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Download 140 of the Funniest UFC Moments In History (WARNING Explicit Language) download mp4 3gp mp3

Taken From Official UFC Channel s www youtube com user UFC Taken From Official MMAFighting Channel s www youtube com user MMAFightingonSBN Taken From Official Karyn Bryant Channel s www youtube com user KarynBryant Taken From Official TTHS Channel s www youtube com user TommyToeHold Taken From Official MMA Roasted Podcast podbay fm show 696336619 Taken From Official Fighter & The Kid Podcast feed theplatform com f BKQ29B fs-podcast-fighterandkid Taken From Official Joe Rogan Podcast podcasts joerogan net 140 Funny UFC Moments Compilation 1 Frank Mir - "Hello, My Name is Frank Muur" 2 Rampage Jackson - What The Fuck? 3 Jon Jones hey pussy, are you still there? 4 Dana White That s Fucking Illegal 5 Corey Hill Shut The Fuck Up, Gabe 6 Conor Mcgregor Dustins Little Pea Head 7 Matt Hamill It s Hammer Time 8 George GSP St Pierre I m not impressed by your Performance, Matt 9 Chuck Liddell Punches Sign 1 10 Joe Rogan I m Excited About This! 11 Khabib Nurmagomedov Mike Goldberg AHAND Joe s Wearing The Hat! 12 Rashad Evans Takes Conors Belt 13 Matt Serra Fucking Cocksucker (Dana White Car Crash Prank) 14 Wanderlei Silva stand with me, you need to have balls, no? 15 TTHS Mike Goldberg Ea Sports He s showing Incredible flexibility in his Bones, Joe 16 Dana White That s It Fuckers Welcome to the UFC Training Center, Good Luck 17 Vitor Belfort Chael Sonnen I Don t even Know Your Name, Get Out! 18 TTHS Dana White You Can Frank Shamrock my Balls 19 Daniel Cormier Get Your Shit Together, I m Waiting For You 20 Brock Lesnar - "Frank Mur" 21 Matt Hughes 22 Don Frye 23 Joe Rogan & Bruce Buffer 24 Gray Maynard 25 Chael Sonnen 26 Mike Goldberg & Joe Rogan - "Still Ice" 27 Dave Sholler 28 Jon Jones & Dave Sholler 29 Shogun Rua vs OSP - Skateboard 30 Brock Lesnar 31 Quinton Rampage Jackson - Santa 32 TTHS DR Phil Randy Couture 33 Matt Hughes 34 Tommy Toe Hold Show - Dana White 35 Chad Mendes & Conor Mcgregor 36 Rampage Jackson - Fuck Santa 37 Chad Mendes & Conor Mcgregor 38 Alan Belcher WWE HHH Pedigree 39 Vitor Belfort GIF 40 Joe Rogan Weigh In 41 Donald Cerrone - Scares girl Stare-down 42 Chael Sonnen I Am A Gangster 43 Jon Jones Instagram Video Eye Poke Message to Fans 44 Matt Serra vs Gsp Montreal Crowd Fuck You Serra 45 Chad Mendes How Tall Are You? 46 Brock Lesnar vs Referee Steve Mazzagatti Dick Head 47 Ben Rothwell You Have Seen Nothing Yet HAHAHAHAHA 48 A Day in NYC with Rampage Jackson Ariel Helwani Jewish Cafe s www youtube com watch?v pp3DrT4nmz8 49 Anderson Silva What? The Nick no is Here? 50 Joe Rogan Bryan Callen Fight Companion - You don t know fighting, Bro 51 Chuck Liddell Lockeroom Warm up 52 Dong Kim Bitch slap Nate Diaz Back to 209 53 Eddie Bravo Mario Yamasaki Fuck it I m a Spread Love 54 Conor Mcgregor Do You Like California? 55 Dana White Kid GSP Fan 56 Rampage TUF Team Selection Choose Camera-guy 57 Conor Mcgregor Dana, 60Gs Baby, haha 58 Chuck Lidell punch Sign 2 59 Joe Rogan Hector Lombard Sprawl, Bitch! 60 MMA Roasted Adam Hunter T Rex Hector Lombard Impression Prank with Ben Askren 61 Eddie Bravo It s Hard To Learn Those KamiKaKamikazes 62 MMA Roasted Adam Hunter T Rex Hector Lombard Impression Prank with Ben Askren 63 Dana White Fucking Idiots 64 MMA Roasted Adam Hunter T Rex Hector Lombard Impression Prank with Ben Askren 65 Josh Koscheck Gives GSP The Finger 66 Conor Mcgregor as The Rock Says Know Your Damn Role 67 Jon Jones vs Shogun with Jim Ross WWE Commentary Rock Bottom 68 MMA Roasted Adam Hunter T Rex Hector Lombard Impression Prank with Ben Askren 69 Chuck Lidell street fighter hadouken 70 Joe Rogan Fight Companion Brendan Schaub, Eddie Bravo, Roy Nelson vs Mark Hunt, Kimbo Slice Beard 71 Donald Cerrone calls fan a Pussy 72 Yushin Okami vs Alan Belcher Back-mount Flip Slam 73 MMA Roasted Adam Hunter T Rex Hector Lombard Impression Prank with Ben Askren 74 GSP vs Nick Diaz Press Conference See if they test who for Steroids or what 75 TTHS Dana White New UFC Drug Testing Policy 76 Dana White Fuck You You Criminal 77 Nick Diaz Lays Down In-front of Anderson Silva Meme 78 Joe Rogan if they made Basketball Illegal it wouldn t even bother me 79 Conor McGregor Steals Jose Aldo Belt on World Tour 80 Brock Lesnar Impersonation vs Frank Mir You re Mine! 81 Matt Serra Ray Longo Impersonation 82 Joe Silva Face Jones vs Bonnar Spinning Elbow 83 Quinton Rampage Jackson vs Jon Jones Press Conference Denver Zoo 84 Church of what s Happenin Now with Herb Dean, Joey Diaz, Crowd Shouts Yves Lavinge, Fuck You! 85 Mark Coleman vs Renzo Gracie Backstage Fight confrontation 86 Conor McGregor Chad Mendes Rest My Balls on your Forehead 87 Nate Diaz Gilbert Won so Fuck You, Eddie Ariel Helwani 88 Dana White on Brandon Vera vs Ben Rothwell The Fuck is Going on here? (Song at the End) Dropkick Murphys (Daniel Cormier) Baba O Riley GIF Video s www youtube com watch?v plPHbT


Download 140 of the Greatest UFC Insult Quotes in History download mp4 3gp mp3

140 of the Greatest Insult Quotes In UFC History Taken From Official UFC YouTube Channel s www youtube com user UFC Official UFC Fight Pass Channel www ufc tv page fightpass 140 of the Funniest MMA Moments in History s www youtube com watch?v 12d95-zBRzc 1) Chuck Liddell I think hes most famous for me kicking him in the Face 2) George St Pierre I m not impressed by your performance 3) Chael Sonnen I Will Correct you, you are wrong 4) Quinton Rampage Jackson The Hells wrong with you 5) Frank Mur Mir Hello my name is Frank Mur haha 6) GSP I want to Finish Him 7) Rampage IMあなたのお尻は、叫び声に行く IM anata no o shiri wa, sakebigoe ni iku "Ryan Bader, Im Going to Whoop your Ass" in Japanese 8) GSP I m not afraid of Matt Hughes 9) Shane Carwin It s no More Mr Nice Guy 10) Stephan Bonnar I Wanna Beat him Senseless 11) Rich Franlkin & Somebodys going to Get Clipped 12) Stephan Bonnar Here with These Jabronis 13) Tito Ortiz Bader Can go Fuck himself 14) Dan Henderson It s Going to be Fun to Beat him Up 15) Forrest Griffin I Think the 2 of Us Would Whoop his Ass Everytime 16) Rashad Evans You a Sucka that s what you Are 17) Anderson Silva First of All, Who is Chael Shonnin? 18) Chael Sonnen The Cowards at 205 19) Jim Brown Ghetto Man & He Fights in a Ghetto Way 20) James Toney is the Best Fighter Period 21) Randy Couture Not Bad for an Old Man 22) Ronda Rousey I Don t Have to Prove myself to Cyroids 23) Tito Ortiz This guy was a Douchebag 24) Joe Rogan Look at that Card Bitches 25) Matt Hughes I Don t Want to be Called "The Gracie Killer" 26) Dan Henderson They Don t Know How To Wrestle 27) BJ Penn Sean Sherk Your Dead 28) Chael Sonnen He Tried to talk down to me like I m Vitor Belfort 29) Dominick Cruz He Ain t Touching the Belt He Can t Even Reach it 30) Anderson Silva aahahaHAha 31) James Tony Randy Couture Hey Princess I m a Git ya 32) Dan Hardy I Hope he can take Punches better than he can take Critisism 33) Thiago Alves He s Always High, Takes so long to do everything 34) Michael Bisping He Can keep his Fake Belt, Shove it up his Ass 35) Tommy Toe Hold Show Frankie Edgar I Want a Rematch 36) GSP Koscheck was spending most of his time off his back 37) Chad Money Mendes I m gonna Take that Belt Back to The United States Where it Belongs 38) Chael Sonnen - I Don t Hand Out Apologies 39) Antoine Dodson! - Run tell that Homeboy 39) Chael Sonnen If I Want Your Opinion Ill Beat It Out Of You 40) Nick Diaz - You Dumb Motherf#@#er Funniest Best of Moments Trash Talk Lines, Speech Epic Funny Song at the End The Who - Baba O Riley s www youtube com watch?v IGKsw0-wxs8 & s www youtube com watch?v vWcnIf


Download Jim Ross Calls MMA Commentary Compilation download mp4 3gp mp3

Commentary Jim Ross, Vince Mcmahon & Jerry Lawler Tribute to the Greatest Sports Commentator ever known (Pride, UFC & Pancrase Highlights) Jim Ross MMA Commentary (UFC Highlights) www youtube com watch?v hbTrNHTuECk 1) Jim Ross God Almighty 1) Don Frye vs YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA 2) Alan "The Talent" Belcher vs Patrick "The Predator" Cote 2) Rock Bottom Countered HHH Pedigree 3) Nick Diaz vs Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi 3) Jim Ross My God Look at Him GO! He s Possessed 4) Bob Sapp vs Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira 4) Undertaker Not a Tombstone, NO! 5) Tank Abbott Royal Rumble 5) Vince Mcmahon 30 Man over the Top Rope Royal Rumble 6) "Filthy" Tom Lawlor (Weigh In) as Hulk Hogan 6) Jim Ross That s Ridiculous! 7) Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Ricardo Arona 7) Vince Mcmahon YES! The Powerbomb 8) Thales Leites vs Nate Marquardt 8) He s Caught, Tombstone! 9) Ken Shamrock Ankle Lock Sub 9) Shamrock with the Ankle Lock 10) Aleksander Emelianenko vs Mirko Cro Cop 11) Wanderlei Silva Pride Stomp Kick 11) Jim Ross No, No, No!!! 12) 视频:Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung 13) Carlos Newton vs Matt Hughes 14) Mirco Cro Cop Head Kick 15) Bas Rutten vs Frank Shamrock 15) The Big Show is Out The Rock Has Won The Royal Rumble! 16) "Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge Vs Gilbert "The Hurricane" Yvel 17) Cro Cop as Shawn Michaels Head Kick KO 17) Sweet Chin Music Finisher 18) Frank Shamrock Slam 19) Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Crew 19) Jim Ross Calls StrikeForce Brawl (Shields vs Henderson) 20) Chris "The Crippler" Leben vs Terry Martin 21) Mirko Crocop vs Igor Vovchanchyn 22) Shane del Rosario Submission 23) Clay "The Carpenter" Guida vs Gray Maynard 24) Ken Shamrock Rear Naked Choke 25) Clay Guida vs Gray Maynard 26) Ken Shamrock Vs Patrick Smith 26) Ric Flair Figure 4 Finisher 27) Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks Slam 28) Mauricio "Shogun" Rua Soccer Kick 29) Cain Velasquez Walk Out 30) Cain "The Terminator" Velasquez vs Junior "Cigano" dos Santos 31) Pancrase 32) Dan "Hendo" Henderson vs Michael "The Count" Bisping 33) Ken Shamrock Pancrase 34) Anderson "The Spider" Silva vs Demian Maia 35) Cro Cop as Shawn Michaels HeadKick KO 36) Cro Cop HeadKick KO 37) Cro Cop HeadKick KO 38) Cro Cop as Shawn Michaels HeadKick KO 39) Bas Rutten Pancrase 40) Bas Rutten KO 41) Gray Maynard vs Rob Emerson 42) Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs Jon Bones Jones Fail Compilation UFC Fights with Jim Ross WWE Commentary 1 min Preview www youtube com watch?v NP5ZN7UI53c WWF to MMA commentary! www youtube com watch?v d3MA4k


Download 140 of the Greatest Joey Diaz F'Bomb Quotes @MadFlavor download mp4 3gp mp3

2008-2012 @MadFlavor s twitter com madflavor Aka Joey Karate 140 of the Greatest Best Of Joey Diaz Fucks Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Channel s www youtube com user PowerfulJRE Eddie Bravo Channel 10th Planet Kush s www youtube com user twistereddie videos Joey Diaz Official Channel s www youtube com user madflavorsworld Joey Diaz Is a Comedian born 1963 in Cuba, raised in North Bergen, New Jersey USA George St Pierre, Carlos Condit, Black Sabbath, Sons of Anarchy, UFC Comic, MMA Roasted, MMA Awards, Irish Fighters Conor Mcgregor UFC, Where I Get My Balls From Documentary, Down & Dirty Cocksuckas, Angry Rant, Donkeys, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Judas Priest, Stay Black, Bj Penns Pineapples, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dana White, Joe Silva, Chuck Liddell, Nate Diaz, Man On Fire Denzel Washington, Lucy Snorebush, Nick Diaz, Its Either You or The Priest, The Ultimate Fighter, TUF, GSP, Josh Koscheck, Right Into The Fucking Guillotine, Cody McKenzie, Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson, Alex Jones, Bill Burr, Cocksucka, Shit, The Recipe is Death, Dead, Bitch, Soundgarden, Pat Benatar - HiFi - Iphone, Alex Jones, Cuba, Castro, Whitney Houston, Criminal, Denver, Comedian, Ultimate Fighting Championship Jokes, Funny, Funniest Man on Earth, Epic, Cut by Jay Skoda, Joe Rogan Net, HigherPrimate com Drop Some Knowledge on These Motherfuckas Joey Diaz Official Website joeydiaz


Download Quick Addiction Paradise (Skateboard Music Video) download mp4 3gp mp3

Taken From The Unknown "Shut Up & Rock EP" From Los Angeles, CA United States Genre Unknown 90 s Punk Rock, Skate, Fast Alternative, Pop Rock Formed September 2005 Influences Mxpx, Faith No More, Green Day, Goldfinger, Autopilot Off, The Offspring, Yellowcard, Anberlin, The Misfits, BlueSkyEnvy Lyrics Been beaten But never broken by this life And now i m off to paradise So who s coming with me? Been thinking About the greatest sacrifice I know i got a lot to learn Reflections of all the things i want to be And all the fears that i have got inside Ring the bell and this whole world will come to me Stand and fight i ll never run and hide Caught bleeding When all the world Was dark and grey And there was nothing i could say To make them listen Then seeing The darkest nature in our hearts And it was tearing me apart then Reflections of all the things I want to be And all the fears that i have got inside Ring the bell and this whole world will come to me Stand and fight i ll never run and hide Piercing sounds of angels singing down to me Then I found that this is who i want to be Wo-oh, they re never taking this from me Wo oh, you re never taking this from me oh no Skateboard footage Taken From Skateboarding Gap Compilation 5 s www youtube com watch?v aX3yxVKsYH8&t 79s GREATEST SKATEBOARDING TRICKS EVER 1! s www youtube com watch?v q24cy-KjkDk&t 132s Transworld Skate s www youtube com user TransworldSKATEmag What most sets Quick Addiction apart is their high-octane live show packed with flying jumpkicks, choreographed guitar stunts and non-stop energy With a lineup as solid and powerful as a freight train, it seems almost impossible that fate would bring these 5 individuals together Arriving from Eldorado, Illinois in late April of 2004, Singer Andrew Clore saw appeal and opportunity in the City of Los Angeles, California While recording a demo at mutual friend Jason Evigan s(After Midnight Project) house, he was introduced to Guitarist Clyde Shorey Formerly a resident of Amsterdam, and with previous touring band, Clyde knew he was destined to work with Andrew after only a few jam sessions Together they began writing, envisioning what they thought could be a powerhouse of rock music today Once they recorded a sampler of what was described by many as Catchy, Mainstream, Radio Friendly Rock, with Hooky Guitars, and Powerful Melodies, they were determined to put together a band capable of making an impact in the Rock Scene They were informed of Drummer Chad Reis by a Record Label Intern friend Chad, coming from Corona, California, had been searching for a band he knew had big potential after the departure from his previous band in which he received mild success A short run of a temporary rhythm guitarist and bassist led to current Bassist and Back up Vocalist, Rick McDonald Also coming from Corona, and attending the same High School as Chad, Rick had previously had his run of bands experiencing mild local success as a drummer When he had learned of the opening for a bassist position, he jumped at the opportunity The final member of the band joined in late September of 05 After realizing he too attended the same high school as Rick and Chad, current Rhythm Guitarist Priestley Pring was more than excited to be invited to join the band With an unstoppable finalized lineup, Quick Addiction was determined to set forth their plan of attack Rehearsing almost non-stop sparked the intention of making their live show unbeatable Their biggest compliment is that they stay true to their sound while giving 110% on Stage Their self promoting tactics give them an edge that other bands dont have Each member is dedicated solely to the growth and dominance of the band and puts forth effort like no o


Download The Filaments Punk Unity (U K) Music Video download mp4 3gp mp3

New Blood Records 2002 U K "Skull & Trombones" Album Genre Hardcore Ska Punk, Ska Core, Street Punk The Filaments Official YouTube Channel s www youtube com user TheFilamentsOfficial The Filaments Official Site thefilaments com CLICK SETTINGS FOR HD 720p 1080p (the video is distorted without 1080p) Buy The Filaments Albums thefilaments bandcamp com album land-of-lions Hometown Chelmsford, Essex U K Members Jon - Guitar Vocals Mike - Guitar Vocals Iain - Trumpet Pete Saxophone Al - Drums Herve - Bass Pook - Trombone Lyrics There s Something we all Need, Something Called Punk Unity Something We all Need, The Force we Use, The Air We Breathe Stand up & Join As One We re never Giving In, every Punk & every Skin This World will Be ours Tonight Ten Men are better than one, that s something that I believe Together we will stand arm in arm and hand in hand We ll stand for what is right We re never giving in, every punk and every skin This world will be ours tonight Punk Unity Christmas X-Mas Skull & Trombones Track List Punk Unity Trevor Hiroshima Our Roots Thrown Away Better Way Oi! The Filaments UK Now Patricia The Filaments are a street-punk band with brass They formed in 2000 in Chelmsford, Essex UK Influences cited include Rancid, The Clash, Operation Ivy, The Business, The 4-Skins, and The Specials Their debut album ‘Skull and Trombones’ was released in 2001 on New Blood Records and tours with The Casualties, Deadline and Roger Miret and The Disasters followed this release The Filaments gained a reputation for their immense live shows in the UK, and on the European mainland Their second album ‘…Whats Next?’ was released in 2004 on Household Name Records This time the band showed a greater depth in song writing; UK ‘82 style punk was mixed with a wide range of influences including Dub, 2-tone influenced ska and Psychobilly Following this release The Filaments went on to tour alongside popular U S acts such as The Horrorpops and Leftover Crack, as well as playing festivals including Glastonbury, Wasted Rebellion (Blackpool) , Rude Boys Unity (Geneva) and Punk ‘n’ Disorderly (Berlin) In 2005, lead vocalist Jon Fawkes emigrated to America and The Filaments subsequently disbanded On the 10th July 2005 they played their farewell show at the City Invasion tour at The Astoria, London In March 2006 The Filaments played two sold out reunion shows at The Relentless Garage in Highbury, London with punk band Deadline and the Rebellion punk festival in Blackpool Winter gardens August 2007 In August 2009 they reformed to support Suicide Bid at The Relentless Garage, Highbury London Jon Fawkes had moved back to the UK permanently at this time and later The Filaments officially announced they had reformed The Filaments third record ‘Land of Lions’ is set for release on the 9th March 2013 NEXT SHOW will be on 24th January 2015… in Bratislava! Operation Ivy - Unity s www youtube com watch?v Lc3e_xN_JNc Sham 69 - If the Kids are United s www youtube com watch?v 2GQMIXGRjaw Rancid - If the Kids are United s www youtube com watch?v mSCXe-

Social Tension Candle Burning at Both Ends (CAN) 90s Punk As .MP4 3GP FLV-

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