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Download Bad Holiday Decisions That Can Hurt You! download mp4 3gp mp3

Check out these Bad Holiday Decisions That Can Hurt You! From sledding accidents to christmas trees burning your house down, this top 10 list of terrible decisions can ruin your holiday so be careful! Subscribe For New Videos! goo gl UIzLeB Watch our "REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World!" video here s youtu be ChM0CBRmVsM Watch our "10 Sea Monsters ATTACKING A Boat!" video here s youtu be 0XROvoPCDNc Watch our "STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets!" video here s youtu be OMa96nPqz-Y 10 Careless Sledding When the snow begins to fall, there’s only one thing on the minds of kids and let’s face it, adults too sledding Not only is it the most efficient way of traveling from the top of a hill to the bottom, but it s awesome fun! The problem is, though, that when the wintery season approaches, emergency rooms across the country have to prepare themselves for the influx of sled-related injuries 9 Candles No Christmas would feel complete without the use of candles, but having flames burning around the house, plus dry christmas trees, can lead to major problems According to the National Fire Protection Association, candle fires quadruple in frequency in December, with the most dangerous days being Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve 8 Leaving Food in the Oven One of the best things about the holidays is the huge amount of food that’s cooked and eaten, but accidentally leaving food in the oven could cause far greater problems than giving your turkey a slight charcoal-y aftertaste 7 Shoveling Snow When that snow finally comes down, it s not all excitement and cheer It covers everything, including roads and driveways, and so the annual pursuit of shoveling snow begins It s a cold and arduous task, but in the US about 100 people die while shoveling snow per year 6 Eating Too Quickly So you’ve cooked a massive meal, the entire family’s over, and you all sit down to eat Now s when the competition begins to make sure you get your fair share and get as much of the tasty goodness as you can… So you start eating… fast 5 Leaving On Your Christmas Tree Lights They are the focal point of Christmas celebrations, but Christmas Trees can be one of the riskiest parts of the holiday season The lights, in particular, are a fire risk because they spend most of the year in storage, and are only brought out for a few weeks’ use Failure to inspect lights before putting them on a tree could result in a fire- especially as dry Christmas trees can engulf an entire room in flames within 30 seconds of being lit! 4 Over Indulgence I’ve already told you about the immediate dangers of eating too quickly, but there are long-lasting dangers of overindulging during the holidays All the rich food that s consumed can put an immense toll on your body Some statisticians believe that eating a lot, drinking, and watching television over the holidays can knock hours off your life 3 Recklessness While Putting up Decorations When holiday time approaches, people across the world try to outdo their neighbors by putting up increasingly elaborate decorations This activity can prove to be one of the most dangerous aspects of the holiday season, though, believe it or not! So it s important to be careful 2 Eating Holly Berries Holly leaves, branches, and berries are the ideal Christmas decorations, but it s important to keep them out of reach of mischievous hands because holly berries are very very poisonous to both humans and animals 1 Unattended Fires The final terrible decision you can make during the holidays is to leave a roaring fire unattended There are more than double the number of open fire flames on Christmas day than at any other time of the year Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing ani


Download Making Decisions in a Relationship With a Woman (Relationship Advice For Men) download mp4 3gp mp3

So, does a man have to make all of the decisions when in a relationship with a woman? Does he need to do all the work, so his woman can just sit back and enjoy the ride? Not at all To be the man in a relationship with a woman, all you need to do is provide general leadership, rather than making all the decisions and doing all of the work She can make decisions to and as the leader of the relationship, you can give your approval of those decisions or at times, when you don’t agree, you can decide whether or not to be flexible and compromise by going along with her decision Watch the video for examples Here’s another example of a man and a woman making decisions in a relationship You, as the man, want to go on a holiday or vacation, so you suggest that you and her go to Hawaii, Greece or Melbourne, Australia She then agrees and you and her can then plan the vacation together, she can plan it or you can plan it It really doesn’t matter because you are providing the general leadership for the relationship (i e you are suggesting going on a holiday and then either planning it, or delegating the responsibility to her to take care of) Another option is to ask her where she wants to go on holiday and if you agree with her choice, you can then give your approval of that option In other words, you are providing the general leadership in the relationship by asking for options and approving or disapproving, or if you want to, going along with her choice because you are okay with it There are many different approaches you can take However, what you need to know as a man, is that being the man in a relationship with a woman doesn’t mean that you have to make all the decisions, or force her to go along with your decisions Instead, you both work together and contribute to the relationship The only difference between you and her, is that you are the leader who provides the general direction for the relationship and your life together Being the leader doesn’t mean bossing her around, not considering her opinion or anything like that It just means that you are steering the ship or helping to guide the way to a better relationship and life together as a couple, rather than handing over all of that responsibility to her For examples on how to lead the way as you make decisions together as a couple, be sure to watch the video above For more examples of how to be the man in a relationship and how to make your woman respect you, feel attracted to you, love you and treat you well, go to s www themodernman com blog make-her-love-you-for-life html Cheers Dan Bacon Founder of TheModernMan com and creator of, Make Her Love You For Life P S For more relationship tips and advice, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel s www youtube com user DanBaconTheModernMan?sub_confirmat


Download Top 10 Unbelievably Dumb Decisions in Sci Fi Movies download mp4 3gp mp3

Top 10 Unbelievably Dumb Decisions in Sci-Fi Movies Subscribe goo gl Q2kKrD TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Science fiction can be intellectual and require a lot of thought and research, yet these characters made incredibly stupid decisions in the movies WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Stupidest Decisions in Science Fiction Movies But what will take the top spot? Putting the Death Star exhaust port in such an accessible place, taking captured dinosaurs to america in the Jurassic Park sequel, or trusing robots with our military needs in the Terminator franchise? Watch to find out! Our Magazine!! Learn the inner workings of WatchMojo and meet the voices behind the videos, articles by our specialists from gaming, film, tv, anime and more VIEW INSTANTLY goo gl SivjcX If you ve never used the Kindle App before, now s your chance to CHECK it out for FREE! CLICK s goo gl WmULsn 00 50 #10 Training Drillers to Become Astronauts from “Armageddon” (1998) 02 10 #9 Bringing the Sports Almanac Back in Time from “Back to the Future Part II” (1989) 03 29 #8 Falling in Love with a Humanoid Robot from “ex_machina” (2015) 04 41 #7 Testing the Drug ALZ113 from “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2011) 05 40 #6 Running Straight Ahead from “Prometheus” (2012) 06 32 #5 Not Quarantining Kane from “Alien” (1979) 07 35 #4 Kissing the Infected from “28 Weeks Later” (2007) 09 01 #3, #2, #1 ???? Big thanks to Michael T Simpson for suggesting this idea, and to see how WatchMojo users voted, check out the suggest page here watchmojo com suggest Top+10+Dumbest+Decisions+in+Sci-Fi+Movies WatchMojo s Social Media Pages www Facebook com WatchMojo www Twitter com WatchMojo instagram com watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at watchmojo com store WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Cul


Download #AskGaryVee Episode 46 Life Decisions & Getting Punched In The Face download mp4 3gp mp3

#QOTD What wine are you pairing with your Thanksgiving dinner? #TIMESTAMPS 01 23 - How many "punches in the face” & failures can an ordinary person handle before achieving success? 03 07 - Any tips on how to get a mentor? 06 47 -What was the biggest decision in your life that made you successful today? 09 27 - Is paid promotion for “jabs” an effective way to build audience for “right hooks” down the line? 11 26 - Do you schedule time to be on social media? or just jump on randomly during the day as you have time? #LINKS s www garyvaynerchuk com a-short-film-about-how-i-do-bu-657351958 html The biggest decision of my life? Deciding to finally focus on what felt right to me At an early age I received an "F" on one of my Science tests From that moment in time I understood that no matter how many people tried to tell me the importance of school, I knew deep down inside that it wasn t for me And although I knew it would bring me nights upon nights of punishment, I decided that school couldn t be the one thing I focused all of my energy on From my "flower business," to the lemonade stands, to the baseball card collection, I knew early on that I was a businessman Although I had felt it inside, it wasn t until I made the conscious decision to focus on these skills that things began to change for me and my outlook on the rest of my life would be forever different The moment I made the decision I knew that I would be looked at by society as different, and I understood that, but I made the mental decision to accept that and focus on what felt right for me I made a deal with myself that I was ready and willing to eat the pain in order to capitalize on my early self-awareness I decided to focus on my skills and learn as much as possible about whatever venture I was focused on at the time So rather than succumbing to society s pre-determined life plan for me, I fought it, and delivered on what I felt and knew I was -- a businessman I suggest you do the same -- Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and innovative entrepreneur Find more at garyvaynerchuk com Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is now available on Amazon! bit ly jjjrha


Download Term 1 Holidays Decisions download mp4 3gp mp3

The term 1 holiday featuring D1 - No Sleep D2 - Chadstone and Upgrades [0 24] D3 - Karaoke + Surprise Birthday Party [1 12] D4 - Losing a bet [8 54] D5 - Upgrades + Discussion [9 49] D7 - Pink Lake with Ryan [10 48] D8 - [11 28] D9 - Deleting social medias [12 38] If you re new to the channel Welcome ~ I m Jayce and I m a Year 12 student studying at EBSS in Melbourne I love documenting in written and video form I have interests in technology, techwear, entrepreneurship, self development, reading, and more Recording Date s 7 04 19-16 04 19 Edit Date s 1 05 19-4 05 19 - []Social Medias[] Instagram s instagram com jaycebatallones Reddit s reddit com u di_dact Website s jaycebatallones github io (WIP) MAL s myanimelist net profile Ninjayce Snapchat @jaycebatallones Facebook s www facebook com jayce batallones online Twitter s twitter com JayceBatallones - []Music[] Optimistic Fargo - Second Block Rain - Lo-fi type Beat Mac Miller Type Beat - Rockits Kyle x Amine Type Beat - Amine Aries - Blossom - []Gear[] Video Recorder - DJI Osmo Pocket & iPhone XS Editing Software - Premiere Pro - []Ignore[] jayce batallones, highschool vlogs, school life, school vlogs, highschool, highschool vlogs, student, student vlogs, senior, senior vlog, senior school, senior day in my life, teenage highschool, teenager, melbourne, day in the life of an australian student, vce, vce vlogs, vce journal, ebss, day in the life of a year 12, highschool life, senior highschool life, vce life, studying, studies, productivity, australian highsc


Download 34 LIFE HACKS TO FIX YOUR BAD DECISIONS download mp4 3gp mp3

GENIUS IDEAS FOR ANY SITUATION You will love this collection of lifehacks as they will ease your life! Check out a collection of hacks for small problems - We have an emergency lifehack for the situation when you don’t have an iron – you can use a pan with boiling water - If you accidentally left a red sock in a load of whites and all your t-shirts are pink now, don’t panic as we have a perfect solution Take a bucket with water, pour peroxide and soak your pink shirts for 10 minutes - Check out a quick way to fix holes on your clothes - Use bobby pins to hide panty lines - One more cool idea is how to keep the off-the-shoulder top in place especially when you move a lot or dance No problem! You will need two safety pins and hair ties - Check out how to add grip to your slippery shoes - If you want to look good in leggings without underwear traces, cut the top part of your pantyhose and wear under the leggings Moreover, this lifehack will help you to look skinnier - If you have a cat at home, you know that the hair is everywhere! Watch our video and make a pet grooming glove - Keep your fingers safe while cooking by making the guard Follow our instructions! - You will like the idea of inexpensive door closer - You can use old pantyhose as a bag for silk clothes This lifehack will help you to avoid fabric damage - Use clear nail polish to stop runs on pantyhose - Dry your wet shoes by using cat litter Put the cat litter into pantyhose and place into shoes Don’t forget to share these lifehacks with friends! TIMESTAMPS 00 46 Surprising use of a lip balm 08 58 DIY pet grooming gloves 09 19 Kitchen lifehacks 10 52 Cheap door closer 13 55 Crazy uses of pantyhose ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media Facebook s www facebook com 5min crafts Instagram s www instagram com 5 min crafts Twitter s twitter com 5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY s goo gl fWbJqz Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts KIDS s goo gl PEuLVt Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts MEN bit ly 2S69VUG The Bright Side of Youtube s goo gl rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit www brightside me Music by Epidemic Sound s www epidemicsound


Download Last Christmas Official Trailer download mp4 3gp mp3

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding star in #LastChristmasMovie Watch the trailer now -- Facebook unvrs al LastChristmasFB Twitter unvrs al LastChristmasTW Instagram unvrs al LastChristmasIG Site unvrs al LastChristmasSite -- Emilia Clarke (HBO’s Game of Thrones), Henry Golding (A Simple Favor, Crazy Rich Asians), Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson star for director Paul Feig (A Simple Favor, Spy, Bridesmaids) in the romantic comedy Last Christmas, with a screenplay by Academy Award® winner Thompson (Sense and Sensibility, Bridget Jones’s Baby) and playwright Bryony Kimmings Kate (Emilia Clarke) harumphs around London, a bundle of bad decisions accompanied by the jangle of bells on her shoes, another irritating consequence from her job as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop Tom (Henry Golding) seems too good to be true when he walks into her life and starts to see through so many of Kate’s barriers As London transforms into the most wonderful time of the year, nothing should work for these two But sometimes, you gotta let the snow fall where it may, you gotta listen to your heart Last Christmas features the music of George Michael, including the bittersweet holiday classic of the film’s title The film will also premiere brand new unreleased material by the legendary Grammy-winning artist, who sold more than 115 million albums and recorded 10 No 1 singles over the course of his iconic career The film is produced by BAFTA winner David Livingstone for Calamity Films, by Emma Thompson, and by Paul Feig and Jessie Henderson for Feigco Entertainment The film is executive produced by Sarah Brad


Download Top 10 Casting Decisions of All Time download mp4 3gp mp3

Because you can t have a great movie, without great actors, it s time to talk about the greatest casting decisions of all time! Subscribe goo gl 9AGRm What did you think of the list? Do you disagree with any of our picks? Feel like we left out or mis-represented any of the films? What do you think are the best surprise endings in film history? Do you like endings with twists? What other topics would you like to see us cover in future editions of CineFix Movie Lists? Let us know in the comments! Want to send us stuff? CineFix c o Mike Cruz PO BOX 351213 Los Angeles, CA 90035 Watch More Recent Cinefix Videos 9 Things You (Probably) Didn t Know about Half Baked! s www youtube com watch?v ec2wP6D9198 The Martian - What’s The Difference? s www youtube com watch?v KmXPJ_1McJs 5 MORE Brilliant Moments in Film s www youtube com watch?v lJp2zlZ1EwI Sometimes the Villains are Right! s www youtube com watch?v 7FDn45gyZDA 9 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Silence of the Lambs! s www youtube com watch?v drUOUS_WpOw 5 Unranked Brilliant Moments in Film s www youtube com watch?v P8A4ivmCCk4 Hellraiser! - What s the Difference? s www youtube com watch?v 88zqogbG-Do Top 10 Movie Romances of All Time s www youtube com watch?v c0c6QZFaRVQ Hardcore Henry Review! - Cinefix Now s www youtube com watch?v zzrczG_wkDM SPACEBALLS SLEEPER s www youtube com watch?v pDJJaJESZ-w Deadpool Review! - Cinefix Now s www youtube com watch?v _SNunylrQkI 7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Zoolander! s www youtube com watch?v kw4gXz-jwgM Should You Give Speed Racer a Second Chance? s www youtube com watch?v N1pcJ5fCq50 The Finest Hours Review! - Cinefix Now s www youtube com watch?v kxSSvBeVEKE Who Framed Roger Rabbit - What’s The Difference? s www youtube com watch?v UAYqK15hlbI 9 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Labyrinth! s www youtube com watch?v gBhw8aresGg Top 10 Opening Shots of All Time s www youtube com watch?v PnhZXELUmUs 7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Batman (1989)! s www youtube com watch?v 18xl9uA0fGQ 7 MORE Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Back to the Future! s www youtube com watch?v W7EYAzLZL50 EX MACHINA UNDER THE SKIN s www youtube com watch?v dV61A0NmFzI Top 5 Best Holiday Movies of All Time s www youtube com watch?v VP1XLAujDs8 Star Wars Original Trilogy - 8 Bit Cinema s www youtube com watch?v TE8TQ1


Download LES GRANDES DECISIONS DES FILLES ! Lufy download mp4 3gp mp3

REJOINS LA MIFA, ABONNE-TOI bit ly 2146vQQ REDUCTIONS Sephora , Asos, Zalando, et autres ici bit ly 294DnVr Vous gagnez 10€ de cashback au lieu de 3 en vous inscrivant par ce lien ) • S N A P C H A T lufyyyy • I N S T A G R A M @lufyyyy instagram com lufyyyy • T W I T T E R @lufymakesyouup www twitter com lufymakesyouup • B L O G www lufyy com • F A C E B O O K www facebook com lufymakesyouup ▇ EMAIL PRO lufymakesyouup@hotmail fr (pas de réponse pour les e-mails non PROFESSIONNELS) ____________________________________________ ▇ VU DANS LA VIDEO On se retrouve pour une nouvelle vidéo concernant les filles! D vous avez adoré la première, j espère que vous aimerez celle-ci aussi! Je me suis surprise à procrastiner un peu trop parfois, je me suis dit "C est pas possible, je ne dois pas être la seule à faire ça!" ahah Du coup, je suis la seule ou vous êtes vous aussi comme moi? D Love you! Réductions Zalando, Asos, et autres ici fr igraal com #parrain LufyMak Vous gagnez 10€ de cashback au lieu de 3 en vous inscrivant par ce lien ) Vous avez vu ma collection de mug coque? D ici la-coque-personnalisee com fr 151-lufy Hashtag sur vos photos avec mes articles #collectionlufy D Abonne-toi à notre chaîne de Challenges bit ly 1mCm42A ▇ A VOIR Ma Transformation en homme s www youtube com watch?v GeKBnjlLwU4 Get Ready BOY vs GIRL s www youtube com watch?v KUYRichA8FY Ce qui Enerve les Filles s www youtube com watch?v YeunrulxF0s ____________________________________________ ▇ QUESTION FREQUEMMENT POSEES • Oui, je suis une Youtubeuse belge ahah • Je monte mes vidéos grâce à Final cut pro • Mes ongles pose de gel sur mes ongles • Mes cheveux sont lisses naturellement, je ne les lisse pas • Mes cheveux sont décolorés (normalement châtains foncés) ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ♡ Luf


Download Sailing Decisions that Risk EVERYTHING | Sailing to Northeast Sapodilla Caye Belize | S03E15 download mp4 3gp mp3

Before leaving Placencia and sailing to Northeast Sapodilla Caye Belize we get busy checking out of Belize and get the boat ready for a short day sail When the planned departure date arrives a large thunderstorm forms over our proposed path and we are forced to make the decision whether we want to take the risk or be conservative Once underway we decide to motor sail in the calm squally weather and end up having a beautiful trip and a gorgeous afternoon to explore the island Did you like this video? Please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, it helps us out a lot! [ PROJECT ATTICUS HOLIDAY WISH LIST ] a co dDlUphx [ GET YOUR PROJECT ATTICUS T-SHIRT ] s teespring com stores project-atticus [ SUPPORT THE PROJECT ] Hop over to our Patreon Page where our biggest fans help make these videos possible s www patreon com ProjectAtticus [ HELP IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THE VIDEOS ] Check out our Camera Gear Wishlist on Amazon where you can quickly and easily improve the quality of the videos overnight! a co fJ6gnj8 [ GET OFFSHORE SAILING EXPERIENCE ] Use code PAOFFSHORE s saillibra com join-a-sail [ BELIZE CRUISING GUIDE ] s amzn to 2SdkXL5 [ FOLLOW US ] Facebook s www facebook com TheProjectAtticus Website s www ProjectAtticus com Instagram s www instagram com projectatticus [ FILM EQUIPMENT ] Canon M5 - s amzn to 2rhHEz8 Canon Microphone - s amzn to 2IdZDQr Lense Adapter - s amzn to 2w9vvB5 GoPro 3 - s amzn to 2HKWjgy Joby - s amzn to 2HSxA5F Sony RX100 Digital Camera- s amzn to 2yx4nLb Sony RX100 Underwater Housing- s amzn to 2SdAaZI Asus ZenBook Pro - s amzn to 2QenyV1 Adobe Premier Pro - s amzn to 2UlU9pZ [ SAILING GEAR WE LOVE ] Sailrite s www Sailrite com Super Sailmakers s www SuperSailmakers com Sleep on Latex s www SleepOnLatex com Silent Wind s www SilentWindGenerator com Monitor Windvane s www SelfSteer com Mantus Marine s www mantusmarine com Fortress Marine Anchors fortressanchors com Tilley Hats s www tilley com Helio Shower s amzn to 2QY9DSz [ MUSIC ] Epidemic


Download Key decisions loom for President Trump after Thanksgiving download mp4 3gp mp3

RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany looks at the president s agenda after the holiday FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for more than 16 years and according to a Suffolk University USA Today poll, is the most trusted television news source in the country Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre Subscribe to Fox News! s bit ly 2vBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video video foxnews com Watch Fox News Channel Live www foxnewsgo com Watch full episodes of your favorite shows The Five video foxnews com playlist longform-the-five Special Report with Bret Baier video foxnews com playlist longform-special-report The Story with Martha Maccallum video foxnews com playlist longform-the-story-with-martha-maccallum Tucker Carlson Tonight video foxnews com playlist longform-tucker-carlson-tonight Hannity video foxnews com playlist longform-hannity The Ingraham Angle video foxnews com playlist longform-the-ingraham-angle Fox News @ Night video foxnews com playlist longform-fox-news-night Follow Fox News on Facebook s www facebook com FoxNews Follow Fox News on Twitter s twitter com FoxNews Follow Fox News on Instagram s www instagram com fox


Download What if ? 5 Decisions That Changed The World download mp4 3gp mp3

We are all products of the decisions that we and others make every single day of our lives but some decisions have repercussions that are sometimes so far reaching that they can affect everybody on the planet Patreon s www patreon com curiousdroid Paypal me s www paypal me curiousdroid You can now translate this and other curious droid videos, see my video about it here s www youtube com watch?v xLPVgIytKyg In this video we have picked out five decisions that changed the world The Cuban missile crisis was probably the closest we have come to a nuclear conflict and many thank Kennedy for facing down the Soviets by blockading Cuba and turning back the Soviet supply ships But the more important decision was for Kennedy to ignore the advice from General Curtis LeMay the Air Force chief of staff General Curtis LeMay clashed with Kennedy and said that the blockade was a weak political action that would lead to war He suggested that he should be allowed to bomb the Cuban missile sites and that would force Moscow to back down instead of face a nuclear shoot out If you celebrate Christmas or enjoy having Sunday off work, then you’ve got to thank one man almost 1700 years ago for his decision to adopt a minor religion that had been persecuted for over 200 years and it’s not Jesus Christ That man was the Roman Emperor Constantine and his religious conversion took place during the civil war when the roman empire was effectively in two parts with Constantine coming from Britain in the west and Maxentius ruling the east and holding Rome Christianity back then was a banned religion because amongst other things, Christians refused to participate in the Imperial cult This cult regarded the roman emperors and members of their families as gods, anyone who refused to acknowledge this was committing treason which was punishable by death In 312AD Constantine was about to fight a key battle in the war and prayed for divine help Afterwards he claimed to see a burning cross in the sky Later that night he dreamt that god told him use the sign of the cross on his soldiers shields and on the standard to safeguard all his battles Sometimes the actions of a single man’s conscience can make a decision that can the affect the future of a whole nation On September 11th 1777, 12,500 British troops had landed at the northern end of Chesapeake Bay and headed through Pennsylvania toward the patriot capital of Philadelphia Guarding their flank and hiding in the woods were a detachment of green-clad British marksmen on the lookout for American forces led by General George Washington The marksmen’s commanding officer was Captain Patrick Ferguson, a 33-year-old Scotsman who was said to be the finest shot in the British army Ferguson and three of his men spotted a cavalry officer dressed in the colourful uniform of a European hussar followed by a senior American officer wearing a high cocked hat Hand Balance Redux by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( s creativecommons org licenses by 4 0 ) Source incompetech com music royalty-free index html?isrc USUAN1100370 Artist incompetech

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