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Download The Quest for Glueballs download mp4 3gp mp3

The quantum world is weird Today we re looking at a strange particle called a glueball that contains no matter they re made of pure force! s www kickstarter com projects veritasium snatoms-the-magnetic-molecular-modeling-kit Annotations Higgs Boson Discovery! We think? s youtu be sb8mPtdARMk Fundamental Forces of Physics Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLsNB4peY6C6JDc1HcVKjjYzVB0BYEXexd Hosted by Hank Green ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters -- we couldn t make SciShow without them! Shout out to Justin Ove, Chris Peters, Philippe von Bergen, Fatima Iqbal, John Murrin, Linnea Boyev, Justin Lentz, and David Campos ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records dftba com scishow Or help support us by becoming our patron on Patreon s www patreon com scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook www facebook com scishow Twitter www twitter com scishow Tumblr scishow tumblr com Instagram instagram com thescishow Sources www tuwien ac at en news news_detail article 9706 journals aps org prl abstract 10 1103 PhysRevLett 115 131601 www4 hcmut edu vn ~huynhqlinh olympicvl tailieu physlink_askexpert ae607 cfm htm www wisegeek com what-is-a-gluon htm home cern about physics standard-model www particleadventure org color html arstechnica com science 2015 10 missing-glueballs-are-sticky-problem-for-particle-physics www livescience com 52558-glueballs-potentially-found-lhc html phys org news 2015-10-particle-purely-nuclear html www sciencedaily com releases 2015 10 151013103227 htm www gluex org GlueX Home html www fair-center eu public experiment-program antiproton-physics panda html www tandfonline com doi abs 10 1080 01422418308242491 webs morningside edu slaven Physics atom atom2 html www physlink com Education AskExperts ae565 cfm newscenter lbl gov 2005 10 27 closing-in-on-the-elusive-glueball motherboard vice com read there-is-growing-evidence-that-our-universe-is-a-giant-hologram www whillyard com science-pages holographic html www actaphys uj edu pl _cur store sup8 pdf s8p0289 pdf Images s commons wikimedia org wiki File CERN_LHC_Tunnel1 jpg s en wikipedia org wiki File Nucleus_drawing svg s commons wikimedia org wiki File Pine_tree_trunk jpg s commons wikimedia org wiki File CERN_Control_Cente


Download Gluons | Standard Model Of Particle Physics download mp4 3gp mp3

www facebook com ScienceReason The Standard Model of Particle Physics (Episode 4) Gluons --- Please SUBSCRIBE to Science & Reason • www youtube com Best0fScience • www youtube com ScienceTV • www youtube com FFreeThinker --- STANDARD MODEL OF PARTICLE PHYSICS www youtube com user Best0fScience#g c 4A8C50311C9F7369 1) First Second Of The Universe www youtube com watch?v 4HXPYO5YFG0 2) Force And Matter www youtube com watch?v p5QXZ0__8VU 3) Quarks www youtube com watch?v PxQwkdu9WbE 4) Gluons www youtube com watch?v ZYPem05vpS4 5) Electrons, Protons And Neutrons www youtube com watch?v Vi91qyjuknM 6) Photons, Gravitons & Weak Bosons www youtube com watch?v JHVC6F8SOFc 7) Neutrinos www youtube com watch?v m7QAaH0oFNg 8) The Higgs Boson The Higgs Mechanism www youtube com watch?v 1_HrQVhgbeo The Standard Model of particle physics is a theory of three of the four known fundamental interactions and the elementary particles that take part in these interactions These particles make up all visible matter in the universe Every high energy physics experiment carried out since the mid-20th century has eventually yielded findings consistent with the Standard Model Still, the Standard Model falls short of being a complete theory of fundamental interactions because it does not include gravitation, dark matter, or dark energy It is not quite a complete de ion of leptons either, because it does not describe nonzero neutrino masses, although simple natural extensions do • en wikipedia org wiki Standard_Model --- Gluons mediate the Strong Force They have no mass, no electric charge and no weak charge So depicting gluons visually is a real challenge To begin with, there are eight of them, and each carries a combination of color charge Secondly, there are no free gluons, they exist only virtually when two quarks interact Third, since the gluons have their own color charge, they generate secondary virtual gluons, and these generate other gluons, ad infinitum This means there is such an ongoing storm of these gluons that the whole process is impossibly complicated But undaunted, we press on We know that when gluons cause two quarks to interact, the quarks swap color, and since color is conserved, the gluon must have at least two colors of its own Next, we know that the strong force mediated by the gluons increases in strength, as the quarks get farther apart This means the gluon field is what is called a flux tube and leads to a gluon shaped like a string --- The Cassiopeia Project - making science simple! The Cassiopeia Project is an effort to make high quality science videos available to everyone If you can visualize it, then understanding is not far behind • www cassiopeiaproject


Download Strong Nuclear Force download mp4 3gp mp3

057 - Strong Nuclear Force In this video Paul Andersen explains how the strong nuclear force holds the nucleus together in spite of repulsive electrostatic charges acting on the nucleons Mesons exchanged between nucleons keep the nucleus intact and gluons exchanged between the quarks achieve the same goal within the nucleons The strong nuclear force accounts for the nuclear binding force in all atoms Do you speak another language? Help me translate my videos www bozemanscience com translations Music Attribution Title String Theory Artist Herman Jolly sunsetvalley bandcamp com track string-theory All of the images are licensed under creative commons and public domain licensing “Atomic Nucleus ” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, September 18, 2014 en wikipedia org w index php?title Atomic_nucleus&oldid 624051126 DZadventiste, Helium_atom_QM svg User Yzmoderivative work A Depiction of the Nucleus Structure of the Helium Atom The Magnified Nucleus Is Schematic, Showing Protons in Pink and Neutrons in Purple In Reality, the Nucleus (and the Wavefunction of Each of the Nucleons) Is Also Spherically Symmetric and 1s, and the Four Particles, Each with a Different Quantum Number and Are All Most Likely to Be Found in the Same Space, at the Exact Center of the Nucleus , May 31, 2009 Helium_atom_QM svg commons wikimedia org wiki File Helium_Nucleus svg “Electromagnet ” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, September 23, 2014 en wikipedia org w index php?title Electromagnet&oldid 626753201 “Electromagnetism ” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, September 23, 2014 en wikipedia org w index php?title Electromagnetism&oldid 625353365 “Gluon ” Simple English Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, August 19, 2014 simple wikipedia org w index php?title Gluon&oldid 4206771 Katz, Jeffrey G English Generator Gallery of the Arizona Wing of the Hoover Dam Powerhouse , March 6, 2006 Own work commons wikimedia org wiki File Hoover_Dam_Arizona_Generator_Gallery tif “Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation ” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, September 11, 2014 en wikipedia org w index php?title Newton%27s_law_of_universal_gravitation&oldid 625134927 “Nucleon ” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, September 18, 2014 en wikipedia org w index php?title Nucleon&oldid 617579544 “Weak Interaction ” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, September 19, 2014 en wikipedia org w index php?title Weak_interaction&oldid 62396


Download Phenomenology of the Quark Gluon Plasma by Rajeev Bhalerao download mp4 3gp mp3

PROGRAM THE MYRIAD COLORFUL WAYS OF UNDERSTANDING EXTREME QCD MATTER ORGANIZERS Ayan Mukhopadhyay, Sayantan Sharma and Ravindran V DATE 01 April 2019 to 17 April 2019 VENUE Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore Strongly interacting phases of QCD matter at extreme temperature and densities are complex and perplexing, yet they can reveal a lot about the fundamental dynamics of gauge theories One such phase is the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP), which was formed in the microsecond-old Universe and has recently been successfully recreated in the major collider experiments at CERN and BNL Upcoming experiments will probe QCD matter further in the high baryon density regime revealing many features of the complex phase diagram Recently new insights on cold dense QCD matter which inhabit the core of neutron stars have come from observations of new era of multi-messenger astronomy Theoretical de ion of how such phases of QCD matter were formed from perturbative processes and their equilibration and thermodynamic and real-time properties pose one of the most difficult challenges in theoretical physics today The goal of this program is to train the younger researchers comprehensively for confronting this challenge via assimilation of diverse theoretical perspectives including lattice gauge theory, perturbative QCD, and also holographic and kinetic approaches for far-from-equilibrium phenomena The main lectures will be on 1 Perturbative QCD and effective theories like SCET 2 Lattice Gauge Theory 3 Thermal Field theory and hard-thermal-loop resummations in QCD 4 Low-x physics 5 Holographic approaches to QCD matter 6 QCD kinetic theory 7 Jets in QGP We will also have talks on special emerging topics like hydrodynamic attractors, novel hybrid approaches, phenomenological methods, neutron stars and QCD, and a discussion session on collectivity in small systems Finally, we will have talks from younger participants of the program CONTACT US extremeqandg2019@icts res in PROGRAM LINK s www icts res in program extremeqand


Download Building the MyDevoxx App with JavaFX and Gluon by Johan Vos and Eugene Ryzhikov download mp4 3gp mp3

Java is becoming a first-class language for cross-platform mobile development In this session, we give an overview of the status of Java on iOS and Android We cover the VM and AOT options, the JavaFX UI framework (using javafxports), the IDE plugins and other tools, and the integration options with cloud and back-end systems The Write Once Run Anywhere idea is no longer a dream Your favourite IDE and the Gluon plugin is all you need to create apps that can be uploaded to the App Store and Play Store Johan Vos started to work with Java in 1995 He was part of the Blackdown team, porting Java to Linux His main focus is on end-to-end Java, combining back-end systems and mobile embedded devices He received a Duke Choice award in 2014 for his work on javafx on mobile In 2015, he co-founded Gluon, which allows enterprises to create (mobile) Java Client applications leveraging their existing backend infrastructure Gluon received a Duke Choice award in 2015 Johan is a Java Champion, a member of the BeJUG steering group, the Devoxx steering group and he is a JCP member He is the lead author of the Pro JavaFX 8 book, and he has been a speaker at numerous conferences on Java Eugene Ryzhikov is a software architect with extensive experience in a wide range of technologies For most of his career he has been working inside the Java universe using Java and Scala In 2015, he cofounded Gluon, which allows enterprises to create mobile Java client applications leveraging their existing back-end infrastructure Gluon received a Duke’s Choice award in

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