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Download 7 GBA GAMES STILL WORTH PLAYING IN 2019! (feat Chris Ray Gun, Glink and more!) mp4 download free video

The GBA was an amazing console with a phenomenal gaming library Here s a few of those that you STILL should be playing! Big shout out to my buddies Chris Ray Gun s www youtube com channel UCctjGdm2NlMNzIlxz02IsXA Ray Strazdas s www youtube com user darklink809 Glink s www youtube com user GlinkLegend Amanda The Jedi s www youtube com user TheHybridPhoenix Bunty King s www youtube com channel UCka_dz0F1gYuvN8LTefNcJQ Karim Jovian s www youtube com user AreWeFamousNow 📷My gear DX Racer RV131 chair s amzn to 2Y2f5o6 Canon 70D s amzn to 2qNyHNq 24mm lense s amzn to 2RUZH8V Video Mic Pro s amzn to 2RU2PBZ Canon G7X Mark II s amzn to 2PxdF4t Canon M50 s amzn to 2T0VJfo Parrot Teleprompter 2 s amzn to 2VTLbjU 🔥AWESOME TECH I RECOMMEND - Great, affordable Bluetooth headphones s www gearbest com earbud-headphones pp_719800 html?lkid 14366765 - Excellent pure Android experience on a budget smartphone s www gearbest com cell-phones pp_009644663565 html?lkid 19358073 - Must-have Bluetooth controller for emulation on a cellphone! s www gearbest com game-controllers pp_1853922 html?lkid 15699630 - Amazfit Bip, an unbeatably affordable smart watch s www gearbest com smart-watches pp_1126414 html?lkid 20029178 - Amazfit Stratos, my smartwatch of choice s www gearbest com smart-watches pp_1665534 html?lkid 19630191 Follow me on Twitter! www twitter com MrNobre Follow me on Instagram! www instagram com izzynobre Join my Discord server! s discord gg CYdD6HV Business collab requests izzynobre at gmail com PLEASE WRITE "BUSINESS REQUEST" IN THE SUBJECT LINE! THAT WAY I LL RESPOND TO YOUR EMAIL IMMEDIATELY! D (Most product links that show up in my videos are affiliate links which help support the channel I try to keep all my opinions objective, because your trust is important to me If a product has flaws, I ll point all of them

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Download Top 25 Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks With New Regions And Story! (2019) mp4 download free video

🎯Download Links - 25 Pokémon Altair & Sirius 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com oSiexlA4 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io mNaYY 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co YdZrjwv 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com 3OAi 24 Pokémon Clover 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com 0Mgznit9 🔮[Mediafire] - inurls co opYh7 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co 0MJ17dt 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com WV25aMxA 23 Pokémon Sovereign of the Skies 🔮[Mega] - cu5 io PxjyIQMf 🔮[Mediafire] - komiupdates xyz pvkAYc 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co xG19vT1 🎈Background Picture cu5 io h5GR 22 Pokémon Sweet V2 🔮[Mega] - cu2 io v6tdh 🔮[Mediafire] - s shrtfly com Jt9R91G 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co CwtYX2x 🎈Background Picture cu2 io mQ9ijD 21 Pokémon Gaia 🔮[Mega] - cuon io TuC1T12 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io aOwfk 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co T4XQ6j7 🎈Background Picture cuon io Ojiiw5N 20 Pokémon HarvestCraft 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com NzHWlaf 🔮[Mediafire] - shrtfly com 6XMeZ0e 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co SrZKDg7 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com O8pYZ 19 Pokémon Ash Journey 🔮[Mega] - cuio io FMwjG 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io 4s6Xl1 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co 4fV1f5z 🎈Background Picture cuio io z0JR 18 Pokémon Blue Stars 2 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com X9SGB 🔮[Mediafire] - inurls co qbcO 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co Sr5cLnn 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com wMeEpk 17 Pokémon Hyetology 🔮[Mega] - cuon io 6XSvHk2s 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io HCdM 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co FxsgfJG 🎈Background Picture cuon io U7Tn 16 Pokémon Jupiter 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com TOvd2c7 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io ZWNCYIez 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co Jzp4RS3 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com vvws 15 Pokémon Fuligin 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com y01rUd 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io K9qulw 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co xX93tHB 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com Ofr94B 14 Pokémon Hollow Mysteries 🔮[Mega] - cu3 io vdnEGOw 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io Vng32 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co YZ8D5Rc 🎈Background Picture cu3 io EdEZ 13 Pokémon Seasons 🔮[Mega] - cu2 io 786VH 🔮[Mediafire] - s shrtfly com lyu1m 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co X3M480x 🎈Background Picture cu2 io vxcW 12 Pokémon Valor 🔮[Mega] - cuon io 9XR9E 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io Aeu0iwgC 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co SvLZMsm 🎈Background Picture cuon io 1BRk 11 Pokémon Rose 🔮[Mega] - cuon io UMzds 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io zp3O 🎯Status Beta 🎁Features s ibb co k4zMX3s 🎈Background Picture cuon io FsbYhawz 10 Pokémon Shiny Gold Sigma 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com ZGrIl1nU 🔮[Mediafire] - inurls co otCqRhY1 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co d5vGM2f 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com YF1fW1G1 9 Pokémon Victory Fire 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com j11cp4 🔮[Mediafire] - yasinews xyz 79vA 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co 4sJGpKx 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com eVRT 8 Pokémon Light Platinum 🔮[Mega] - cu2 io i5s4F 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io 1KMblfQ 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co 4pD5xD9 🎈Background Picture cu2 io 6tA3cVg 7 Pokémon Advanced Adventure 🔮[Mega] - cu5 io PiSbVcWX 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io cMKH 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co 7SGfmbs 🎈Background Picture cu5 io I8my5tT 6 Pokémon Kanlara Ultimate 🔮[Mega] - cu3 io V2lP 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io E4ltRV 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co 26mnbnS 🎈Background Picture cu3 io E7CMw5 5 Pokémon Ash Gray 🔮[Mega] - cu5 io qQHiiP 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io TOtFLH 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co nRywwRS 🎈Background Picture cu5 io SoZkFTB 4 Pokémon Cloud White 3 🔮[Mega] - cu5 io SpDKtkw 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io psI0X 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co ZNBKnfw 🎈Background Picture cu5 io XzrS 3 Pokémon Stone Dragon 2 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com ajWqNqC 🔮[Mediafire] - inurls co J0acNR 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co C7Yhk65 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com 4XB1ElLc 2 Pokémon Adventure Red Chapter 🔮[Mega] - cut-urls com Xb2Ozu 🔮[Mediafire] - inurls co TZsfq4 🎯Status Beta 🎁Features s ibb co XYZ8Fdq 🎈Background Picture cut-urls com xcvzT 1 Pokémon Resolute Version 🔮[Mega] - cu5 io shddapW 🔮[Mediafire] - stfly io xDVu 🎯Status Completed 🎁Features s ibb co BcBCBXF 🎈Background Picture cu5 io Su4F 🎈Song Used Kisma - We Are [NCS Rel

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Download The Top 50 Game Boy Advance Games You Never Played! GBA Console History mp4 download free video

#retrogaming #gaminghistory #consolegaming Today, Top Hat Gaming Man talks The GameBoy Advance and his 50 Top Games on the platform! Who doesn t love the GBA? Support me on Patreon s www patreon com user?u 4432923 Follow us on Twitch twitch tv tophatchat Like Me on Facebook! s www facebook com TopHatGamingMan Follow Me on Twitter! @TopHatGamingMan A man in a top hat, with a dashing moustache or a highly distinguished beard, reviews rare video games in his massive collection Appreciate the finer things in life! Top Hat Gaming Man travels around the globe, playing the best games for the Handhelds Around The World The best games are like fine wines and only get better with age Gameplay Credits CT Special Forces - Scarlett1RaS - s www youtube com watch?v V06qtSUk3_o Rebel Star Tactical Command - Morakdais - s www youtube com watch?v ILdP0f3HJOc Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Bizarro13 - s www youtube com watch?v 07dPZCkwvww&list PL8M9xquH2gRc0McADSOtn-AE3rKrmXj_B Ninja Five O - Al82 Retrogaming & Computing - s www youtube com watch?v LaLtX6PTcKo Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo – PAMAC708 - s www youtube com watch?v 8rpRfZV69PU Final Fantasy V – Cyflan - s www youtube com watch?v d39bYB-STvc Drill Dozer – TheDarkAce4ce - s www youtube com watch?v BjFW17iDR9o Tales of Phantasia - uchiha0130 - s www youtube com watch?v pOuTsvl2Hdc Game and Watch Gallery 4 – WorldofLongPlays - s www youtube com watch?v 1H51Skz1c2U Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Minoru Leonardo - s www youtube com watch?v WE849SPLkc8 Dragon Ball Adventures - MikeyTheMachineGaming - s www youtube com watch?v ikTryLijcmk Final Fight One – Bizarro13 - s www youtube com watch?v -1fP3AKoSJ8 Spyro – Steven Mckay - s www youtube com watch?v gWugyZCUnDs&list PLLuKJCeq1DHrTNR6KzYLnT-HWS4BMXoaB Breath Of Fire - Kolo2300 - s www youtube com watch?v _xK_gI5BVk4&list PLD7SEoqhX67EmptVDCc3WnumUQZaJVCv6 Shining Force - Pikachunich - s www youtube com watch?v qUwV6_18ff0&list PLYUr4Mn_olxCQRWSv4pcBoKVwZ3PfTZbh Boktai - ZeroTheFirst - s www youtube com watch?v AUT5UI37m2A&list PLF6221297B04BE4F3 Kingdom Hearts – World of Long Plays - s www youtube com watch?v _IOABGRekH4 Lady Sia – GamingReconcilation - s www youtube com watch?v Rgku4bZOYQM Monster Rancher Advance - LCcoolJ95 - s www youtube com watch?v AnbIMbrpMpk Tactics Ogre – KaitoJoker - s www youtube com watch?v E9hRbxJiyKQ Bomberman Tournament – Mr Red Fox - s www youtube com watch?v CmDFwj6XJ1s Zone of the Enders – Jolly Magnum - s www youtube com watch?v 7ZC8G2qWJPE&list PLlvuOsn6WjT-9Q8mAjLyFmnPqXfQhIQZB Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Grimahim - s www youtube com watch?v 3wgjx5Y1Rf0&index 8&list PLmisyfliypuc-Zk6AZV4Ib9MEGxxG2tEz DK King of Swing - XPJay17 - s www youtube com watch?v EKbIUo_MwLI Prince of Persia The Sands of Time - DaffyGetsBlasted28 - s www youtube com watch?v T2z0YsOzSxk Pinball of the Dead – Bizarro13 - s www youtube com watch?v bNyquBO5OZA Shining Soul 2 - W Genzo - s www youtube com watch?v U69BPmUFGi0 Sigma Star Saga - Ryufrombreathoffire - s www youtube com watch?v UN3RPOACr6k&list PLM_XBdCqZGSbATRTA_8NMlFpNXivQU0Xl Tokyo Racing – GameplayPS9 - s www youtube com watch?v 9UYo5pPbhlc Killer 3D Pool - TheVideogamedatabase - s www youtube com watch?v lGl3cqlkSLU King of Fighters EX Neo Blood – Rmaine Games - s www youtube com watch?v 5OPxZyaU4ak Kirby and the Amazing Mirror – RetroArchive - s www youtube com watch?v vppqPuPGdqc Captain Tsusaba – DemonGodSword - s www youtube com watch?v ZK8e9djY9nI Mario Party Advance – NintendoDSMovies - s www youtube com watch?v F4SI1nQsXvY Yoshi Topsy Turvey – LegendaryGamersHD - s www youtube com watch?v 5oVkC3rzhPc&list PLDAA92758933A2E2E Gradius Galaxies – Acespark - s www youtube com watch?v uQ9WhUQDJ2Y Steel Empire – LongplaysLand - s www youtube com watch?v 7cz-ZKWqmIk Konami Krazy Racers - Rodriguezjr Gaming - s www youtube com watch?v oaPZR-D5Qbc Rhythm Sengoku - Shiny Dwebble - s www youtube com watch?v G6weWT8pJ-Q&list PLI1zqnJQBUF_5kZcpeMB682grajwABst1&index 5 Shaman King Master of Spirits – Brainfirst - s www youtube com watch?v Cdc5b8jsDVQ&list PLB94102CFE4A20B27 Yu Gi Oh - José de Jesús García Beltrán- s www youtube com watch?v eQDpYF45E8E CIMA The Enemy – Ryufrombreathoffire - s www youtube com watch?v QeGJgvNj5h0&list PLE7E00A0747D8094E SD Gundam Force - s www youtube com watch?v 1CSbtLk_dNY Onimusha Tactics - LarongRetro - s www youtube com watch?v kfN8q1yYYZ0 Sega Arcade Gallery - Patrick So - s www youtube com watch?v VnQsrLC8MVY Double Dragon Advance – Media Pool - s www youtube com watch?v 4kkSki

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Download 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Old Game Boy Advance Could Do mp4 download free video

10 HIDDEN GAME BOY ADVANCE FEATURES YOU DIDN T KNOW ABOUT! Subscribe to The Gamer s goo gl 9cpWgf SECRETS OF THE GAME BOY ADVANCE The sequel to Nintendo’s Game Boy and Game Boy Color provided a lot more than just improved graphics See all the crazy things you could do with a GBA! This is TheGamer s list of 10 Things You Didn t Know Your Old Game Boy Advance Could Do WHAT DO YOU THINK What s your favorite memory of the Game Boy Advance? Did you like the regular version or the SP version better? Let us know in the comments section below! #GameBoy #Nintendo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE NOW to The Gamer! Click here s goo gl 9cpWgf Have the next amazing video idea? Submit it to us here s goo gl forms hn6vV1Ic2PbfGnhx2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Game Boy Advance was great for playing a whole slew of Pokemon games like Ruby and Emerald, but the handheld console could do a lot more than just provide advanced gaming Learn some of the crazy ways the original console and the upgraded SP console were used over the years and how it could still be used today The backlit screen and advanced graphics made the GBA an ideal console for watching television and a tuned TV could be connected directly to the device On old Game Boys, multiplayer action required a long cable, but now, players could connect wirelessly thanks to a special Game Boy Advance adapter GBA accessory packs allowed you to completely transform your device with magnified screens, special joysticks and all types of themes Multiple companies discovered ways to transform the Game Boy Advance into a working GPS device although the releases never went fully mainstream Watching content on the GBA became easier thanks to a special adapter which allowed you to play both movies and audio files Really take in the sounds of your favorite games with the use of add-on speakers that would make it look like a small surround sound system for your handheld console One of the more unique releases for the GameBoy Advance was the E-Reader A card reading system used to unlock extras and gain full access to games Some medical devices with working screens on them actually relied on the Game Boy Advance hardware to get running and help save lives Watch to see all of these Game Boy Advance secrets and hidden features! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Script by Alan Donahue Voice Over by Michael Neeb Edited by Dan Schiffmacher Our Social Media s twitter com thegamer_site s www facebook com thegamercom Our Website thegamer com Pokemon Ruby Gameplay (jakethehappysnake) s www youtube com watch?v tsRJjKp-N70 Zelda Minish Cap Gameplay (Stink Terios) s www youtube com watch?v s_7MdQ4XUSM Mario Party E gameplay WizWar100 s www youtube com watch?v 7BH0rt

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