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Botchamania 346 Addicted To Brother Love Music Hog Wild & Whole Hog by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy) The Gambler by Kenny Rogers Harmonic Generator by The Datsuns Stage 1 by James & Gang (Pepsiman - The Running Hero) Thanks To Facade and Dani, The Neon Blondes for the fabulous intro Josh Axe Shooter for the ring clip David Herman for the Braun Shrek idea that a lot of people suggested, but he got there first finalflax69 for the inspiration for the Ellsworth Bryan ending Davesempai for the Harry Potter masterpiece from months ago Notes Twin Peaks Impact Wrestling related bit has been suggested by a bunch of people given the importance of that line in the TV series YMMV I ve seen way too many YTPMVs of Jack Black s Sesame Street appearance to not jump on Kofi s red hexagons line, unless it s some uber-cool reference to something Random shout-out to MegaRan for making it onto Smackdown behind New Day Another win for the good guys EVERYONE TALKS TOO MUCH returns after months No-one s been talking loud, sorry The Homer Simpson Real American was posted as a shitpost and is easily the best shitpost I ve ever shitposted Not sure it works as well as ending but ah well No NJPW this week, I had a puro-loving friend watch it and he didn t get back to me in time Ah well That Crash Bandicoot HD soundtrack is going to keep me going until 2019 so thanks Naughty Dog This was a good episode to sum up the mind games that go in before I put a video out, wondering OH CHRIST IS THERE ENOUGH BOTCH IN THIS EPISODE because one or two people complain about excessive endings despite getting lots of THE ENDINGS ARE THE BEST BIT comments These mental battles will never end List Of Companies Featured And Where To Find Them WWE have a Network which I think is $9 99 (and you can also watch butchered HD versions of ECW 1999 on there too) www wwe com wwenetwork Impact Wrestling can be watched on Total Access impactwrestling com fightnetwork com totalaccess ICW has an On Demand, which you should know because they bought adverts a while ago s twitter com InsaneChampWres s www facebook com InsaneWrestling www insanewrestling co uk s icwondemand pivotshare com PROGRESS Wrestling have a site network like all the loveliest lads s twitter com ThisIs_Progress s www facebook com ProgressWrestling s demandprogress pivotshare com s progresswrestling myshopify com Kayfabe Commentaries are the best shoot interview people kayfabecommentaries com wwnliv

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Botchamania 349 Nia Jax City Music N Tropy Boss by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy) I m Not Finished With You by Hardcore Productions (I Can t Get No) Cooperation by The Cobble Stones Thanks To Atsushi Onita for the fabulous intro Esequiel Mark Gonzales for filming said intro Mike Bird for beaning me with the streamer itshuffman for the weird superplex El Phantasmo for talking about a botch at Rev Pro and making me go look for it as a result sliceofficial for the Lucha Underground table Alan Mac Sheoinin for spotting Adrian English TitleMatch Wrestling Network for the Stevie Ray clip DeathByLariato for the Jeff Hardy ending Nuskylicious for the Spongebob ending Notes Holy shit, that s actually Onita doing an intro List of Companies and Where To Find Them WWE Network still works www wwe com wwenetwork NJPW World is now available on Amazon Fire devices and it luckily has optional Japanese commentary njpwworld com ICW s On Demand still works, I reccomend Shug s Hoose Party as long as you skip Bram s icwondemand pivotshare com Rev Pro have an on demand where you can see some nice wrestlers and also Gilligan Gordon s rpwondemand pivotshare com Lucha Underground can be watched internationally via iTunes s itunes apple com us tv-season lucha-underground-season-3 id1143661091 WrestleCircus can be found streaming via Twitch, which makes sense as it ll take about seven hours to finish a show s www twitch tv wrestlecircus RFVideo finally has a download service so you can get the interviews right there and then store rfvideonow com Title Match Wrestling have a cool YouTube s www youtube com channel UCL-SpA6XXf282YMAelest8w And here s your Botchamania social media s www facebook com botchamania s twitter com Maffew

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Botchamania 351 Neville Went Down to Georgia Music Danger on the Dance Floor (Mini Boss Theme) by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania) Ripper Roo Boss by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy) Frank by Matt Furniss (Street Racer) Thanks To Diamond Desk Ruggs and Bonsall St Bomber for the fabulous intros Sean Reznikk for sending the clip of himself in Or rather on Reddit Enjoy the gold and bad neck working punch for the butt fumble fr00ty for being a dick Marcus IWA-MS Elbow Guy Everett for filming and sending his side of the story I couldn t use the clip by itself because jesus it s brutal No, he isn t related to Andrew Everett Harry Aaron for the Killers ending Power2TheSmarks for the David S Pumpkins ending Luke Lennon for the Buried Corbin ending Notes Fuck me dead, Triplemania Where to begin? I can t remember the last time an entire event dominated a Botchamania Victory Road 2011 or Elimination Chamber 2015 probably DJ Z, Aerostar and others were involved in fun matches but the bad bits were SO FUCKING bad that it cancelled those out Easily the worst PPV of the year What s the worst PPV of the year so far, Battleground? That was like caviar compared to this dog food Included Twin Peaks I AM THE F B I because it s one of the few bits that makes sense The STEINER MATCH ending is from Call of Duty Black Ops That game s so old the main audience is possibly old enough to drink now I m more or less up to date on botch stuff after that outing, mostly because Twin Peaks was such a let-down I didn t want to start on House of Cards Season 5 until I d watched a ton of wrestling to get the bad taste out of my head Anyway, hope you liked this episode Sometimes it s tough when nearly the whole episode is one thing, because if you don t like that one thing you re fucked List of Companies and Where To Find Them Triplemania XXV in it s six hour entirity can be watched on their YouTube s www youtube com watch?v iJgD3nDJ_I8 WWE Network is still there and you can watch the Mae Young Classic with the Scottish lasses www wwe com wwenetwork GCW can be found on the HighSpots Network (worth it for the one with Riddle vs Gage) s www highspotswrestlingnetwork com Impact Wrestling still has a website (even though it s been re-branded as GFW, the GFW site isn t their main one) impactwrestling com IWA-MS and elbows on concrete can be found on the always-reliable SMV smartmarkvideo com s smvod com And here s your Botchamania social media links which I ll start adding to the final red screen no-one pays attention to s www facebook com botchamania s twitter com Maffew

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Botchamania 348 Pete Dunnekirk Music The Not Top Ten theme by ESPN Snow Go, Snow Biz & Cold Hard Crash by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy) Eat It by Weird Al Thanks To THE GREAT FUCKING KHALI and his wrestling school lead by Ethan HD for the fabulous intro CW Smith for the indie clip Carl0076 for the STAND UP ending Quad-A for the weirdest Simpsons ending yet Thanks To DaleDriver for inspring the Braun ending Jimmy Smith for the MY BLACK SON ending that caused dozens of people to rip the video and send it to me claiming it was theirs Cheers to Squared Circle for making a post saying fuck all them, Jimmy made this first and making my life easier Notes I ve been watching too much 30 for 30 so I needed some Mike Francesa Couldn t find a decent AH YOU DON T KNOW WHAT YOU RE TALKING ABOUT bit though Maybe next time So that Owens vs Styles match got reported as the wrong finish by my Super-Insider pal on Monday On Tuesday Alvarez reported the ref was out of position for the old Tommy Young finish On Wednesday Meltzer reported it as the finish got changed mid-match which is why the ref was hesitant to count as he didn t know what the finish was What a week for one match Two SEND FOR THE MANs is usually bad form but I changed the 16-bit theme to Weird Al s Eat It so it s actually two completely different bits A lot of Puro fans requested it, what are you going to do? I hadn t heard about the David Sammaritano Phantom Submission until last month so I watched David s shoot interview (not recommended, he talks more negatively about his Dad than Oedipus) to find more about it Losing to Ron Shaw was the highlight of his career If you follow either the Botchamania FaceBook or Twitter this week you may have seen something about Booker T s dick falling out during the Grocery Store Brawl with Austin Well, it got debunked the same day it was posted by someone doing a frame-by-frame analysis and concluded it was simply a mark in the flour caused by Austin s elbow Which is a shame, it would have made a hell of a segment on here At least it gave people something to talk about during a slow Thursday List of Companies and Where To Find Them The Great Khali s wrestling school Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) can be found here twitter com cwepower www g8cwe com WWE Network still works www wwe com wwenetwork NJPW World is now available on Amazon Fire devices and it luckily has optional Japanese commentary njpwworld com WCPW have their Loaded and World Cup shows on their WC Extra service s whatculture com extra PWG would like it if you bought DVDs Blu-Rays from their website www prowrestlingguerrilla com But sometimes their shows are on HighSpots Network, along with shoot interviews that are better than David s s www highspotswrestlingnetwork com And here s your Botchamania social media s www facebook com botchamania s twitter com Maffew

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Botchamania 350 Sympathy For The Neville Music Sports Time by Landon Podbielski (Duck Game) SportsCenter Not Top 10 theme on Mario Paint by knightw11 V2 Temmie Village by Toby Fox (Undertale) Thanks To Jim Cornette for the fabulous intro Abster876 for filming the fabulous Cornette intro I ve saved this for a while, I d like to say I was waiting for his return to TNA GFW but there we go enigmaxtreme for the Simpsons beachball bit doctor_wu33 for filming Matt Cross vs ring ropes TheR0bot for the AAA clip RIDEBLOODSNGUTS for the Bliss ass kid moment veenok for the Reigns Cena heartbreak ending red reddington for the Mighty Boosh ending hyper dann for the Baron Corbin Spongebob ending Notes This episode was hugely delayed because my SSD died on it s arse and then when I got a replacement, I was moving house The Kingston brands are supposed to last about five years, this killed itself after two and a half, must have been all that shitty wrestling So the special thing for the 350th episode is this getting made If you ve sent me something like an ending or a clip, don t worry about it not being in THIS episode This one is held together with duct tape and prayer (and that s just the hard drive) Because of the huge delay, obvious things like IWA-MS Elbow Guy and AAA TripleMania are clearly absent because of the fifteen minute time limit So they ll be in the next vid, honest Especially considering IWA-MS Elbow Guy sent in a video assuring people he wasn t dead Summerslam 2017 was a hell of a slog but the main event, Usos vs New Day and Cesaro & Sheamus vs Not The Shield were worth watching But whatever your feelings were, we got a new EVERYONE TALKS TOO MUCH intro from Braun so hooray! Best Summerslam since 1992 TREE FIDDY was mandatory Evacuated is from the first episode of The Wire Season Five Because of relentless re-watching, I will never forget the correct way to use that term The music from the botch bit is from the cool Mega Drive tribute called Duck Game I love it (but don t play random people online, it s worse than COD ) Catchphrase was a popular game show in the 90s in the UK I don t apologise to the Americans who want to see Bob Barker or something, the rest of the world put up with The Ball Family, you can put up with UK stuff I got that line fucking wrong is from Bottom, another UK classic from the 90s The Brain On Drugs advert is older than 90% of the viewers but I think it still works I actually didn t think Enzo s version of Eat The Feet (or Eat Defeat, whichever one it is) was that bad because I m so used to seeing Enzo s unique style of wrestling I was there live for Martin Kirby saying John Hendry, I loved that they left it in They removed KUSHIDA knocking the lid off the World Cup trophy though The fuckers Footage of Slick vs fan is on the Network, Boston Garden 09 06 86 I M GONNA COME ON YOU is an excited Magnum TA in a legendary NWA promo The clips from Reigns Cena are from 8 Mile and fuck do I feel old realising I have to explain that to people SNAP BACK TO REALITY Usually I d do something teasing the video series ending with ask me at Botchamania nextnumberendingineither 50 or 00 but no-one believes it anymore so why bother? And why would I want to, wrestlers keep on fucking up and thinking of me when they do it I m cursed to continue oh no poor me Right, this episode is finished so I can finally relax after moving house and play Sonic Mania until my thumbs bleed List of Companies and Where To Find Them Jim Cornette has a website The mind boggles jimcornette com WWE Network is still there and you can watch the Mae Young Classic with the Scottish lasses wwe com wwenetwork NJPW World is now available on Amazon Fire devices and it luckily has optional Japanese commentary njpwworld com WCPW have their Loaded and World Cup shows on their WC Extra service thing whatculture com extra CZW can be found on the HighSpots Network (Once In A Lifetime is the one with Tremont vs Onita) highspotswrestlingnetwork com RFVideo have nice shoots to watch (not all of them are good, but I recommend Simon Gotch and Tony Schiavone s) store rfvideonow com And here s your Botchamania social media links which I ll start adding to the final red screen no-one pays attention to facebook com botchamania twitter com Maffew

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Botchamania 344 Great Ballz 3D Of Fire Music Betus Blues (Ch 2 Light World) by dB soundworks (Super Meat Boy) We Will Rock You by Queen Water Palace Act 1 "Back 2 Back - Digital Remakin Track" (Sonic Generations) Dragon s Castle by Shinichi Sakamoto (Wonder Boy III Monster Lair) Stage 1-2 by Chris Hülsbeck (Mega Turrican) Thanks To Bill Apter for the fabulous intro Chris Dutton for the TNT announcer JaromirMoravec for Aaron Von Baron vs Ricky Love RobViper and Luchablog for the glory that is Heavy Metal in 2017 Arnold Furious for Onita table (onitable) Lots of people for Break The Table Barrier Ross Vincent for the very obvious Command and Conquer joke Boolet 80D for the Samson ending Chris Moniz for the much-requested HARD TIMES ending Notes I was shaking when I met Apter, his World Of Wrestling magazine was a great part of my child-hood Thanks for letting me fan-boy you Bill Yay the return of BACK AND TO THE LEFT! Don t worry, I pay attention to feedback and it ll only show up when needed and not every episode I somehow left out JBL getting hit with a jacket last episode Good job these are regular as E3 let-downs Judging by Twitter, half of Europe lost the signal when Brock Joe went at it so if you re one of those that didn t lose it, well good for you but I stand by the Simpsons joke CZW and Zandig lever also returns for the first time in ages as I haven t been watching much CZW and not many clips have been sent my way It s a Tournament of Death show so only the absolute best botches were used as I know many aren t a fan of the ultraviolent wrestling If your ending has been sent but not used it s because it was crap OK, maybe not but there s a big pile-up as they re usually related I have a whole bunch of Reigns Strowman endings but they lose their impact if 3 are used in one video So don t worry, they re in the pipeline Hopefully MITB will produce enough botches for the botch Gods If not, I ll have Rawmania 1995 for next Friday That Piper clip has been debated for ages I hope I haven t used it before, I ve usually got a good memory for these things YOU FEATHER-WEARING FUCKING F

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Botchamania 355 Super Mario Dean Am-Bros Music Heartache by Toby Fox (Undertale) Dimensional Heist by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania) Aquatic Acrobatics by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania) Pizza Theme from Spider-Man 2 Ariston And On And On advert theme Thanks To Chris Toal & Chris Renfrew (unrelated) for the fabulous intro Kelvin and the good people of Twitter for the NJPW clips Randal Brah for the botch dive LuchaBlog for the HEROES IMMORTALES clip KingKobra87 for Pure Wrestling Association s Halloween Wrestling Party table massacre tondog for the Twitterrrrrrrrrrrrr280 eorge Arbogast Jr for suggesting the SMB2 ending BryanFunkFeole for the Terminator ending arabiandisco for the Bludgeon Bros Team Rocket ending imperial_reject for Sin Kenny ending niokster for the Tool Time ending BAStaracus for the Sami Zayn Moe ending Notes Yeah sorry for this not being on a Friday as usual, was waiting for some clips from some guys who will remain nameless It s usually my fault so I m happy to be able to blame someone else Was going to add the appropriate botches from Raw this week to this but then there was about three minutes worth of fuck to add and I hit my 15 minute time limit so the next video will be a doozy Impact BFG wasn t flat-out awful but it wasn t great either Slammiversary destroyed this show, with LAX vs oVe being the highlight and everything else being forgotten quickly Loads of Canadian fans sent the fan-cam footage of the PWA tables match so the guy who shot it proprly sent me the properly-shot footage May use the fan-cam stuff later because lots of people have seen it but we ll see Didn t mean to use this much Sonic Mania music Unless you enjoy it, in which case I did I was at Raw and Smackdown in Manchester and have nothing to report apart from DAMMIT they edited out Enzo apologising very quickly for messing his words up They work fast, these fuckers I ll be at ICW Fear & Loathing (or couldn t you tell with the sneaky plug in the corner of the intro) so if you see worn-out looking DJ Qualls-type, make sure to say hi List of Companies and Where To Find Them @ChrisRenfrew1 and @Chrispytoal for the WWE Network is still there and you can watch the Mae Young Classic with the Scottish lasses www wwe com wwenetwork Impact Wrestling still has a website so you can read about BFG and stuff impactwrestling com The Full version of the Jericho Spicy Wings interview s www youtube com watch?v Dh1EMAYaczM When their tables aren t breaking you can find PWA here www canadianprowrestling com NJPW World has a big-ass archive of shows so you can enjoy ROAD TO POWER STRUGGLE and the rest njpwworld com wXw has a gut (German for good) on Demand service complete with wrestling wxwnow de AAW Pro can be found here when the ropes aren t breaking aawrestling com s twitter com AAWPro Stevie Richards posted that clip of him and the chair on Twitter so go follow him s twitter com bWoStevie If AJPW had a network or a Youtube I d plug it but nothing comes up so I dunno Fight Club Pro have their shit together and Extra Talent-ed have gone back home so everyone s a winner s vimeo com fightclubpro Here s the Québec indie where the guy dressed like Aladdin gave himself the invisible powerbomb facebook com estrielutte s twitter com EstrieLutte Jimmy Havoc on Spud s interview show can be found on the HighSpots Network s www highspotswrestlingnetwork com And here s your Botchamania social media links s www facebook com botchamania s twitter com Maffew

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Botchamania 353 Resident Neville Music Trash Compactors for Flying Battery Zone Act 1 by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania) Mach 94 for Flying Battery Zone Act 2 Act 1 by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania) Dogsong by Toby Fox (Undertale) Thanks To Doug Williams for the fabulous (slightly drunk) intro My mate Kelvin for watching NJPW so I don t have to HighSpotsNetwork for posting the clip of Flip Gordon on Twitter Allan Cheapshot for the EPW clip of Chris Jones going weeeee Bad Bones for the lovely interactions oldgregch for Braun Strowman Shrek ending No DQ Clothing for the NEVILLE GONNA GIVE YOU UP Notes That s supposed to be a ring-post hiding Cesaro s teeth It s a hard thing to place over Marge Simpson and look normal Yes I know Cesaro didn t lose teeth, they went inside him but I m working with what I ve got here The film with Death playing Cluedo is Bill & Ted s Bogus Journey It s way better than the first film AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE RULES is of course The Big Lebowski Jesus don t tell me you re reading this de ion to find out about that film The GFW commentator said on Twitter he meant Bobby Roode was jumping from NXT to Raw Of course he did Considering all the stuff that gets sent to me and I live in the UK, I m surprised I only found out about that PROGRESS Three-Way Tag Match recently I assume everyone in the crowd was paid off with shut-up money A bunch of people suggested the Shrek kick but oldgregch actually made the ending so he gets the thanks I went to Germany for wXw and it shows how many frigging WWE PPVs (network specials) there are now as there s been two since the last Botchamania and TLC is soon too I mean it s great and all because it s keeping the Botchamania boat afloat but I ve already forgotten most of the matches from No Mercy I ll not forget Braun vs Brock though which is my vote for Biggest Letdown 2017 List of Companies and Where To Find Them WWE Network is still there and you can watch Story Time because it s great www wwe com wwenetwork GCW, NEW and CZW can be found on the HighSpots Network s www highspotswrestlingnetwork com NJPW World has a big-ass archive of shows, which is just as well as everyone hated Destruction in Fukushima njpwworld com ICW has an On Demand so you can get ready for Fear & Loathing s icwondemand pivotshare com EPW and Mega Chris Jones can be found on YouTube s www youtube com user EvoProWrestling1 videos WCPW have a website and extra stuff s whatculture com extra Impact Wrestling still has a website (even though it s been re-branded as GFW, the GFW site isn t their main one) impactwrestling com Stevie Ray s talking and wearing a hat can be found on Title Match Wrestling s www youtube com user TitleMatchWrestling And here s your Botchamania social media links which I ll start adding to the final red screen no-one pays attention to s www facebook com botchamania s twitter com Maffew

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Note This episode is shorter as after several attempts at uploading this in different ways, some of the Backlash WWE UK Tournament clips had to be cut out of the YouTube version It s full and in full-screen on Vimeo and Dailymotion though botchamania com 2017 06 04 botchamania-343 Botchamania 343 Street Fighter II Tommaso Ciampaship Edition Music Race Results by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing DS) Results (Vs Mode) by Howard Drossin (Sonic 3) My Bad by Rayvon We Fly High by Jim Jones The Eliminator (Gladiators UK) Rave in the Grave (Zombie Island) by Jake Kaufman (Shantae and the Pirate s Curse) Thanks To Da Mack for the fabulous intro Just Syc for the John Morrison fan cam clip KiKrusher99 for the guy flopping Nick Mann for Mad Dog Mcrea falling Anthony Lindsay for another crazy Aussie Kurtomato for Leatherface Uzigunner, Jax Jordan and ryryrizzldizzl for the three camera angles of the same table Must have been working as a team Cory Kiryu for the JLA ending covertimepete for the Family Guy ending Notes There s a few clips (like Matt Hardy vs Miz from Raw) that I couldn t fit in this week Just as well this show is regular There wasn t enough botch for last friday s installment but then you wait a week and WOOSH botches everywhere D OH I MISSED is Wario s failure noise from Mario Party NO DIVE! NO DIVE? is a parody homage idk of the message that appears when you put a game into Sonic & Knuckles to capitalise on the Rip Rogers Randy Orton Twitter post It s been a week since he posted it so nearly everyone s moved on now so we ll see if it shows up again Booker T turns into a NPC a NPC is a None Playable Character, one of those guys that has one line of dialogue So yeah now the joke makes sense CUT HIM OFF AT THE PASS is from Blazing Saddles No, it wasn t a botch by Nigel McGuinness I just love Blazing Saddles Nigel continues to be maybe the best commentator in WWE IMO THERE WAS A LITTLE MISTAKE THERE, DID YOU SPOT IT is from Bottom Live III Hooligan s Island FUCKING BASTARD Dolph Ziggler said in a pre-match dialogue with AJ Styles I m the only man in this MITB match who has won the match and cashed in which is right, don t know why they felt the need to fuck it up by adding only man on Smackdown Live to it Miz Finn Balor ending audio is from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged which was a cool, new series last time I checked There s currently so many WWE PPVs Network Specials that it s turning into a blur, so I only remember the main event of NXT Takeover, Styles vs Owens and Dunne vs Bate And there s another PPV Network Special this weekend too! Christ Oh and I m sure someone will ask and make me feel old why Stevie Richards instead of Chris Benoit in the ending Richards replaced Big Show in WWF No Mercy 64 so some old friggers jokingly refer to Richards replacing Benoit in wrestling history Others use Hardcore Holly but Richards is my boy (trademark OSW Rev

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Botchamania 364 Don Morocco Mole Music Crush Crawfish Stage by Kinuyo Yamashita (Megaman X3) The Tenacious Tentacled Terror by Jake Kaufman (Shantae and the Pirate s Curse) Ruby Delusions by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania) Thanks To Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher for the fabulous intro unsure who filmed the wrestler getting attacked by the dad, a bunch of places uploaded it, tweet me if you want credit ninjagaiden86 for the NJPW Ibushi clip Half the roster for wXw The MFJ for his own clip from Beyond Kyle Fletcher for his own clip from Attack Pro xbryanfuryx for the ceiling tile RobViper for the lucha di(v)e Eduardo Valencia for the Chile Brandon Woolhouse for International Assault Sydney Show CorkGaines for the Ronda Rousey clip Clutchdom23 for the Grizzlies table stuff Milkman Maelstrom for That One FFX Cut-Scene ending neatoburrito for the Titanic ending hehateme2012 for hardy Wyatt Hill ending stanthedrybear for the HONK HONK ending Mike Varker for the Spaceballs idea jenkind1 for Trapped In The Closet ending rodeth icong for the Wyatt look what you make me do ending budah for pancakes ending La Casa Del Fanatico for the GLORIOUS ending Notes I don t watch many NJPW shows a year but it s a testament to how good the wrestlers were that they were able to overcome shitty editing and bad-but-got-better commentary to put on a hell of a show Omega x Ibushi vs Bullet Club is the best and I am obviously saying that because of the gay elements and it has nothing to do with me noticing they re coming to the UK and wanting free tickets OH NO I ve always loved NJPW, my favourite wrestler is El Samurai Defiant Wrestling in Newcastle was a nice night, I m not going to criticize them when they brought WALTER to Newcastle Primate s had to retire due a severe jaw injury, he hasn t died I ve literally been waiting for WWE to upload that one episode of WCCW and checking every week to see if they ve uploaded it as every other part of Parade Of Champions 2 has been put onlin except this one Next BM will be Wrestlemania so there s a good chance it ll be even longer than this episode If your ending clip submission hasn t been used, it s because it was too similar to something already in the video, I try and have variety as much as possible in this so don t feel bad Unless it sucked, in which case you should feel bad List Of Companies And Where To Find Them Mark Davis (Neighbours) can be found on Twitter twitter com DUNKZILLADavis Kyle Fletcher (Home & Away) is also on Twitter twitter com kylefletcherpro WWE Network is still there so you can get ready for NXT Takeover and that Wrestlemania show www wwe com wwenetwork NJPW is sometimes easy to use in English, it s weird s njpwworld com wXw Now can be enjoyed in English www wxwnow de Beyond Wrestling has a new home in Powerbomb TV s powerbomb tv promotions Attack Pro have a Cartel Vimeo attackprowrestling bigcartel com Defiant Wrestling is still on YouTube, go watch Primate s retirement speech s www youtube com channel UCAl6NLC0tnubiCMzYXawG3g World Series Wrestling is here and full of bad ropes and Marty Shrul singing s www facebook com worldserieswrestling La Casa Del Fanatico deserve a plug too for that GLORIOUS ending s www facebook com La-Casa-Del-Fanatico-WWE-1021356044575368 And here s your Botchamania social media links s www facebook com botchamania s twitter com Maffew

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