athleanx com x my-workouts Subscribe to this channel here - youtube com user jd


Download 5 Ways To INCREASE Your Bench Press download mp4 3gp mp3

Discover 5 unique ways to increase the amount you bench press If you find that you re weak with dumbbell chest exercises or barbell bench press then this video will help you learn what to do to lift more weight You ll not only get a stronger bench, but you ll also build more muscle, and explode your max in all your upper body pushing movements 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge s bit ly 2IeivPX Fat Loss Calculator s bit ly 2UxfPTQ Timestamps 1 Compensatory Acceleration Training (CAT) 0 45 2 Plyometrics 3 03 3 Start Dead Bench Pressing 5 59 4 Technique 8 08 5 Include Auxillary Workouts 9 24 When I first started Bench Pressing I was one of the weakest guys at the gym I remember actually being embarrassed to bench in front of other people at my high school And I would go to a separate gym after school to work on it privately Since then I’ve really improved my bench and I did it naturally, just by using a couple simple methods that I’m about to share with you today I know how frustrating it can be to feel weak with this exercise, so I want to go over 5 specific things that you can start doing right away to improve your bench press And you don’t just have to take my word for it because these 5 strategies that I’m about to show you have been tried and tested by the best benchers in the business As long as you use them consistently you’ll be amazed at how quickly your benching power will skyrocket So lets get started with our first method - something known as compensatory acceleration training or CAT This involves using explosive force to power out of the bottom portion of the bench To start you want to select a heavy enough weight that will barely allow you to squeeze out 8 reps When bringing the bar down towards your chest you want to imagine that the bar explodes as it touches your chest, powering back up to the starting position By exploding as hard as possible on the positive or lifting portion of the rep, you’ll be able to use the improved leverage and momentum as the weight drives up to push through the traditional sticking point, which is just before lockout One study found that sticking points on the bench press usually happen once you’re 90 percent through the lift Another study found that sticking points happen because of a lack of transitional phases and not producing enough force to overcome the weight The researchers in this study concluded that focusing on explosive power off the chest and carrying that power all the way through to lockout is vital to improving your bench They also found that having better control on the eccentric part of the lift will help with getting the weight back up as well So, the goal should be to lower the weight to your chest in a slow and controlled way and then explode up as fast as you can If you aim to get enough speed after coming off your chest, you’ll be able to overcome the sticking points Another study focused on muscle activity during the upward movement portion of the bench press Researchers broke the upward phase of the bench into three parts – Phase 1 was the pre-sticking point, Phase 2 which was the sticking point, and Phase 3 was when the barbell sped up again after moving past the sticking point On average The sticking point was reached somewhere between 1 5th and 1 3rd of a second after the bar came off the chest, and this is where we would want to really try to explode and accelerate the barbell upward Since speed x strength power, the greater Research One study found that sticking points on the bench press usually happen once you are 90 percent through the lift [1] The Sticking Point in the Bench Press, the Squat, and the Deadlift Similarities and Differences, and Their Significance for Research and Practice The researchers concluded that focusing on explosive power off the chest and carrying that power all the way through to lockout was vital to improving your bench They also found that having better control on the eccentric part of the lift will help to get the weight back up [2] Effect of Different Pushing Speeds on Bench Press The researchers found that the deltoids and pectorals increased activation after the sticking point, while the biceps decreased activity The sticking point was reached between 2 and 35 of a second after the bar came off the chest [3] The Sticking Period in a Maximum Bench Press (Journal Sports Sciences 2010) All athletes experienced a considerably greater one rep max after performing the plyometric exercises than when building up with sub maximal lifts The average increase was 4% higher when doing plyometrics [4] Acute Explosive-Force Movements Enhance Bench Press Performance in Athletic Men The study, which was focused on beginner weight trainers, recommended that beginners should perform concentric training in addition to full range movements to get stronger faster [5] Effect of Muscle Actions Against Strength Gains 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge s bit ly 2I


Download How To Get A Huge Bench Press with PERFECT Technique (Fix Mistakes) | Technique Tuesday Ep 1 download mp4 3gp mp3

The series premier of Technique Tuesday! We re covering how to perform the bench press with proper technique to build maximum muscle and strength while avoiding injury Get my 8 Week Bench Press Specialization Program ‣ www jeffnippard com benchpress Rise 10mm Lever Belt ‣ s www rise ca collections men-lifting-belts products 10mm-lever-belt-black?ref jeff Discount JEFF saves $$ Watch more Technique Tuesday videos s www youtube com playlist?list PLp4G6oBUcv8yGQifkb4p_ZOoACPnYslx9 Filmed at Body and Soul Gym in Kelowna, BC - my favourite 24 hr gym in the Okanagan! ‣ s www bodyandsoulkelowna com ------------------------------- Help SUPPORT the channel by 1 Trying one of my training programs → www strcng com programs 2 Buying my channel merch → bit ly jeffnippardmerch 3 Checking out what my sponsors have to offer ▹ MASS (Monthly Research Review) ‣ s bit ly jeffMASS ‣ Only $25 month (pre-paid yearly) ▹ PEScience Supplements ‣ s www PEScience com ‣ Use discount code JEFF to save $$ ▹ RISE Training Gear and Sportwear ‣ rise ca jeff ‣ Use discount code JEFF to save 10% ▹ Body-Analyser Weight and Bodyfat % Scale ‣ s vitagoods com jefffit ‣ Use the above link to save 60% off! ------------------------------- Follow me on social media INSTAGRAM ‣ instagram com jeffnippard SNAPCHAT ‣ snapchat com add jeffnippard FACEBOOK ‣ facebook com jeffnippard TWITTER ‣ twitter com jeffnippard PODCAST ‣ The Jeff Nippard Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher ------------------------------- SOURCES ‣ s www strengthandconditioningresearch com muscles pectoralis-major ‣ s www researchgate net publication 232096734_The_Affect_of_Grip_Width_on_Bench_Press_Performance_and_Risk_of_Injury ‣ s www jtsstrength com arching-in-the-bench-press-please-stfu ‣ s www strongerbyscience com how-to-bench If you re eager to learn more about proper technique, I recommend subscribing to the 3DMJ Lifting Library ‣ s www 3dmjvault com courses lifting-library MUSIC ‣ Epidemic Sound Filmed and edited by me and Rashaun R using Final Cut Pro X and Sony A7R3 Rashaun s YouTube ‣ s www youtube com channel UClnG0SHgQJm9CcZWIEgRnMw ------------------------------- About me I m a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry chemistry and a passion for science I ve been training for 12 years drug-free I m 5 5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked) ------------------------------- Disclaimers Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program Use of this information is strictly at your own risk Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or d


Download Building a BIGGER BENCH PRESS Everything You Need to Know | Mark Bell download mp4 3gp mp3

The ultimate bench press is when form, technique, speed and power converge to move the maximum amount of weight Here are 8 tips to help you put it all together and break some PRs Get Mark Bell s Sling Shot & SuperTraining Gear ► bbcom me 2rTpWA5 Muscle-Building Supplements ► bbcom me 2oCECFW | Athletes | Mark Bell ► bit ly 2tcvsSi Steve Forsaken Warrior Johnson ► bit ly 2tctTUA IFBB Women s Physique Pro Lauren Quinn ► bit ly 2tcUhOb There s more to improving your bench press than adding weight Pro powerlifter Mark Bell offers some valuable pointers to help you get the most out of every bench you do Mark Bell is a professional powerlifter, inventor of the Slingshot… and owner of Super Training Gym in Sacramento, California He s a strong guy whose competition achievements include a 1,025-pound squat, a 738-pound deadlift, and an 832-pound bench press The dude knows what he s doing So what better person to show you how to do benches the right way? | Mark Bell s 8 Tips for a Better Bench | 1 Develop a Pre-Lift Routine ► 1 21 2 Use the Bar to Get Into Safe Position ► 2 00 3 Initiate the Lift and Make It Easy On Your Spotter ► 10 53 4 Take the Bar Through A "J" Path ► 28 00 5 Don t Overlift at the Top End ► 14 45 6 Experiment with Lifting Shoes ► 12 10 7 Four Ways to Improve Your Lockout ► 20 00 8 Practice Practice Practice ► 25 00 ­ | Recommended Supplements | Mark Bell s Original Sling Shot ► bbcom me 2rTDyeG - Great for Increasing Your Bench! - The First of its Kind Performance Enhancing Sportswear! Mark Bell s Strong Elbow Sleeves ► bbcom me 2rTr1Ig - A Versatile Sleeve To Support Your Elbows And Help Increase Strength - Compression Design Is Ideal For Extra Pop Out Of The Bottom Overhead Movements Mark Bell s Wrist Wraps ► bbcom me 2rTENuv - Available In 2 Sizes, 20” And 36” - Wrapping Your Wrist Can Help With Force Productio ­ As Bell knows well from all his years of competition, you need to have a constant when you re going from one gym to the next to compete "You want to get a routine down for every piece of this puzzle, which is bench pressing, He says "You want to etch your routine deep in your mind and your body so that as you go to different competitions--as the lights and the crowds change and the bench and the weights change--you ve got one thing that stays the same You and your routine " When you first lay down on the bench, you naturally get into a position that s comfortable But then you need to use the bar to get into a position that s maybe less comfortable but a lot safer Bell s biggest piece of advice is to use the bar to lift your yourself up off the bench and then, as you settle back down on the bench, to give you room to roll your shoulder blades inward and downward towards your hips As he like to put it, "Jam your shoulder blades into your back pockets " If you re benching enough weight that you need a spotter to help get the bar off the rack, Bell says to do it in a way that makes it easier on them, and that puts you in the right position to bench the weight "A common mistake Bell sees is that "when they re taking the bar off the rack, many lifters will push toward the guy who s helping them If anything, you want to try to pull the bar out of the rack " When you take the bar off the rack, you bend your arms to bring the bar to your chest Bell says to flex your chest as high as you can while keeping your lats tight As you come out of the bottom of the bench, flare out your lats to recruit their maximum power ­ | Bodybuilding com | Sales & Specials ► bbcom me 2q1djSY Fitness Articles ► bbcom me 2q1p7Vq #1 Online Supplement Store ► bbcom me 2q1os6y Free Fitness Plans ► bbcom me 2q1dhKU #1 Women s Fitness Site ► bbcom me 2q1ouvc ­ | Follow Us | Twitch ► bit ly 2q1dttE YouTube ► bit ly 1RSJFa4 Facebook ► on fb me 1lomhpr Instagram ► bit ly 1LzBxab Twitter ► bit ly 1RSJQlL Google+ ► bit ly 1NRe8qu Pinterest ► bit ly 1OOZgY4 Spotify ► spoti fi 1NRebm0 We are Bodybuilding com Your transformation is our passion We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group We provide the technology, tools and products you need to burn fat, build muscle and become your best


Download 5 Best Exercises For A Bigger Chest | James Grage download mp4 3gp mp3

Building a bigger chest doesn t have to feel like brain surgery Get back to the basics with hard work and these 5 proven exercises! ► Shop BPI Sports Supplements bbcom me 2sdErDk ► James Grage s Full Chest Workout bbcom me 2El6qpG ► Premium Fitness Plans bbcom me 2FNwUgA ­ Building the chest of your dreams shouldn t be treated like rocket science—overly complicated with a chance of blowing up in your face James Grage likes to stick to the basics, using different angles and rep ranges to blitz every fiber in his pecs and elicit maximum growth The exercises themselves may look simple enough, but it s up to you to dial up the intensity by giving yourself less time for rest "I like to take as little rest as possible," says Grage, suggesting that you take 15-20 seconds of rest between your sets There s no time for lollygagging Great results don t come to those who wait; they come to those who work Hit these five simple-but-brutally effective moves and build a chiseled chest! | James Grage s 5 Moves for a Bigger Chest | 1 Barbell Bench Press 3 sets of 20, 15, 10 reps 2 Incline Dumbbell Press 2 sets of 10-12 reps to failure 3 Flat Dumbbell Fly 2 sets of 15 reps to failure 4 Bar Dip 3 sets to failure 5 Push-Up 100 reps | BPI Sports Supplements | ► 1 M R bbcom me 2GSuU8j ► Best Creatine bbcom me 2FOS3Hm ► Best Pre Workout bbcom me 2nEUHZt ► Best Protein bbcom me 2GRW2nC ► Best Protein Bars bbcom me 2FPchAy ► KETO Weight Loss bbcom me 2FPhMPH ► Nite-Burn bbcom me 2GSWZfx ► ISO HD Protein bbcom me 2EmD3mT ­ | Bodybuilding com | ► Supplement Store bbcom me 2nGPJeE ► Sales & Specials bbcom me 2Ela1nu ► Fitness Articles bbcom me 2nGc3Fk ► Premium Fitness Plans bbcom me 2FNwUgA ­ | Follow Us | ► Twitch bit ly 2q1dttE ► YouTube bit ly 1RSJFa4 ► Facebook on fb me 1lomhpr ► Instagram bit ly 1LzBxab ► Twitter bit ly 1RSJQlL ► Google+ bit ly 1NRe8qu ► Pinterest bit ly 1OOZgY4 ► Spotify spoti fi 1NRebm0 We are Bodybuilding com Your transformation is our passion We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group We provide the technology, tools and products you need to burn fat, build muscle and become your best


Download How to Bench Press WITHOUT Pain Reverse Grip Bench!! download mp4 3gp mp3

Get your complete ATHLEAN-X Workout System - athleanx com x benchpress The bench press is definitely the most popular chest exercise and a staple of almost every chest workout The problem is, that lots of guys can t do them without pain Whether it be pain in the shoulders, wrists or elbows, the bench press exercise can wreak havoc on those joints of yours unless you are careful In a quest to bench more weight guys will do all sorts of crazy things during the lift They will arch their backs way off the bench or bounce the bar off their chest Well, obviously both of those things are wrong However, in this video I show you that even touching the bar to your chest during the barbell bench press is not the best idea long term The extra few inches you get by touching the chest puts the AC joints in your shoulders at a much greater risk of injury In either case, there might be a better bench press exercise anyway The underhand bench or reverse grip bench press is not only a safer option but one that could add more size to your chest! Research shows that you get incredible upper chest and mid chest activation during the lift (some even say more than during the incline bench press!) In fact, using the exercise is one of my best bench press tips I give my pro athletes to add mass to their chest and save their shoulder joints in the process Of course with any video on how to bench press, form is key So take a few moments to watch this video and see how you can nail the form on this chest exercise alternative For more tips and videos on exercise technique and workouts be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at youtube com user jd


Download How To Dumbbell Bench Press | 3 GOLDEN RULES download mp4 3gp mp3

*READ FULL ARTICLE WITH PHOTOS* s muscularstrength com article How-To-Dumbbell-Bench-Press-Three-Golden-Rules If you want a nice big chest, the dumbbell bench press is a must-have exercise, so I’m going to explain to you how to properly perform a bench press using dumbbells Now I know the majority of you can lift more weight with the barbell version of this movement, but if the dumbbell bench press is not a staple in your push workouts, then you’re really missing out on a lot of potential benefits This is because dumbbells are usually advantageous over barbells because they allow for FULL range of motion (ROM), and help strengthen other muscles surrounding the area you’re training This is because you need more CONTROL to perform the movements, which in this case would be your shoulders and triceps So if you want to add the dumbbell bench press to your current chest workout there are 3 important things that you need to focus on #1 Range Of Motion When you’re using a barbell it should be obvious that you’re LIMITED by the barbell itself at the bottom of the movement What I mean by that is that as I’m lowering the barbell towards my chest, the barbell stops as soon as my chest gets in the way and I cannot lower it any further This limited range of motion might be good for overloading your chest with more weight because the distance the barbell has to travel is smaller, and while that’s great, it’s definitely not optimal when it comes to getting a full STRETCH at the bottom OR a full CONTRACTION at the top of the movement Also, dumbbells don’t just allow you to get a deeper stretch but they also create the circumstances for a HARDER contraction at the top Why? Well, to answer that, we have to remember what the chest muscles actually do Sure, their primary function is to press weights away from your body, but their secondary function is to also adduct the humerus You can try it right now – bring your hands together (like clapping) and press one hand into the other as hard as you can Notice how much your chest is already firing, and also notice how you’re getting a pump just doing this without any weight Going back to the dumbbells, you have to take full advantage of their potential by getting a maximum stretch at the bottom of the movement by not stopping at 90 degrees Instead, you need to be going as deep as possible and full ROM also means ensuring a maximum flex or contraction at the top by bringing your arms together as you push the dumbbells over your chest #2 Proper Shoulder Blade Positioning (Shoulder Packing) Proper shoulder packing comes down to two movements; bringing your shoulders back AND down So you have to retract AND depress the shoulder blades as you’re setting up for your set Learning how to properly do shoulder packing, if you aren’t doing it already, is going to completely change your life when it comes to doing the bench press with either dumbbells or a barbell This technique is going to ensure that you 100% are packing your shoulders before the start of every single set What you’re going to do is sit on the very edge of a bench Obviously when you roll back you’re going to have a lot of room leftover, but that’s a good thing, you want that room there This is because once you roll back into place, you’re going to bring your toes back so your legs are in a solid position Then, you’ll extend your hips into the air, and then utilize how far down you are on the bench to slide back a bit to get your shoulders fully packed You can then put your butt back down on the bench, and get ready to do your repetitions If you’re doing that, there’s no possible way that you’ll be able to flare your elbows out far enough to actually injure your shoulders, because they’re so tightly packed from doing the slide When you stick your hands in the air after doing the slide, they should be above your chest, and you’ll notice that your ROM is exactly where it needs to be So why do this? First of all, you’ll find that it’s an anatomically advantageous position for your shoulders to be in, which means you’ll be able to push much heavier weights Secondly, by packing your shoulder blades, you’re essentially protecting your shoulders from serious injuries such as chest tears, rotator cuff tears and even shoulder dislocations *CONTINUE READING HERE* s muscularstrength com article How-To-Dumbbell-Bench-Press-Three-Golden-Rules Program Selector - Get The Right Program For You! - s muscularstrength com Program-Selector ---------------------------------------- Subscribe To My Channel - s www youtube com user ScottHermanFitness ---------------------------------------- 1 on 1 Online Coaching - muscularstrength com consultations ---------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD MY APP! – iPhone & Android! s muscularstrength com phoneapp ---------------------------------------- MORE TIPS! - s www instagram com ScottHermanFi


Download Get a “MONSTER” Bench Press (3 MOVES!) download mp4 3gp mp3

Get Stronger in 90 Days - athleanx com max-size Subscribe to this channel here - bit ly 2b0coMW If your goal is to increase your bench press then don’t overlook the details specifically accessory lifts In this video I’m going to show you the top three exercises for increasing your bench press without focusing solely on the actual bench press Joining me in the gym for today’s video is accomplished powerlifter and overall strong dude KC “That 1 Legged Monster” Mitchell KC shares some of his favorite accessory lifts that he’s been using to smash records and build a monster bench press We’ve covered the concept of true strength vs compensatory strength on this channel before Many lifters, especially young lifters, are so focused on chasing numbers that they become less concerned about proper performance of the movement This is a sure formula for not only developing compensations but further ingraining existing compensations that you already have as a result of your morphology, lifestyle or overall crappy posture Some tell tale signs are the chronic aches and pains that pop up Creaky elbows, stiff neck, and shoulders that have more snap crackle and pop than a box of breakfast cereal All of these nagging pains are often the bodies way of telling us we’re doing something wrong My best recommendation for avoiding this cycle of pain is to be sure there are no weak links in the kinetic chain By focusing on the three accessory lifts shown in this video you can be sure you’re getting stronger and more stable in all points required for getting the most out of this classic lift while staying healthy One of KC’s go to accessory lifts is the floor press As with everything, it’s important to focus on preventing momentum from creeping in This isn’t about bouncing weight up and down in order to see how many plates you can put on the bar but rather perfecting your execution and being explosive The benefit of the floor press is that it allows you to press heavy weight without the additional stress on the shoulder normally experienced with rep after rep of traditional bench presses Additionally, performing the lift from the floor takes leg drive out of the movement making it solely an upper body pressing movement Another of KC’s favorite accessory lifts is the seated overhead press But once again, In order to minimize unnecessary stress on the shoulders KC uses an incline bench with a slight decline from the vertical position This allows the front delts to get sufficient stimulus without making it into a strict overhead press KC credits this move with his ability to explode from the bottom position of the bench KC’s final accessory lift is what he calls the lean back lat pull down Think the bench press doesn’t require your lats? Well, that’s simply not true As a true compound movement the bench press relies heavily on the lats for creating a solid, stable base to press from I’ve said it too many times to count, “you cannot shoot a canon from a canoe” That saying perfectly illustrates the importance of plugging up your energy leaks and the importance of creating a stable base to explode off of Strong, powerful lats are going to help give you that foundation to build from when you’re looking to run up your bench numbers Additionally strong lats are essential for good shoulder stability As you can see, there are some very important accessory lifts you need to do when you are trying to increase your bench If you feel your bench has been stuck in a rut, give these three lifts a try If you want a program that focuses on your whole body, then head over to athleanx com and start training like an athlete Details matter when you train like an athlete, and when you pay attention to the details, all of your lifts will increase For more videos on how to get a bigger bench and the best workouts for building size and strength, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at youtube com user jd


Download How To Bench Press MORE WEIGHT In One Workout (THIS WORKS!) download mp4 3gp mp3

For 3 free tips for building muscle fast tailored for your body type and goals, take my free body type quiz - 👉 vshred fit benchmoreweight 👈 What s going on guys! In today s video I m going to be showing you how to bench press more weight in your very next workout Bench press is an amazing upper body compound movement, but a-lot of people struggle to be able to get stronger with it or hit a plateau The way you are going to bench press ore is by taking the appropriate measures before you actually start benching For these movements you ll just need some dumbbells and a cable pulley machine ✅ Warmup #1 - Light Dumbbell Chest Press with a focus on nice, controlled reps with full range of motion Perform 20 reps ✅ Warmup #2 - Light Bent Over Dumbbell Rows really focusing on keeping your chest stuck out, driving elbows back and up, with a squeeze at the top Perform 20 reps ✅ Warmup #3 - Light Tricep Extensions really focusing on slow, controlled form with full range of motion Perform 20 reps ✅ Warmup #4 - Rotator Cuff Activation really focusing on flaring your lats out with a nice slow and controlled rep Your body shouldn t be moving during this movement Perform 20 reps each side Repeat this warmup for 3 total sets, then you ll be super warm maybe even a slight pump and you are going to be nice and warm for your bench press sets Thanks for watching guys, try out these tips next time you re hitting the bench press and let me know how it worked for you! How To Bench Press MORE WEIGHT In One Workout (THIS WORKS!) s youtu be TRSJu4_uurg -------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out My Supplement Stacks! For Fat Loss vshred fit YTFatLossStack80 For Muscle Building vshred fit YTMuscleBuildingStack80 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro Song Always Have by Castor


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The bench press is one of the most popular chest and strength exercises performed While many would like to continue to increase their bench press they find it difficult to break through plateaus that can stagnate their strength on the lift In this video, KC Mitchell joins me to show you three more bench press accessory exercises that will assist you in increasing your traditional bench press totals as fast as possible The key behind the success of these lifts is that it takes you away from doing the straight bench press Contrary to what some believe, the most successful bench pressers in the world almost all spend more time doing lifts other than the bench press in a given training block For instance, while the bench press, done traditionally, will be done once a week…the variations of the bench and the other accessory movements to the bench will be done far more frequently Last year, KC came by the gym and discussed three of his favorite accessory lifts for the bench These were the lean back pulldown, barbell floor press and the seated shoulder press Each of these lifts was performed with a different purpose in mind They all had in common the fact that they were able to positively impact the bench by strengthening a different portion of the lift This time around, we were back in the gym and wanted to show a few more variations that could improve your bench press gains The first is the pause bench Due to the fact that each rep is going to be paused and held in the bottom of the rep, the time under tension will obviously increase but more importantly, the momentum of the rep will be removed The stretch shortening cycle will be taken out of the equation and pure strength and leg drive will be responsible for moving the weight off the chest This is great for those that still struggle to feel the contribution of leg drive to their bench press that was talked about in the last video we did on the exercise Next, we address a variation of the floor press This time instead of doing it with a barbell we use dumbbells Not only are they easier to set up with in a crowded gym but they provide the additional stability benefits that are inherent to using dumbbells and help to groove the elbows and wrists into their proper position on the rep The limited adduction that occurs with a fixed barbell is also something that is able to be overcome by splitting the load into two hands which can help those that fail to feel the contraction in their chest to finally feel it Finally, the static incline dumbbell presses are an amazing variation that will have high carry over to the bench press Not only are you learning to develop isometric strength that will compliment your concentric strength on the lift but you are having to learn how to tap into a deeper well of concentric strength because of the fatigued state that you will find yourself in after the isometric contraction These are tough but very helpful and will certainly carry over to the pause bench discussed earlier as well The use of accessory lifts in training cannot be understated Too often, people continue to bang away at the lift they are trying to get stronger on failing to realize how likely it is that they will not see significant strength gains (or at least fast ones) by continuing to do that Instead, by instituting bench press variations, they are providing a unique stimulus for their muscles that tends to provide a stimulus for better neural connection and ultimately performance on the traditional lift when you go back to it If you’re looking for a program that builds these accessory bench press movements right into the plan exactly when you should do them for best gains, be sure to head to the link below and check out the TOTAL BEAXST program from ATHLEAN-X For more videos on how to increase your bench press and a complete bench press tutorial, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at the link below and turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published Build Muscle in 90 Days - athleanx com x my-workouts Subscribe to this channel here - youtube com user jd


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Weight training for a strong, muscular and defined body ► Shop now www hammer-fitness ch ch-en hammer-bermuda-xt-weight-bench html This universal weight bench with 4-way adjustable backrest and vertically-adjustable weight rack You can build muscle and strengthen your body just like at a professional gym with the Bermuda XT weight bench from HAMMER A weight bench is perfectly suited for building muscle, as free weight training requires intense coordination, and the weight bench supports good form Increase the repetitions and lower the weight in order to focus on endurance In this fashion, you ll get the best shaping effects and will train for a nicely-proportioned, flattering figure Weight training is also ideal for losing weight The more intensive your training, the more calories you burn with the so-called after-burn effect With the Bermuda XT you decide for yourself how much weight to use and in which workout fashion you want to train HAMMER Bermuda XT weight bench - powerful training at home ► Intensive exercise options The Bermuda XT is ideally suited for varied chest training The weight bench includes a weight rack for bench presses and incline bench presses It can be adjusted vertically between 96 and 120 cm, making it perfect for different arm lengths and user heights The backrest adjusts to 4 different positions, providing various exercise angles to concentrate on the individual muscle sections Butterfly exercises are perfect for building a broad, defined chest You can do butterflies perfectly with the Bermuda XT and target the side areas of your chest muscles You can also use the integrated leg curl unit in two ways to train your legs Target the front of your thighs with seated exercises (Quadriceps femoris) Target the rear section of your thighs while lying on your stomach (Ischiocrural muscles) Naturally, you can use the Bermuda XT with a barbell (not included) to perform additional and effective exercises This includes squats, neck presses and dead lifts ► Extremely robust The HAMMER Bermuda XT weight bench features sturdy construction It can handle up to 150 kg (user weight + weights) The weight rack can hold a barbell with a maximum weight of 100 kg for bench presses The leg curl unit can handle up to 50 kg, the butterfly unit can handle up to 30 kg per arm The extreme stability of the Bermuda XT is provided primarily by the solid 50x50 steel pipe frame The frame is also covered with a scratch-resistant powder coating ► Compact, modern design The majority of the HAMMER Bermuda XT looks sharp in sporty silver The backrest and seat are covered in a black and red cushion The 45-mm thick cushion provides for comfortable and ergonomic training The low product weight of just 27 kg means you can quickly move it or stow it away after training The weight bench measures 230 x 135 x 134 cm (L x W x H) ► Accessories and weights Various weight and barbell sets are available for the Bermuda XT weight bench, such as The HAMMER 53 kg or 73 kg barbell and dumbbell sets Both sets include safety clips that secure the weights and ensure a safe workout The chrome-plated barbells and dumbbells have textured grips to ensure a solid grip during intensive workouts or with lots of weight ► Shop now s www hammer de ► Follow Hammer Sport on ➞ Y O U T U B E s www youtube com user hammersportde ➞ F A C E B O O K s de-de facebook com HAMMERSPORTAG ➞ I N S T A G R A M s www instagram com wir_sind_fitness ► or contact us for details ✉ youtube@hamm


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Barbell VS Dumbbell Bench Press - tinyurl com pjw8r2g - click to learn how to overcome your limitations - Ben Pakulski Barbell vs Dumbbell (Bench Press) Is there a difference between a barbell and dumbbell when doing a bench press? IFBB pro Ben Pakulski teaches the difference between using a barbell and dumbbell bench press In this video, Ben Pakulski uses a bench press comparing a barbell and dumbbell If you are looking for the best training program to build muscle, see how IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski builds big muscle through the best 40 day program design routine in his MI40 program www benpakulski com mi40 Don t miss any Ben Pakulski workout or Ben Pakulski training tips by subscribing to the channel s www youtube com user BenPakIFBB And "LIKING" the fanpage here s www facebook com IFBBbenpakFANPage Here are 5 ways I’m helping 100,000+ people build a body they love right now and how I can immediately help you 1 Mi40 Foundation - 4X gains for 40 days Over 100,000 copies sold and once the nr 1 training program on the Internet - no joke Start here if you are new to Intelligent training s www mi40nation com download-area-mi40-foundation 2 Mi40 Xtreme v2 0 - The best workout of your life University-backed protocol adds 13lbs more muscle over “mainstream” training Proven with real life results Learn more s www mi40x com #learn-more Study 1 s www instagram com p Br5M7aFFitd Study 2 s www mi40x com Mi40-Xtreme-Increases-Lean-Body-Mass,-Muscle-Hypertrophy,-Power-and-Strength-in-Resistance-Trained-Athletes pdf Real life results s www mi40x com #real-results 3 The Incredible Bulk - My personal training and nutrition protocol for gaining muscle all year long without getting fat Used by my clients to add up to 14 lbs of new muscle in 4 weeks, or even 30lbs in 12 weeks www benpakulskibulking com 4 (NEW) Hypertrophy Execution Mastery - The first and only online masterclass showing you how to train for YOUR body mechanics (rather than against it) Avoid pains and injuries Fix lagging muscles 1000+ customers, 100+ testimonials Free 4-month trial of Mi40 Nation worth $228 included s hypertrophymastery com How to choose exercises for you s hypertrophymastery com how-to-choose-exercises-for-you 5 Mi40 Nation - the all-inclusive membership for those who #demandexcellence Join 40,000+ members who are taking a holistic approach to building a body they love Learn more s www mi40nation com membership **** Have a Mi40 story to share? Transformations, big and small Inside and out I want to know all about how Mi40 has impacted your life Email support@benpakulski com with all the saucy details, plot twists, numbers, and photos By sending us your Mi40 stories, you agree to help us promote the Muscle Intelligence movement And to let us use your stories publicly to show the world how we #demandexcellence


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How to Bench Press with Proper Form | Mind Pump FREE GUIDE How To Build A Great Chest! s www mindpumpmedia com p How-To-Build-A-Great-Chest Subscribe to Mind Pump TV here bit ly mindpumptv Learn how to bench press with this great guide Bench Pressing is a staple movement of weightlifting and is important to preform properly By doing so, you can build a great looking chest and ensure that your muscle building progress is always upwards FREE GUIDE How To Build A Great Chest! s www mindpumpmedia com p How-To-Build-A-Great-Chest Subscribe to Mind Pump TV here bit ly mindpumptv 0 47 - Retract your shoulders 1 20 - Points of contact 1 47 - Natural lower back arch 2 30 - Bench press grip (hand placement) 3 32 - Barbell path 4 48 - Generating power + feet placement 5 21 - Breathing + bracing The bench press is considered one of THE foundational exercises for the upper body for good reason It trains all of the “pushing” muscles in a way that allows for heavy loads and develops the chest, shoulders, and triceps extremely effectively It would be very difficult to find a bodybuilder who didn’t develop their chest muscles without the use of the bench press It s also one of the “big 3” movements that powerlifters compete in along with the squat and the deadlift One of the most common questions that people ask others to gauge their strength is “how much can you bench ” That all being said the bench press is also responsible for many shoulder, pec and elbow injuries In fact, a damaged AC joint in the shoulder is sometimes referred to as “bench press shoulder ” If done properly the bench press can develop impressive muscle and strength Below we list how to set up and execute a proper bench press for maximum power, strength, chest development and in a way that minimizes the risk of injury Step One Lay down on a flat bench Your feet should be on the floor and NOT up in the air or on the bench Keep the knees bent at 90 degrees with your feet directly under your knees Your upper back, shoulder blades, and butt should be in contact with the bench and should remain in contact with the bench Your low back should have a natural arch and should not be in contact with the bench Step Two Grab the bar with a relatively wide distance Your grip should be wider than your shoulders Typically, your ring finger or pinky finger will be placed on the rings that are present on all bench press bars Step Three Squeeze your shoulder blades back and down In other words, pinch your shoulder blades together while simultaneously bring them down your back…basically don’t let them shrug Step Four Grip the bar hard and unrack the weight Brace your entire body Slowly lower the weight to below your nipple line Your elbows shouldn’t be out at 90 degrees (that a great way to hurt your shoulder) Elbows should be at about 75 degrees Touch your chest with the bar and press it all the way back up It should take you about 3 seconds to lower the bar and about 1-3 seconds to raise the bar That’s it! You are bench pressing! You are on your way to developing a muscular chest, shoulders, and triceps! For more chest workouts and videos on how to do the bench press and the best bench press for your upper chest, make sure to subscribe to Mind Pump TV for all of our awesome fitness information s www youtube com mindpumptv Connect with Mind Pump s www mindpumpmedia com s www instagram com mindpumpmedia s www facebook com mindpump s www youtube com mindpumptv s twitter com min


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