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Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 70 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

A big hello form Down under to all of you, I hope the week has been good for all of you, I had a busy one with school holidays but no complain at all we are going to watch episode 70 and it is a great achievement to all us because without your support I wouldn t get here and I am at 8000 followers, what else could I ask beside saying congratulation to all of us You have seen that Mrs Jevrie has got nick name for the girls, she calls Zehra, Water drop because of her beautiful and clean soul, she calls Ayeshe the Diamond because of her smile and shine in her face and she calls Alev the Moon piece because of her outside beauty, I just mentioned it for your information At the last scene from episode 69 we saw that Zehra got to see her mum in front of the gate, do you think she will go to her or not? Zehra is under Omar s eyes at all time, he is tired of following her and you have to see the blow up between them Yasamin is left behind the door because of Yener, he changed the lock to the door, do you think Sevim can get the keys off Yener? Zehra doesn t like to follow Omar s plan and it is such funny chit chat they have If you didn t like Funda then you are not going to like her at all, she plays a dirty game with our young ones Koray is expecting some attention from Yasamin but is he going to get that or disappointment is waiting for him? Omar is surprising Zehra with a care that he shows towards her and even gives up his bed to her, I wonder what was the cause for that Yener and Sevim are in a war, he is boiling and you will see how calm is Sevim and even Yener lost his speach, I had a good laugh with what goes between them Jevrie is giving a hard time to Alev and you are going to love it Omar is not happy with Zehra because of her offer to Alev, I wonder what could be and why he is complaining Zehra and Omar are playing the happy couple in front of the family because of what Alev said, you are going to enjoy it Sevim is back to Omar s house and this time she is going in, Wow what is expecting her? My friends, as you know by now that I am addicted to this show and enjoy everything about it and I hope that I can pass this enjoyment to all of you, I wish you to have a good night or a good day, stay happy and well at all time, take care, see you soo


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 69 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

My friend s from all over the world, I hope you started a good week and all the best with your family and work I had a busy weekend with the family as usual but all of you were at the back of my mind and waiting for this episode, I was up to 3am to send it out and I hope you will enjoy it We left the last scene at Alve was holding Zehra s phone and talking to Sevim, I hope Omar manage to save the day by getting the phone off her on time Who do you think Demir is going to work with? Your guess might be right Can you imagine if Omar answers the phone, how is he going to handle Sevim? Mrs Jevrie is so funny that she even brings a smile on Omar s face, you have to watch it and have smile too Sevim has got the address, do you think she might exchange the address to get her hand on those Drafts? Alev is boiling because of Jevrie, she has no idea what is her limits and gets away with everything Omar is getting cheeky the way he passes his message to Zehra, he is cute Alper is in trouble too, can you guess why? Salim is happy with his life but in near future it is going to be change Yener has a feeling that Sevim knows the address to Zehra s house, do you think Sevim can get out of it Zehra is still a Zorba and trying Omar s patience very much Koray is going to tell Yasamin that he is in love with her, but how is he going to do it and is she going to hear it or not? Omar is melting slowly and it is so nice to see a smile on his face even if it is because of what has been said about him Sevim is pushing Zehra to visit her but how could she get out of it when Alev is watching her Sevim is very happy and she thinks that everything is under her control but there are some surprises are waiting for her At the last scene you wouldn t want to be in Zehra s place, she is shocked and I wonder what could it be? My friends, as you see this episode is full on like the others, with this episode we will see a turn at the story again, a bit more connection between our love birds, Sevim is putting herself in a very dangerous situation with Yener and with some other people too, it is getting better with every episode My dears it seems I am becoming like a broken record and repeating the same thing and I am sorry about it, but it is just a reminder to the new comers that have joined the FB recently that please don t ask for the next episode or ten more, because I am doing my best and lots of late nights to make you guys happy and satisfied, thanks for your understanding, love you all and leave you for now, take ca


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 61 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

A big hello to all of my dear friends, I hope you are all well, I had a busy week and life is moving faster than I can catch it, maybe when we get older time goes faster hahaha At the last episode we saw Omar was hit by Yener s car and lying on the ground and I wonder what happened to him We get to see a very cheeky side to Nihat and I am sure you will enjoy it Yener is very proud of his doing but he might be scare of who is going to come after him At the last episode Alev informed the family that she is going to resign and I wonder if she is bluffing or she is going to do it Zehra is worry for Omar for being late and not being able to contact him too, I hope she can reach him It seems Zehra start having some feelings towards her Zorba You will get to see the best acting from Omar, he is so good that we can t get enough of him Yener is coming to Salim and offering his help but what do you think Salim s answer is going to be Alev is going to put pressure on Omar regarding the Tender, you have to see what she is after and it shows that how evil she is Ayeshe is asking Zehra to use her power over Omar to stop him of sending Alev to America, it made me laugh but you are going to love watching this scene Omar is very angry, he even scare s me too hahaha, he is angry with Zehra and I am happy that I am not in her place, he has gone totally mad and boiling, we have to see how Zehra is going to handle him There is a big surprise for Nihat at the end of episode, this person is going to bring a new life to this household My dears, I told you before that the story is going to take a different story line because of Omar s new plan for their relationship and that is why I am excited to send you this episode I wish you all a very relaxing weekend with your loved ones, I am looking forward to do the next episode but first I have to rest a bit because I have been siting here for the last 6 to finished off, take care and I am sending lots of hugs from Down Und


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 71 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

I am sending my best regards to all of you, I hope the past week it was good to you with lots of success and happiness My week was busy as ever with lots of commitments but the good news is the school holidays are over, we were praying for rain to come and now we are praying for rain to stop, hahaha, it seems we always find something to complain about My dears, at the last episode we saw that Sevim was talking to Hadye and she end up getting all the information about Zehra that she wasn t expecting Sevim was looking for a rich son in law and what do you think it would be her pick as a son in law between Omar and Yener?hahaha ! Zehra is going to visit her mother, I wonder if Zehra is going to learn about her mum s finding I hope that Alev wouldn t find out about Sevim coming to the house You will be surprise to see where Omar is going to take Zehra and look at those cheeky eyes of his in the car, you will have smile too Our love birds are getting a present from Ayeshe, that present is going to effect Zehra and you will melt away by watching it You are going to be fascinated by our love birds in one of the scene, they are so cute together and just look at the Omar s eyes by seeing his love to her, you will love it Ayeshe is worry about the future of Asia, she needs to make a decision but it is painful for her You will be happy to see Omar by looking after her, she gets confuse but you will have smile with her comment Omar and Zehra are in a big trouble by their new feelings that are building up Sevim has got so much info about Zehra s life that she is totally overwhelmed and I wonder what she is going to do to Zehra? Yener goes to Salim but he passes the line with him, I wonder what that could be? At the last scene you will be shocked to see what is going to happen in Omar s office My friends, I am sure you will enjoy this episode very much and the love is blossoming between our love birds but on a very slow motion but that is okay because we will enjoy to sit back and watch how two people that don t like each other and even hate each other but are going to find the real love between themselves and then can t get enough of each other and how lucky we are to witness this love I would like to say thank you to Emma Swan by creating this site and giving us this opportunity to get together , get to know each other and a place that we all have same interest, thanks again I leave you to watch the episode and I wish you all a happy and safe weekend, take care and see you soo


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 75 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

My beautiful friends from all over the world, I look at this computer like a magic box, by sitting behind it I am able to contact you all at the same time, how exiting is that just thinking about it, I might sound like a child but that is how I feel about it hahaha At the last scene we saw how daring was Sevim by going to Omar s house and how lucky was Omar to be standing behind the door and see her, just by looking at those eyes, we can see that he is shocked and scare at the same time it is daring of Sevim by going to Villa , she is pushing her luck and do you think she will get what she is after and we all know what she wants Alev got her man to follow sevim and what do you think is going to happen if she finds out that Sevim is at the front door! I wonder how much is going to cost Omar to sent her away , it seems this wife of his is costing him more than what he was expecting hahaha I have been waiting for this episode because something sweet is going to happen to both of them, you will melt away They are spending a day at home by themselves and it is their lucky day because Alev is home too, there will be really nice moments between our love birds and you are going to love it Omar is going to pay a big money to Sevim, do you think is it for the sake of his sister or his wife Zehra? Alev is very rude to Zehra as usual but Omar walks into the room and saves the day for Zehra Koray finally manages to have a short chat with Yasamin and he is shock with his finding, what is he going to do? Ayeshe has organized a special dinner for Omar and Zehra, you will love it and they never been so close for that period of time in each other s arms Zehra is talking to Leyla and guess who is standing at the door and listing to her conversation Koray is confronting Funda and you will be shocked with her answer to Koray, I wonder if she is clever to play dumb or she is the dumb one by her answer Sevim is going to meet Omar to get her money but what she wasn t expecting to happen it did, she is in a very big trouble As you see our story is taking a different turn and it is very exciting to see what will happens to Sevim and by Omar action what is going to happen to his relationship with Zehra, he took a big chance and he is going to make few more mistakes and the reason is that he doesn t want to hurt her and trying to have her around as much as he could These two couple are just amazing the way they look at each others eyes, the chemistry between them is just pouring out My dears, if you have paid any attention, Sevim has brought the name of a person that is Karun, there is story about him that he was on of the richest man and even they made a movie out of his name back in seventies, just an info if you wonder who is that person I can write you much more because there is so much in my mind about our love birds but I better leave you and let you to watch the episode we start having our warm days here and it seems is going to be a very hot summer and everyone is looking forward to go to the beaches, love you all and looking forward to hear from you guys, take car


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 57 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

I am saying hello to all of my special friends from all over the world, how good is that we can sit at our homes and be in touch with everyone, it is almost midnight here and still cold, we left our last episode at the point that Yener could see Zehra and she looks pretty and relaxed but one thing wasn t in his favor because he didn t get to see Omar s face and will see at this episode how far he is going to go Yasamin is building up some bad idea in her head after seeing those boxes in Koray s house, it is becoming a big issue for her and will see how she is going to go about it Omar might be able to recognize how brave Zehra was to save Asia s life You will be surprised to see how Omar is supportive of Zehra, she is going to touch a part of his emotion in a scene, you will like it Do you think that Omar is going to find out about Yener being in the club and I wonder if he does what is his action out of being jealous, but somehow you will enjoy to see more of their connection For the first time we are going to see Omar and Zehra are talking and listening to each other Alev is scared and what it could happen to her if the kidnapper talks, it is nice to see her upset and stress Funda is just a headache and she doesn t understand the meaning of what is NO Salim is happy with his work and having Koray but sadly he has to face some bad time Yasamin has on going problem with her mum but this time she just can t take it anymore Koray is such good guy but he thinks that he has a friend but is he going to be surprised Yener has gone totally mad at the club and he has forgotten that he is not in Mahale and nobody is scared of him Alev is trying hard to put down Zehra as usual but someone is going to back Zehra very nicely My dears, I hope this episode it would be enjoyable, in some part you might get very upset but sometimes in life we are surrounded with strange people and we just have to stay away from them, I wish you a day full of happiness and success in what ever you are doing but just remember please on daily basis give your vote to our love birds to make them win, take care and see you so


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 56 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

My friends, a very good morning from my way to all of you, I wish you to have a happy and successful day, we left our story on a very suspended moment and I hope you will enjoy this episode and see where is going to take you this time I wonder how Omar is going to think about Zehra after learning that she was the life saver for Asia Asia is such clever little girl, I hope she can keep the secret or maybe not Omar and Zehra are becoming a team by this event but I wonder what is the effect on their future? Omar and Zehra are going to fall into the most uncomfortable situation since they got married, even they are shocked too You might be angry or happy to see Alev in the situation that she has fallen in, I am sure I will hear about your feelings Omar is the man of the day by being there at the right time to save the day Poor Yasamin, is witnessing a scene that is going to make her very upset Yener is getting really bad and unbearable than before and very close to his aim and that is Zehra I feel sorry for Salim because he can t even have a peaceful rest and that is thanks to who that could be? Koray is going to witness something that he can t believe it but it is happening The kidnappers are out there and I wonder what they are going to do to Alev? I hope you will enjoy this episode and will keep you coming for more, they can make you addicted to themselves and we love it, enjoy the day and God blesses you all, see you soo


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 60 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

My dear friends, I am excited to share this episode with you because the number 60 is, 1 3 of the episodes from first season is done, that is a big achievement for me as a new beginners at this job, thanks for following me at this adventure We left our last episode as Yener was destroying Demir s house and we have to see if he is going to be caught or not My God this Sevim is becoming louder and too much to handle, she is harsh and not easy to tolerate her We are going to see a bit of smile on Koray s face, I wonder what could be the reason, I have lots of respect for him to live his life away from his rich father We get to see Omar and Zehra are talking to each other but I wonder how this talk is going to effect Omar, he will make you laugh with his childish behavior Omar is trying to work out who is the person coming into Demir s house and I hope his quick assumption doesn t cost him too much, earlier on Zehra told him that you judge and act too quick, he might learn something out of it Alev is giving a news to the family but I wonder if this news is going to have a back fire on herself or not Alev is paying her way to get rid of the kidnappers but what is going to happen to the one in the hospital? Zehra is stuck between Omar and Ayeshe for their safety , what is she going to do? Yener is going to find out there is stronger hand than him in Mahale Alev s character is not very popular but at today s episode you wouldn t like her at all because she is miss useing someone goodness You will see Omar and Zehra in the car and he is behaving differently, it seems sometimes he forgets that they are not real couple and today is one of those days My dears, the way this episode is going to finish it keep you in suspend and you want to know what happened, I will do my best to get it out as fast as I could, you will shake your head if I tell you that last night I was so tired that I fall sleep and I touch my keyboard accidentally and I lost hours of work but today I manage to catch up, love you and take care and see you so


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 72 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

My beautiful followers, I hope all of you are doing well and the weekend was relaxing and got you ready to start a new week, it is Monday here and almost midnight, I had a great time with my kids and their family and the high light of my weekend was to hold my grandson and he is just so cute My dears, at the end of episode 71 we saw that Sevim came into the Omar s office, that was quite scary for me to see two strong minded people standing and looking at each others eyes like fighting bull s Alev is trying to upset Zehra but surprised by Zehra s clever answer Omar is thinking that how is possible that Zehra is so nice to his sister but sending her mother to him, Wow Omar is asking a question from his sister, do you think it is about himself or it is really about his sister? Zehra is trying to talk to her mum but do you think Sevim has any common senses What goes between Omar and Zehra it is a surprise for both of them to have a real fight I am even scare of what Omar is going to do or say to Zehra after this visit of Sevim You are going to see the beautiful relationship between Omar and Ayeshe, they are such nice siblings Sevim is smelling the money and she is so drunk with the smell and the idea that can t see anything else yener is totally has lost the control over Sevim, I wonder what would be his next plan Sevim comes very strong on him but I think even Omar is surprised by himself the way he managed to control his action Sevim is so rude by offending his family but I wonder how he is going to handle this Do you think Sevim is going to win this round one or Omar is the winner My friends, it feels that Omar and Zehra are very scare and not knowing what to do, it feels that Sevim is on the move to destroy everyone and get what she wants and that is money and money we have to see what would be Alev s role in all of that because she wants to know who was that lady too, it is going to get very messy and I hope we can watch it together I wish you all a week full of happiness and blessings, my days and nights are all booked out and I don t even know when we got to mid October but all is good, I leave you to watch the episode 72 and see you soo


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 76 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

A big hello to all of you that are following our most loving series, I hope the week has been good to all of you and to your family too I had a busy week with my family but there is no complain because every moment of our life is a blessing At the last scene of episode 75, Omar came to the forest and finding an injured man on the ground and Sevim was holding a knife in her hand and the blood was dripping from it Sevim is telling Omar a secret that was known only between her and Salim, I wonder what that could be? What a day for Omar, he has gone numb and even Zehra is shocked to see him like this, why do you think he has gone quite? Zerha is totally shocked by Omar behavior, why is he doing things for her that normally he use to be against it? You will have a good laugh by watching Jevrie s action in the kitchen but not funny for Hayde Omar goes out of his way and even gives up his night in bed and give it to Zehra and Zehra is surprise again Omar is going to melt away by a short but effective touch of Zehra and he looks drunk after that Zehra is going to get the contract off her mum but I wonder if she can find her The sister s are going to their father and worry about mum but does he have an answer for them? Sevim doesn t want to be trace by anyone and guess what she does Sevim is scared and panic but she is only thinking about one thing and that is very easy to guess It seems everybody is looking for Sevim expect one person , who do think is not worry about her? Zerha goes to bed to sleep but there is some distraction in bed and what that could be, is it something new for her? Sevim comes home, I wonder what she is going to leave for Yasamin My dears, as you see this episode was full of surprises for everyone and that is life, It was a very different episode because we see some massive changes in Omar behavior towards Zehra, it seems suddenly he had some understanding for her situation because he grow up without his own real mother, Zehra is shocked but I wonder if she will find the answer or not I have been telling you about turning point at the story and this is the one, I wonder if Omar made a mistake by offering money to Sevim or not, time will tell Alev is playing with the fire without knowing and by the time she finds out then it is very late for her and to her family too My dear friends, as you see I can t stop typing and my fingers are running all over the keyboard because I get excited by talking about my addiction and that is my beautiful show hahaha, sending lots of love from Down Under to all of you and see you soo


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 58 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

My dears, I hope all of you started a good weekend, my Saturday is gone and it is Sunday 2am, I was doing the subtitle and looking after my grandchildren too and losing them around the house but we had fun We finished our last episode with the painful scene of Yener was destroying Salim s workshop just because he is angry by not finding Zehra, it got me very upset when Salim is such good guy Omar is extra nice to Zehra, he is even offering more support to her and it is so nice to see that, he doesn t realized by saying that don t go out for now but you can go to visit your family later on Wow, Wow Ayeshe is so happy to have Zehra in her life that she thinks her brother is working from home to be close to his wife but his agenda is different Yener is on the go to find our more about the rich guy and he thinks that he is clever and got the name, we have to see what he is going to do with this information Koray, he looks young but he is quite strong young man by letting go of his father fortune to built up his own future and you will be surprise to see a new side to him This Funda, keep making up stories to upset Yasamin and we have to see what are Yasmin finding about Koray Zehra is trying to find a way to get out of the house to see her dad and Omar is trying to hold her back for her own safety but we have to see if she can find a way to get out Alev is in trouble to find money for the kidnappers and to do that she is upsetting someone that loves her a lot Omar is calm and trying to protect his family and specially Zehra and Asia, he has a heart of gold, he just needs to use it more often I think Sevim cursed enough and it was interesting to see Yener was so scare of her curses because they were send to him Sadly we had to see what Yener did to the Salim s workshop, it is so hard to put up with him at this episode and I am hopping to see him to hit a wall and come down from where ever he is Zehra is effected by kidnapping and suffering badly and guess who is there to help her out Alev was quite daring to go to the hospital and scare the wounded guy, at today s episode was painful to watch her because the way she talks to Omar about Asia is just too stressful and she is a great liar My friends, this episode is going to takes us to a different level regarding Omar and Zehra, it is going to be more exiting with all these trouble makers, I feel sorry for Omar because if we look the whole pressure is on him by running his company and all the competition, he has a sick sister on his hand, he has a wife that he doesn t know much about her, he has Alev that is pushing him in the corner, Yener is out there and eating him away because of jealousy and there is more coming to his way, I am sure now you feel sorry for him, I wish you a nice warm day for your weekend and enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones, love you all and take car


Download Adini Sen Koy | Episode 55 | English Subtitles download mp4 3gp mp3

My dear s, I hope my summary finds you all well, I know that you have been waiting for this episode but I took my time because I wasn t well and we were celebrating the Father s day too, I stayed up very late last night to send you this episode and I hope you enjoy watching it Omar is trying to find a reason why Zehra is there and why they are not asking ransom for her Yasamin is so upset about losing Koray that even her dad is getting worry about her Zehra is doing her best to keep Asia safe and carry on with her game and tries to run away but you have to see what happens Poor Omar, doesn t know how to keep his sister happy and away from stress Yener is unbearable, he has gone mad by not knowing why Zehra has disappear We didn t like Alev much but this time it is going to be even more, she is the snake and the spy at the house Omar is out of control with his emotions and his friend keep reminding him to calm down, he plays so well that I can t get enough of his acting The kidnappers are not very happy because nothing going in their favor, they had no idea that you don t get involved with Omar Karvangoglie, but they will find out Nihat is having a good time with his wife and he tells his wife who has been calling him lately Funda is keep biting Yasamin with her made up stories and I don t think she is very popular between us Zehra is young but strong and smart, I hope Omar will find out that she had no part in this matter Koray is so keen to learn more from Salim and Salim is becoming a father that he never had My friend s, I am sure you will enjoy this episode and can t get enough of Omar, he plays it so well and same as Zehra, this episode is going to keep at a suspend again and I will try to send out the next one in time if I could, enjoy the Autumn season, it is one of the best colorful season, we start the Spring and there isn t much color because we haven t seen much rain, all the best to all of you and I hope you remember to keep voting on Adini Sen Koy English FB for our love birds to win the most handsome actors in Turkey, than

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