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Download HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!) mp4 download free video

The hidden teachings of the bible that explain manifestation consciousness & oneness ✅Take My Law Of Attraction Quiz & Get A Free Report! ➡ s bit ly 2ytEHhC These are the hidden teachings which Jesus spoke and Didymus Judas Thomas wrote down (known as The Gospel of Thomas) Within these teachings from Jesus, it explains manifestation, consciousness and oneness Religion has their own explanation for leaving these secret sayings out of the bible However, if this knowledge had been shared early on, our entire history may have changed The sayings themselves are not the secret of these hidden teachings; the secret lies in their interpretation Gregg Braden offers powerful information as he discusses what was eliminated from the bible by our western religion and how to use it to manifest what you want Gregg Braden The Language Of The Divine Matrix full video s www youtube com watch?v gKxl91U3ufI Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns These principles are the secret formula to follow if you wish to align with your desires the way countless others have You are a limitless creator Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire! ✅ Click Here for the LOA Accelerator Flash Discount Price ➡ bit ly 2Hh1kIH *Video Production Content Copyrighted by Your Youniverse Channel ★ 50 Law of Attraction Exercises, Tips & Tricks to Hack Your Mind & Increase Your Manifestation Power➜ amzn to 2hV9o91 Please subscribe to my channel for more videos on the law of attraction and the secret to mastering your mind s www youtube com c youryouniversechannel?sub_confirmation 1 Purchase my best selling book here ► Self-Maid - A maid-turned-doctor explains how to deliberately create your life using Universal Laws and the law of attraction → www amazon com Self-Maid-ebook dp B01A4E0W7W My website and social media links s www TheScienceofDeliberateCreation com s www LawofAttractionAccelerator com s www paypal me YourYouniverse (Donations Support) s sellfy com youryouniverse (Meditations) s twitter com loa_youniverse s www facebook com lawofattractiontoo s www instagram com your youniverse www amazon com - e B018ECSHS2 s plus google com u 0 +YourYouniverseChannel s www pinterest com youryouniverse More law of attraction and mind secret videos Guided Meditation for RAISING Your VIBRATION and CLEARING Negative Energy (Life Changing!) s youtu be k6Xv_yUpvag SHIFT From WANTING to Having! Give Yourself PERMISSION to HAVE the Things You Want! s youtu be _4tQf3OApUg What SUCCESSFUL People Do to CREATE Their REALITY! + 3 Tips to THINK HOW THEY THINK s youtu be KHtmXM9t-go How to Use Brainwave ENTRAINMENT to SYNCHRONIZE Your VIBRATION & ATTRACT What You WANT! s youtu be c4wfpYmXEZs How to INCREASE the PROBABILITY of CREATING What You WANT! Law of Attraction Exercise s youtu be 5p71SdrgIm8 How to MAKE Your DREAMS BECOME Your REALITY - 4 Simple Steps to MANIFEST WHAT YOU WANT! s youtu be uzSABYV4tJs 8 Ways to Get INTUITIVE Direction from Your HIGHER SELF - Achieve More Happiness Success Abundance s youtu be XrFcDKW3cog Turn Your Brain Into a CREATION MACHINE! 6 Steps to MANIFEST MORE of What You WANT! (Powerful!) s youtu be qI4oOTW3gpI The Garden of Your Mind – Law of Attraction GUIDED MEDITATION (Plant the Seeds for WHAT YOU WANT!) s youtu be s782CYQWZqw This How to START Your Day! Law of Attraction Morning ROUTINE to MANIFEST MORE of What YOU WANT! s youtu be Pp2w_8sPFTs Three Ways to MASTER the Art of OBSERVATION! (Consciousness CREATES REALITY!) s youtu be ehMERQN2TWg Law of Attraction | the secret | mind | powerful | key | success | life | training | coach | personal | business | speaker | development | inspiration | motivation | public speaking | leadership | marketing | management | coaching (industry) | sales | motivational | positive | entrepreneur | seminar | inspirational | new | 2018 | attract | create | manifest | the hidden teachings of the bible | jesus | manifestation | consciousness | oneness | powerful information | how to manifest what you want | this can change everything | the gospel of Thomas | awakening | enlighte


Download 7 Law of Attraction Secrets Hidden in The Bible | Manifest with God mp4 download free video

Download My Law of Attraction Book for FREE ► bit do FREE-EHLOA-Download A lot of people ask if spirituality and the law of attraction is related to religion or god In fact whether in the bible or any other religious teachings it shows us that we are all one In this video I break it all down for you to understand and reveal to you all of the law of attraction secrets that are mentioned in the bible If you want to manifest with God or you just want to know all the biblical references to manifestation or the laws of attraction this video will help you understand this This is how to ask God for help or how to pray properly to get your prayers answered by God or some may call the divine Namaste EH ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- 🤔Want to Ask Eric a Question? 🤔 Drop your questions here ► s m me EricHoOfficial ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- ❤️ HELP TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO ❤️ If you loved this video, help people in other countries enjoy it too by making captions for it Spread the love and impact ► bit do EHContribute ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- 🏆 We Upload New Videos Every Day at 8am UK GMT 🏆 Subscribe NOW to Stay Motivated, Inspired & Committed ► s www youtube com user EricHoOfficial ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! 💯 Facebook Page ► bit do EricHoFB Instagram ► bit do EricHoINSTA ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- 🌍 Want to Raise Your Vibrations🌍 Click here ► bit do EHMeditation ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- Visit My Official Website for Ways to Take Your Life to The Next Level ► s www EricHoOfficial com ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- 💡 ERIC’S RECOMMENDATION 💡 ► Eric s Morning Ritual for Increased Productivity and Focus bit do EHRitual ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- EQUIPMENT USED TO FILM THE SHOW ► CAMERA - CANON 80D - s amzn to 2KMADhj ► SIGMA LENS - s amzn to 2KFQKAF ► CAMERA TRIPOD - s amzn to 2Kzerv9 ► STUDIO LIGHTING - s amzn to 2lVPWJS ► RODE MICROPHONE - s amzn to 2tZpP8q ► APPLE MACBOOK 15 RETINA - s amzn to 2u7jiZi ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- ► Business Enquiries Contact MasterLim@HAkademy com ► About Eric Ho www erichoofficial com biography ► About H Akademy s www HAkademy com ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- GET FREE ACCESS to my INSIDERS HUB ► s goo gl qZCZrT Join Our H Akademy Insider Community ► s goo gl 0P87HB All Fanmail to H Akademy LTD PO box 1191, Lincoln, LN5 5JZ ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- • Contact • teamericho@hakademy com ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-


Download HIDDEN SECRETS of the Bible That Explain About Money, Abundance & Oneness [Very Powerful!] mp4 download free video

There are a lot of hidden teachings in the bible about money, abundance and oneness because most people misinterpret the secret information and how powerful Jesus teaching are After studying spirituality and religion for so many years I have come to find that there is a parallel between everything including the law of attraction, money manifestation, and the words from God written in the Bible It is all shifting our human race towards a great awakening, consciousness and enlightenment This message about Money and Wealth is very powerful, the question is, can we be spiritual and rich at the same time Leave your comments below! Want to Ask me a Question? Click Here ► s goo gl X1Sisf GET FREE ACCESS to my INSIDERS HUB ► s goo gl qZCZrT Join Our H Akademy Insider Community ► s goo gl 0P87HB Follow Me on Instagram ► s goo gl gt0n2a I upload videos like this everyday at 8am UK GMT Subscribe NOW to stay motivated & inspired s goo gl yFcnfY ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- Want to know my Story? Click here s www youtube com watch?v 0XZIe3PHzXk ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-­-­- • Contact • Team@HAkademy com ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­----------------------------------­-­-


Download Banned from the Bible Secrets of the Apostles 720p mp4 download free video

When Jesus was a boy, did he kill another child? Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute — or an apostle? Did Cain commit incest? Will there be an apocalypse, or is this God s trick to scare us? The answers to these questions aren t found in the Bible as we know it, but they exist in ures banned when powerful leaders deemed them unacceptable for reasons both political and religious "Banned From The Bible" reveals some of these alternative tales and examines why they were "too hot for Christianity " This video falls under 17 USC § 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights Fair use Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include— (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; (2) the nature of the copyrighted work; (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors This video is for educational purposes ONLY I did not make this video, nor did I supply the audio Both the audio and video are solely property of A&E Television Networks I am seeking no type of compensation This documentary was made, produced, and is completely owned by A&E Television Networks I am not claiming this video as my own in any way Once again, this video is strictly for educational purposes, and it may not be used in any other ma


Download 888 SECRETS of JESUS The name Jesus is an ancient code, Christian mysteries of the Bible mp4 download free video

To see Part 2 s www youtube com watch?v GwRMHjZ-yc0 s www 37x73 com SUBSCRIBE TO SEE MORE VIDEOS! THE JESUS SECRETS explores the unexplained and mysterious math of the Bible The Church is largely unaware of gematria, and how the names of God and Jesus Christ feature numerically in the ures THE JESUS SECRETS video channel and the website 37x73 com are a place to explore these long lost mathematics of the Bible The videos represent the collective findings of a new intellectual movement, a group of individual mathematicians and biblical researchers from all over the world The work of John Elias, Rob Slattery and Bill Downie and the like, is based on the initial gematria findings of Ivan Panin and the more recent research accomplished by Vernon Jenkins and Richard McGough The Number Movement is a group of individual biblical researchers who meet online and exchange ideas, research tools and new discoveries made in the Bible and elsewhere Links to all these researchers can be found at 37x73 com Theistic mathematics has its roots in the early Christian church, but was more or less lost over the centuries as much of Christianity became Latinized and eventually Anglicized, languages that were not naturally alphanumeric Modern theistic mathematics arose with the rise of the internet In the late 90 s a few websites popped up that became highly influential to the movement The two most important were Vernon Jenkin s TheOtherBibleCode com and Richard McGough s Biblewheel com The Biblewheel was an extensive website with a forum and database that allowed visitors to perform searches for number references in the ancient manu s of the Bible The Biblewheel s owner and operator, Richard McGough believed at the time, that the Bible had a single overarching code based on three concentric circles, i e The Biblewheel He later claimed to debunk this concept The Number Movement however was less interested in the Biblewheel concept and far more interested in the mathematical patterns that his database allowed people for the first time in history to investigate These two sites gave birth to more websites like Rob Slattery s BibleGematria com, John Elias 37x73 com and Bill Downie s thesecretcode co uk In the most recent phase of the Number Movement, researchers have been connecting to each other outside of the confines of the Biblewheel forums, where much of the conversation first began As independent researchers began to connect together they began exchanging ideas and concepts and more and more evidence began to appear Evidence for a mathematical code based on the alphanumerics of language were being discovered in areas such as number theory, pure mathematics, physics, astronomy, archaeology and many other place besides Certain researchers specialized in specific areas Rob Slattery focused his attentions on transcendental numbers, in particular the three most important, pi, phi and e Incredibly, not only did he find codes in each, but he found a single code that connected all three John Elias worked on finding Divine patterns in the original texts of the Bible and developing theistic mathematic theory on topics such as probability theory, the Three Seven Code, the Golden Ratio and most recently the blood code of Jesus Christ found on the Shroud of Turin Bill Downie, specialized in English gematria, though he made many fundamental discoveries in Hebrew and Greek as well Craig Paardekooper explored the correlations between genetics and gematria Others such as John Nuyton focused on ministry and education Collectively they are the leaders of a new intellectual movement that could revolutionize the theology of the Christian religion The collective evidence amassed by the Number Movement is a very large dataset Just the mathematical evidence online represents well over a thousand pages of reading Members of the movement who are well read in this evidence know this phenomenon to be beyond the realm of coincidence Rather, they know it to be an enormously elaborate code underlying science, mathematics and even history itself For more information on this rapidly developing field of inquiry, go to 37x73 com, subscribe to this video channel for updates on the movement with TheMathematicalStandard video newsletter or get on the mailing list by emailing Johnelias@israelmail com with the subject line Join! Soundscheme via Looperman com Blazebeatsoffi


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