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Download Sik Mein Full Video | Vandana Nirankari | Jayesh Sharma | Sindhi Songs mp4 download free video

The most catchy sindhi song Sik Mein is ready to win your hearts as sung in the swaggy vocals of Vanadana Nirankari Stay updated with latest videos from Vandana Nirankari, Subscribe on below link youtube com Vandyyo For Business Queries Email us at vandyofficial12@gmail com & talent@tips in Song credits Singer Vandana Nirankari Re-created Juggy Gill Lyrics Vandana Nirankari and Jayesh Sharma Mixed and Mastered Gurjinder Singh and Akash Bambar at Saffron Director & DOP Shailesh Bongale Editor Dinesh Chavan (Tips Industries Ltd ) DI & Online Nadeem Akhtar Performers Pranali Patil and Vishal Kalekar Makeup and hair Viina Panjwani (panache_brides) Original song credits Composed and written by Padmashree Prof Ram Panjwani ji Set Sik Mein song as your Mobile Callertune (India Only) Vodafone Users Dial 53711023450 Airtel Users Dial 5432116801887 Idea Users Dial 5678911023450 Available On Gaana s gaana com artist vandana-nirankari Saavn bit ly 2RZE3jJ iTunes s apple co 2BxFrET Song Lyrics Sik mein o sik mein (In the longing to meet you, O my beloved) Sika mein sikkia khe keena sikaaye bhalara (I am already suffering, please don t make me suffer more ) Dukha me dukhia khe keena dukhaaye dulara (I am already sad, please don t make me sadder) Sun swaal muhinjo (Please listen to me) Heeno haal muhinjo (Come and heal me) Sik mein Repeat (rap) Dissi dissi tokhey munjyun tharandyun hu akhyun, (There’s happiness in my eyes when I see you) Yaadun dil maa muhinjey na vanyi saggyun, (Our memories couldn’t fade away from my mind) Jiyan mumein aahin tu, tiyan tomey ayan ma, (You are in me like I am in you (you are a part of me) Na ko munkha juda tu na ko tokhan juda ma (Neither I am away from you nor are you away from me) Gaalh aa kehdi he waqt cho badlyo aa, (What is going on? Why have the times changed?) Tuinjey muinjey vicha me judaai jo kam cho aa, (Why is there separation between you and me) *pause* Na hosh aa, na rosh aa, na tuinjo koi dosh aa, (I am not in my senses, but it’s not your fault) Shayad hee bhi Mohabbata jo he hik Josh aa, (May be this is also one form of love) Mumein ditho aahey tokhey tomey ditho aahey mukhey, (I have seen me in you and you in me) Hinna Ishqa jey agyaan muinji haar aa, (I am at a loss in front of your love) Hinna Ishqa ji charcha hazaar aa, (There is a lot of talks about our love) Hinna Ishqa saan dil muinji thar aa, (This love heals my heart) Hinna Ishqa me zindagi bhi par aa, (This love is my ultimate destiny) Hinna dil, dil dil dil (This heart heart heart heart) Hinna Dil thori charia me tuhinjo khayaal aa, (This stupid heart only thinks about you) Awaaz budhan ji zid bhi tamaam aa, (It wants to listen to your voice so badly) Na ko mukhaan juda tun na ko tokhaan juda maa, (Neither you are away from me, nor I am away from you) Tuinjey laaye aa pyaar daadho aahey beshumar, (I love you a lot) Kiyan ishqa khe chunyo asaan pyaar khe chunyo, (How we chose love!) Haane magar *skip 2 beats* Intzar aa!! (But now, I am only waiting ) Dil ji aa Dil me kehenkhe budhayan (What is In my heart only remains with me, I can’t share this with anyone) Dil thori -3 Chari (This heart is crazy) Khushi bhi dil me, gham bhi dil me (Happiness & sadness both are in my heart) Chot bhi dil me, Dua bhi dil me (There is hurt, and there are prayers, in the heart) Shukur bhi dil me,fikur bhi dil me (there is thankfulness, yet there is fear ) Tuhinjo he bas naalo dil me (There is nothing else but your name in my heart) Chaah bhi dil me, raah bhi dil me (There is hunger for you, but there is also relief in my heart) Samjha bhi dil me,ramjha bhi dil me (There is understanding, but there is confusion also) Jeet bhi dil me, haar bhi dil me (You win and you loose with this heart) Toh laaye sikka Pyaar aa dil me (There is nothing but love for you) Tu aan tu (It’s You, You & only You in my heart) pehenjey akhyun me tokhey weharyan (I keep you on my eyes) Tokhan siwaye kehde na niharyan (I don t see anyone else other than you) Sikka tuhinji Sai lokaan likayan (I hide this longing for you from people) aen dil me ma gayan (And I sing in my heart) Sik mein #SikMein #VandanaNirankari #SindhiHits #TopSindhiSongs #RamPanjwani Join Us On youtube com Vandyyo youtube com tipsofficial s youtube com tipsfilms youtube com dilapnapunjabi youtube com bhaktiprem s www facebook com TipsMusic s www instagram com tips s twitter com tipsofficial s plus google com +TipsMusic dailymotion com tipsmusic

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Download Zukam ka Ilaj (Sardi | सर्दी ) Jukam ka Desi Ilaj in Hindi mp4 download free video

Zukam ka Ilaj in Hindi (सर्दी उपचार या इलाज हिंदी में) - Nazla Zukam ya Jukam (Sardi) ka desi ilaj (treatment) hindi mai Jaane Common cold kyu hota hai aur usse bachne ke gharelu nuskhe (upay) 1) Tip Number 1 - Adrak aur Shehad Adrad ke ras aur shehad ko barabar matra mai milakar lene se sardi mai kafi raahar milti hai Ek baat ka khas dhyaan rahe, adrak aur shehad ke mixture ki lene ke baad pani ka saven na kar, isliye ishe pani pine ke baad ya raat mai sote waqt le 2) Tip Number 2 - Steam ye ek bahut hi aasan upay hai sardi ko dur karnte ke liye, saaf pani ko garam kar le aur uski bhaap (steam) le Yaad rahe ke apane sir ko saaf towel se dhak le, isse aapko behtar mehsoos hoga 3) Tip Number 3 - Muleti aur Kaali Mirch Muleti aur Kaali Mirch, dono ko 10-10 gram le aur pees le Iske baad 30 gram purane gud mai dono ke mixture ko aachi taraha mila kar, inki choti choti goliya bana le In goliyo ko saaf pani ke saath le, isse sardi mai rahat aayegi aur dheer dheer bhehtar mehsoos karege 4) Tip Number 4 - Amla Amla aur uske chilko ko aachi tarha sukha le aur uska churan bana le, ab ushi barabar matra mai mishri le aur dono ko mila de 6 gram subah saaf pani ke saath is churan ka saven kare, ye upay sardi ke liye achook mana jata hai Is se nuskhe se purani se purani sardi-jukhaam thik ho sakta hai 5) Tip Number 5 - Kaali Mirch aur Tulsi 8 se 10 kaali mirch aur 10 se 15 tulsi ke paate le aur inki chay banakar piye Is se na kewal sardi aur khasi thik ho sakte hai baki ki, bukhar mai bhi raahat aati hai 6) Tip Number 6 - Long (Clove) Agar aapko sardi ho rahi hai tho, aap din mai 2 se 3 long ko chabaye, isse bhi sardi mai aaram liege Saath hi saath long (clove) ko chay mai bhi daal kar le sakte hai 7) Tip Number 7 - Sarso ka Tel Sarso ke tel ki 2-3 drops (boond) direct naak mai daalne se sardi mai turant aaram dekha ja sakta hai 8) Tip Number 8 - Sarso ka Tel Neelgiri ke tel ko garam pani mai daal kar agar steam li jaye tho sardi mai raahat aati hai Steam lete waqt sir par saaf towel rahe jisse steam ka loss na ho aur aap properly inhale kar sakte For more info visit - lifenexto com health sardi-khansi-gharelu-nuskhe ------------------------------------------ HEALTH DISCLAIMER - These remedies are based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, and are completely natural, non-invasive, and can be prepared at home The information on this channel is designed for educational purposes only It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems Consult your doctor if the symptoms per

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Download 3 Easy Ways to Whistle With Your Tongue mp4 download free video

Can you whistle? If you’ve spent countless hours trying to whistle but never figured out how, here’s your chance! There are lots of different ways to set your tongue, lips, and fingers to whistle Then you can make a mundane task more interesting, pass the time, and impress others An informal poll found that 67% of people asked said they couldn’t whistle or couldn’t whistle very well Many non-whistlers think that whistling will always be an impossible task for them, a feat that is simply beyond their capabilities — and so they stop trying They might attribute this inability to genetics, the shape of their mouth, the shape of their lips, or the width of their tongue Watch our new video to learn how to use your tongue to create the sharp and vibrant whistle you’ve been dreaming of TIMESTAMPS Method 1 2 03 Method 2 3 06 Method 3 3 51 Bonus Puckering Method 5 01 #howtowhistle #whistling Music by Epidemic Sound s www epidemicsound com SUMMARY - Begin by slightly puckering your lips A good trick is to exclaim “Ooohh!” and keep your lips in the position they’re in at the end of the exclamation Move your tongue toward the roof of your mouth, and set the tip of your tongue against your 2 front teeth Then blow air out Doing this will create a high-pitched sound The sound will vary according to how much air you blow out the stronger you blow, the higher the pitch - Pull back your lips against your teeth You should look like a smiling baby with just gums! You can use your fingers to ensure your teeth are fully covered You can also use a mirror to double check that your mouth looks like it should - This method involves using your tongue and 2 fingers Decide which fingers you want to use They will hold your lips in the proper position, so you should use fingers that are strong enough to hold your lips in place and sit comfortably in your mouth Some finger combinations include both index fingers, middle fingers, or pinky fingers But for many, the easiest choice is the thumb and index finger of your right hand - If none of those techniques are working for you, you can always try the puckering method of whistling, which is the most common for whistling a song This method simply involves puckering your lips, letting your tongue become relaxed inside your mouth, and then blowing out air It’s important to blow the right amount of air Subscribe to Bright Side s goo gl rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media Facebook s www facebook com brightside Instagram s www instagram com brightgram 5-Minute Crafts Youtube s www goo gl 8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit www brightsid

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Download Why Do Indian Brahmins Keep A Shikha Or A Choti Significance of a Choti Hindu Tradition mp4 download free video

Why Do Brahmins Wear A Choti On Their Head? Our human body has seven energy centres, or chakras, starting from the first one at the base of the spine known as the Mooladhara Chakra, to the seventh and last - the Sahasrara Chakra, which means the thousand petalled lotus The kundalini is a snake like subtle energy lying coiled at the base chakra, which through yogic exercise can be made to uncoil and rise up through the chakras, finally reaching the one at the top, the Sahasrara The enlightened Master is one who has achieved the deepest realization of life, and his kundalini would have crossed the shikha, covering the part of the skull wherein lies the final chakra, and reached the Sahasrara Chakra Sushrut rishi, the eminent surgeon of Ayurveda, describes the master sensitive spot on the head as Adhipati Marma, which is where the nexus of all nerves is It is the shikha that protects this vital spot Below in the brain is located the Brahmarandhra, where the sushumnã (nerve) arrives from the lower part of the body In yoga, Brahmarandhra is the centre of wisdom, and the knotted shikhã helps boost this centre and conserve its subtle energy, known as ojas Subscribe our channel For More Videos s goo gl u6PdTt Like Us on Facebook s www facebook com superaudiomadras Connect with us on G+ s plus google com +LearnMusicVideos posts Tweet us your favourite videos on s twitter com musicandchants Visit our official website www musicandchants com Connect on iTunes s goo gl 8

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