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Download Indonesian Street Food Tour of Glodok (Chinatown) in Jakarta DELICIOUS Indonesia Food! mp4 download free video

►Check out 50 of the Best Indonesian Dishes s migrationology com indonesian-food Glodok is the Chinatown of Jakarta, and my wife and I decided to spend the day walking around Glodok and exploring some Indonesian street food throughout the day At the end of the day, we also stopped by Fatahillah Square, with is an old Dutch square in colonial Jakarta, where you ll find some interesting buildings and some street food snacks as well Since we were staying at a hotel (here’s information on the hotel I stayed at s migrationology com travel-guides jakarta-indonesia ) not too far from Glodok, we decided to beat the traffic and just walk over there It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to walk, and soon we arrived in Jakarta’s Chinatown Glodok is a very interesting area to walk around and explore There are fresh markets and plenty of restaurants and food to choose from The Indonesian street food I tried on this tour was siomay, an Indonesian Chinese dish From the back of a motorbike, I chose a few of the siomay dumplings he had steaming, and the cut them up and added some peanut sauce to the plate The texture was a little mushy, but they were alright Right opposite the siomay, the owner of an Indonesian vegetarian restaurant greeted me and asked if I might like to eat some of his vegetarian food His vegetarian rendang was particularly good One of the most famous places to go in Glodok is Kopi Es Tak Kie, a legendary coffee shop After wandering around a while we found it I had a cup of coffee and also a plate of nasi campur from outside the shop We continued on our Indonesian street food tour throughout Glodok and I tried a sweet snack called kue ape, which is a green colored little pancake Next, I had a variety of deep fried snacks including fried bananas, and fried breadfruit They are definitely pretty greasy, but interesting to sample, and they are very popular street food snacks in Indonesia It probably wasn’t the greatest idea to walk, but we decided to walk over to Fatahillah Square The traffic was pretty intense, but we made it And along with checking out the old colonial buildings one of my main goals was to try kerak telor, which is a traditional Indonesian Betawi street food snack Luckily I found it and it turned out to be a very interesting and amazing snack to watch being made! Here’s the list of the things we ate and the prices Siomay - 15,000 IDR ($1 11) Vegetarian food - 20,000 IDR ($1 48) Kopi Es Tak Kie - 10,000 IDR ($0 73) Nasi campur - 35,000 IDR ($2 58) Kue ape - 1,000 IDR ($0 07) each Fried snacks - 12,000 ($0 88) Kerak telor - 20,000 IDR ($1 48) - Possibly overcharged? Do you think? Hope you enjoyed the Indonesian street food tour of Glodok and Fatahillah Square, I sure enjoyed eating it! -- MY WEBSITES Camera I use s migrationology com travel-resources T-shirts s migrationology com store Migrationology com migrationology com EatingThaiFood com eatingthaifood com TravelByYing com travelbyying com SOCIAL MEDIA Snapchat @migrationology Instagram s instagram com migrationology Facebook s www facebook com migrationology ►Jakarta Travel Guide s migrationology com travel-guides jakarta-indonesia ►50 of the Best Indonesian Dishes s migrationology com indonesian-food


Download Bangkok to Jakarta, Indonesia! mp4 download free video

►Jakarta Travel Guide for Food Lovers migrationology com travel-guides jakarta-indonesia A couple years before I started ever making food and travel videos, I visited Indonesia, and it was one of the most amazing places, both in terms of food, natural scenery, and people, that I have ever visited And I always knew I needed to come back again to visit Indonesia, this time with my camera We only had a couple weeks, so rather than try to rush from one place to another (although I’d love to visit many more islands and cities throughout Indonesia), for this trip, my wife and I just decided to spend our time in Jakarta to really get a feel for the city and its amazing blend of food We started off at Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport, the budget airline airport, where you’ll often fly out of when you’re taking short flights around Southeast Asia We caught a direct flight from Bangkok to Jakarta and the flight took about 3 ½ hours from Bangkok to Jakarta In Jakarta we landed at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, and after we got our bag, we proceeded to the taxi stand One of the best taxi brands to take in Indonesia is Blue Bird taxi, and they are very reputable, and have an official stand at the airport We waited in line just for a few minutes until a Blue Bird taxi came, and we got in I had pre-booked an Airbnb apartment to stay in, so we took a taxi directly there, located in the heart of Jakarta, in the Mangga Besar area of Jakarta The taxi ride took probably about 45 minutes and it cost a total of 135,000 IDR ($10 22) - this is a similar price that you would pay for a taxi from the Jakarta international airport to the center of the city After checking in, we really didn’t know what we were doing or where we were, but both Ying and I were hungry So we took a walk down Mangga Besar road I didn’t know the area was famous for Chinese street food, but we found a number of tents selling Indonesian Chinese street food We were both so hungry that we stopped at a place called Sin Moy Kong Chinese Food The food was all Chinese, and even though the menu was all in Bahasa Indonesia, I managed to order a few dishes The food was alright, and our total bill for everything came to 189,000 IDR ($14 31) Many more Indonesian street food videos coming soon! -- ►Jakarta Travel Guide of Food Lovers migrationology com travel-guides jakarta-indonesia MY WEBSITES Migrationology com migrationology com EatingThaiFood com eatingthaifood com TravelByYing com travelbyying com T-shirts & Food Guides s migrationology com store Resources migrationology com travel-resources SOCIAL MEDIA Snapchat @migrationology Instagram s instagram com migrationology Facebook s www facebook com migrationology Thank you for watching this Jakarta, Indonesia travel food vide